What is street racing

Some of the activities associated with the operation of their own cars, fanned by all sorts of myths and legends. Part of the entourage is the use of foreign terms that are not always understood by the townsfolk. Often, not everyone knows who is a street racing and what he does.


  • 1 Features of terminology
  • 2 History of motion
  • 3 Variety of competition

Terminology features

There is an erroneous opinion that equates street racing with classic racers on the roads. However, in reality there are differences between these terms. This is due to the different goals that groups of car enthusiasts set for themselves. They all have in common a passion for high speeds and a desire to get adrenaline from it.

who is street racing in Russia

The term “racer” means an educated person who observes discipline, takes, as a rule, responsibility not only for his life, but also for others. Its task includes the strictest observance of the established rules, among which there are such points:

  • reduced speed when cornering;
  • safety measures, including wearing a seat belt;
  • do not put others at risk, etc.

Riders for their events use special technical routes, where they fight in car fights, demonstrating their own skills, skills and technological capabilities of their iron horse.

In most cases, a street racing vehicle is a person who neglects the canons listed above. It is not uncommon for such persons to neglect not only the rules of the road, but also elementary safety measures for themselves and others. The word “too” with reference to “speed” or “danger” is ignored. The main feeling is craving for adventurism.

History of motion

Впервые о том, what is street racing, узнали в США. Одни из первых упоминаний относятся к началу второго десятилетия прошлого века. Участники собрались в Калифорнии в одном из красивейших мест региона и должны были на участке в 402 м разогнаться до максимальной скорости. Единственным условием, которое необходимо было соблюдать – использование собственной легковушки с двигателем, который может быть модернизированным.

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who is such a modern street racing

Literally translated from English, the street racing vehicle is a street racer (street - street, race - race).

Tradition managed to hold out until the beginning of the war. Since the forties, the chosen territory became owned by the military, and they converted the space for a military air base. The racers, deprived of their usual space, moved to the streets of Los Angeles at night. Since then, the notion of "street racing".

In our country, this activity was popularized about two decades ago. He was promoted by an information breakthrough and an abundance of popularizers in the form of films, which include “Fast and Furious”. The participants of the events were presented as courageous and courageous adventurers..

Variety of competition

In modern conditions there were different variations of the competition. Although some continue to consider racing an anarchic event, but it is subject to certain rules and standards. This allows you to compare the coolness of the masters who participate in races.

what is street racing

The most popular types of activities in this area are:

  • Drag Racing - a classic quarter-mile ride, which is 402 meters in the metric system. At the start there are 2 or 4 participants. Balancing the forces between the participants helps to distribute them into groups. In Fast Street Limited get a car with a cubic capacity of up to 1.8 liters. For Fast street A characteristic is the volume of the engine no more than two and a half liters. Cars participate in the Fast street B series, with a total volume of cylinders in the range of 2.5-4.0 liters. The most spectacular are the competitions of the Unlimited street group, where motors of more than 4 liters are used.
  • City Style is a bit like orienteering in a car. Participants receive a legend in which there is an encrypted route. As a result, the pilot and participants need to detect an object or an inscription, take a picture of it and present it at the finish as evidence.
  • Street Challenge is a competition in which participating pilots and teams move sequentially from one checkpoint to another. Each subsequent point can be found only on the previous one. As a variation, the organizers can open all the points, but they will need to be overcome in a certain sequence, which unfolds gradually.
  • Slalom relevant for the winter period. The distance should be covered for the minimum time on snow or ice. In fact, the path resembles a classic car "snake", where you want to overcome the path between the placed on the way chips. For each knocked figure is added a penalty time.
  • Drifting is a relatively young type of street racing competition. The task of the driver is to pass the car through the turn without loss of speed and controllability of the vehicle. During the maneuver, the car gets into a controlled drift or drift.
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It is worth noting that in Russia the first legal competitions were held in 2000. Upon entering a controlled course, the type of such contests managed to reduce the statistics of accidents and injuries for participants. A timely diagnosis of all equipment used.