Wheel lights for a car do it yourself

There are many ways to personalize your car - various drawings and stickers on the body, an additional body kit, but for the dark time of day the so-called light tuning. The most common type of modification of this machine is the backlight wheels.

wheel lights DIY cars

The modern market offers car owners a huge amount of ready-made options that need only proper installation. However, if you want to get a truly unique look, and at the same time do not spend a lot of money, the best thing would be to make the backlight of the car disks with your own hands.


  • Ways to illuminate the car
  • What you need to do the wheel lights with your own hands?
  • How to make the backlight of the car?
    • Preparing to install the wheel lights
    • Setting the backlight cars on the protective cover
    • Setting the backlight on the wheels of a car without a protective casing on the disk
    • Setting the backlight on the rear wheels of the car
    • Backlight with car caps
  • Video: DIY car wheel light

Ways to illuminate the car

The most common and proven variants of the light tuning of the wheels of the car are the use of LED strips (LED-lights), and neon lamps. Recently, LEDs have become increasingly popular, since they have several advantages compared with neon lamps:

  • The ability to direct a beam of light in the right direction;
  • High degree of safety - neon lamps are easier to damage and this can lead to an explosion and spontaneous combustion;
  • Consume less electricity.
  • Easier to install.


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After making the frame, you need to remove the disc and caliper and install the rays that will go from the center of the wheel for mounting the backlight frame. Further, the same actions are performed as in the presence of a protective casing.

Setting the backlight on the rear wheels of the car

The main difference in this case is that a brake drum can be installed on the rear wheels. Accordingly, it is necessary to use a slightly different way of mounting the backlight.

external view drives

The easiest option is to remove the brake drums, drill the mounting holes in them and fix the LED tape with them. In order for the light to be more uniform, the LEDs can be slightly drowned behind the brake drum.

Backlight with car caps

Also quite simple, the wheel lighting is the installation of luminous wheel covers. They are installed in the center holes of the rims. Currently, there are a huge number of ready-made models, with different backlighting options differing in the way of control and operating modes. Of course, the easiest way to use the caps that are on the car without additional modifications.

Video: DIY car wheel light