Bmw m2 coupe - smart, compact and fast car

The BMW M2 is a compact coupe, a smaller version of the M4, looks like a very drivery car for golden youths or connoisseurs of compact and nimble BMWs. In America, it is already possible to drive this car safely, because it is already on sale for a long time, soon it will appear in Russia.

bmw m2 cut

Americans are not so adhere to the rules of the road, on the highways they drive faster than allowed by the rules, even on narrow roads they drive fast. Very often on the roads you can meet the Tesla Model C. Which accelerates from 0 to 100 faster than the BMW M2. Especially a lot of Tesla in California, where they produce these cars.

But today, not about Tesla, our car is quite interesting - a BMW M2 with a manual gearbox with 6 steps. Such a car accelerates to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds, if it is correct to operate the clutch and spin the engine to almost the maximum mark.

Salon BMV M2

The seats in the car are comfortable, the same as in the usual BMW 2-series M235i, next to the gear lever is the same as on conventional BMW 2-shoulder mode selection button. It is possible to turn on the sport mode separately for the motor and for the electric power steering. For the motor, you can turn on a more serious Sport + mode, in which the stabilization system works according to a sports program. When the safety electronics is turned off, the motor and box settings will immediately return to normal Sport mode, so that the car is not too sharp.

m2 coupe salon

The dashboard is the same as on the BMW M235i, but there are differences - a gray substrate on the scales, which goes on all emki. Temperature indicator shows generalized oil and antifreeze data.

If at first the engine makes a rough noise, then after 5000 revolutions per minute the sound becomes hard and dry, somehow not in a bmw. But the sound is, in general, pleasant, unlike the M3 or M4, which have not heard such high notes. And if you put Akrapovic on this M2, then the car will roar even more beautifully, which allows you to experience great pleasure behind the wheel.

dashboard BMW M2

The M2 has an N55 engine under the hood, in which there is only one turbocharger from the usual second series, in the M3 and M4, for example, there is the S55 biturbomotor. This was done because the initial model of emok cannot be faster than all the others. But still, the power of this machine is quite high - 370 l. with., and the torque is 500 Nm., if you drown the gas pedal to the floor.

saloon bmw m2

The N55 engine is taken from the usual BMW M235i, but there are other pistons in it, spark plugs and liners for them, which were borrowed from the S55 engine, which stands in the M3 and M4. The original exhaust system was installed in the M2, but the sound of the engine was further decorated with an audio system. When there will be a restyling of the M2, it is possible that a new B58 engine will be installed in this car, which is now being put on the BMW 340i. This engine is better cooling system.

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M2 engine

A total of 5 radiators are used to cool the N55 engine and the robot box. Near the expansion tank is a liquid intercooler. On the sides are oil radiators, and there is also an additional antifreeze cooler. Transmission oil passes through a heat exchanger that is installed in front of the main radiator.

Since there is more power, there is a risk that ordinary pistons can burn out, so they were changed to those installed in S55, because they are forged. In addition, to ensure reliable operation, it was necessary to change the upper compression ring on a cast iron sleeve. The S55 uses plasma iron deposition.

Thermally loaded crankshaft bearing shells were also taken from the S55. And tuning lovers should not seriously get involved in M2, because the cylinder block is not hard enough, and its heat resistance is not the highest. But if there is a desire to accelerate the car in terms of power, then the reasonable limit here is 400 liters. with.

This engine has increased pressure to 1.1 bar, so there was a pause after seriously pressing the gas pedal. Very similar to the breath before exercise, and the connection with the car does not deteriorate.

bmw m2 2016

If you drive around the city, the M2 feels very confident, quietly starts from 2nd gear, and you can even go to the sixth one at a speed of 50 km / h. If you turn on the fifth gear instead of the third, the car will still be able to accelerate normally, not so fast, of course, if you turn on the 3rd. The turbine very quickly comes to maximum pressure, in general, the engine is really good.

As for the mechanical box, it is not as good as the one in the M3 or M4, because in all these cars the same K-series box. Even the clutch pedal rests not on the floor, but a little higher, and the lever itself is not accurate enough, it was possible to make it more accurate. But with all this, the stabilization system works well, and when there is a need to downshift, automatic rearrangements are triggered, which sound very nice.

If the ride is not very fast, as in a city, then the electric power makes the steering wheel not particularly sensitive, you do not feel a sharp reactive action. But when the speed increases, this feeling disappears and the steering wheel becomes more reactive and sensitive. If we take the analogy with Porsche, then the M3 corresponds to the 911, and the M2 corresponds to the Kamen.

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bmw m2

Weighing in M2 is really better than in M3 or M4, in which the suspension is tighter. In the M2 suspension there are stretchers from the M3, as well as powerful forged aluminum levers. Rolls when cornering are minimal and very lively reactions to the actions of the wheel, the car behaves perfectly on the arc.

Wheels hold the road just fine, like all M-versions, thanks to specially prepared tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport, which have a distinctive asterisk on the side. With this rubber, the M2 behaves more balancedly than on the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, which stands on the M4. By the way, the M4 just 10 seconds faster overcomes the circle on the highway Nordschleife. If the power of the M2 motor is slightly increased, then it can even bypass the M4.

On the race track, I want the M2 to have more power. As for the brakes, here, instead of carbon-ceramic brakes, ordinary cast-iron discs with a diameter of 380 mm are installed. and M-Performance track shoes, which do an excellent job with their function.

BMW M2 drives

Also in M2 there is no possibility to put electronically controlled shock absorbers, which are not particularly better, on some versions of the M3 or M4 they stand and did not do their best, on other versions the emok has a usual passive suspension that behaves much better.

Therefore, the M2 is the correct suspension, which suits her as well as possible, even decided not to install adaptive shock absorbers, which were previously planned to be installed in this car. On the front suspension is an aluminum subframe, on the back - a steel subframe. These subframes are taken from the M3 and M4. All swivel joints in suspensions are not silent blocks, but rigid ball bearings. In addition, the BMW M2 has original springs, anti-roll bars, shock absorbers and engine mounts.

So that the cost of the car turned out to be less, they saved on expensive lightweight parts such as the magnesium sump of the oil sump, there is also an ordinary driveshaft, not carbon fiber, and instead of a carbon fiber roof, a regular steel roof is used.

bmw m2 photo

BMW M2 because of all these savings, despite the fact that it is much smaller than the M4, but weighs only 20 kg. less. But some actions to reduce the weight were nevertheless done - about 11 kg of noise insulation was removed from the cabin, so the hum of tires on uneven asphalt is clearly audible, sometimes it is not very comfortable. But the price of the BMW M2 is still very high when compared with competitors from Mercedes and Audi.

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There are other options for the M2, when instead of the manual box there are preselective M DCT on 7 steps. With this box in Launch Control mode, the machine will be able to dial 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds. But how good the wheels are, it is very rarely possible to send the car to a skid when driving. Even when a high load is created - the tires do not squeak, despite the fact that they are not very wide: the front tires have a width of 245 mm, and the rear tires have a width of 265.

M2 drifting

Even the car has such a feature that if you drive it at a high speed for a long time, the engine power is slightly reduced using the control unit so that there is no overheating. For those who like to podtrifit, there is good news, the car goes excellent sideways due to good weight distribution and the electronic differential of the disk lock. M2 is just made for drifting.

It is enough to turn on the 2nd gear while entering the turn, slightly swing the wheel in the other direction, sharply press the gas, after which the wheels will start to slip, and you simply need to control the trajectory of the wheel. At such high loads, the oil temperature reaches 190 degrees, therefore, for better cooling, the crankcase has very powerful fins.

audi rs 3 sportback

The fact that the BMW M2 will soon be in Russia is a fact, because the first cars were already ordered at a price of 3,600,000 apiece.

Mercedes A45 AMG

A fairly high price, for example, the all-wheel drive version of the Audi RS 3 Sportback can be bought for 3,000,000 rubles, and the Mercedes A45 AMG, which is considered the most powerful among these cars, costs only 2,800,000 rubles, but outwardly, of course, it does not look like cool as a BMW.

porsche boxster 2016

For lovers of the exotic - the new Porsche Boxster with a capacity of 300 liters. with. and that is cheaper - only 3 400 000 rubles. And most likely, Boxter on the race track will do this German trinity, even though he doesn’t have much power.

bmw m4

Even the price of an M4 starts at 4,000,000 rubles, so M2 may not be worth the money, but it looks stylish.