Mercedes slc coupe-cabriolet - simply renamed mercedes slk

They made the Mercedes SLC quite simple - they took the Mercedes SLK, decorated it a bit, made the headlights bigger and renamed it SLC. A new car drives just fine, even better than it looks, especially if you take the complete set of the Mercedes SLC 300. It's still a female car, it looks stylish and glamorous. The BMW Z4 is considered a competitor to this model, but since the new generation Z4 has not yet emerged, this is why SLC will remain in trend this year. In terms of sales, last year, in Russia, the Mercedes SLK outpaced the Z4, the Porsche Boxster.

Mercedes SLC 2016

Appearance attracts attention

The car looks especially beautiful in the dark when the flashlights on the side mirrors are turned on, highlighting the Mercedes logo on the road. But this option is not free - 15,000 rubles will have to pay for this effect.

Mercedes SLC mirrors


Inside, everything became more beautiful - the steering wheel turned out to be thicker, with large buttons, the display of the Comand Online multimedia system increased to 7 inches. Graphics multimedia system is good, the same as on the new C-class in the back of the W 205.

mercedes slc salon

Roof and its features

It is undesirable to open the roof during the winter season, because it will be cool, but in spring it is possible. There is even a function of "air scarf", which will warm. You do not need to pay extra for it, it comes in all configurations, except for the cheapest SLC 200.

In addition, the roof can change color, because here Magic Sky Control with photochromic glass, which was also the predecessor. But such a colored roof is expensive - 208,000 rubles, this is one of the most expensive options, for example, AMG self-blocking differential costs 263,000 rubles, and Comand Online system - 254,000.

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Mercedes SLC roofless interior

The roof can be raised and lowered on the go, as long as the speed was not more than 40 km / h. The hydraulic drive from the company Magna for this will take 20 seconds. On the predecessor, to raise or lower the roof, you must fully stop.

Among the improvements - the curtain on the trunk, which now do not need to lower manually. If the luggage does not interfere with it, then you can safely press the button for folding the roof, after which the system will do everything itself. Aerodynamics in the cabin at a height, even with a raised roof, a lot of wind in the cabin will not, especially if you raise the side windows.

Mercedes SLC convertible

There is also a system of protection against wind, they are great help if you raise the side windows. There is a grid that is installed between the safety arcs, and as an additional option, which costs 26,000 rubles, you can install Airguide rotary screens.


For the Russian market, the engines remained the same as on the SLK, running on gasoline. Diesel and subcompact engines will not be in Russia for this model. Available 2-liter turbocharged engine M274.920, which is placed on many models of the brand Mercedes and some Infiniti.

Mercedes SLC AMG-43 engine

This motor can be with 2 power options. On the SLC 200 - 184 liters. with., and on the SLC 300 - 245 liters. with. Moreover, the motors in these configurations are almost the same, so for those who want to save about 250,000 rubles, but lose the warranty, you can take the car to reliable tuners that will make chip tuning for about 30,000 rubles, after which your SLC 200 is as powerful and the dynamics will be no different from the SLC 300. Such a trick was done on the old SLK with 1.8-liter engines.

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Mercedes SLC on the go

For those who want a more powerful car, it makes sense to look at the Mercedes AMG SLC 43, under the hood of which stands a 6-cylinder bturbomotor, whose power is 367 liters. with. This car really is expensive - 4 300 000 rubles.

Included with the motor is a nine-stage nine-stage hydromechanical with a beautiful selector, which is also installed on the Mercedes SL. The main thing, after you are going to leave the car, click on the Parking button so that the car does not roll back in neutral gear from the slide.

Mercedes SLC selector

There is also a Dynamic Select switch that changes the character of the car. You can set the Sport mode for the engine and gearbox, and for the steering wheel and suspension, put the Comfort mode. You can pay 112,000 rubles and in the car there will be more serious shock absorbers with magnetorheological fluid. Adaptive suspension is really a necessary thing, and if necessary, changes the stiffness, which is very convenient on a bad road.

But in this car there are no parking assistants, there is a usual parking assistant, but you still have to park the car yourself. The steering, as in the good old days - rack and pinion mechanism with power steering. Externally, the car looks stylish and it's hard not to notice it, the main thing is to choose the version of the SLC 43, which will have AMG silencers. In sports modes, a very beautiful and powerful sound of the engine will appear.

mercedes-slc profile


SLC 200 costs 3,000,000 rubles, if you compare it with a Z4 BMW with a 2-liter engine, it’s cheaper, but you’ll have to pay extra for many things: 200,000 rubles for an automatic gearbox, 59,000 for parking sensors, 38,000 rubles for turning lights, and for a windscreen - 25,000 rubles. In Mercedes, all these options are already included in the price.

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For 165,000 rubles, you can buy a package Fashion, which includes convertible options such as air scarf, remote control roof and electric luggage curtain. And for 3,500,000 rubles, you can take the SLC 300 version, in which all these options are already included. But the most top-end equipment AMG costs 4,500,000 rubles.

And then a video test drive, where you can listen to how the powerful AMG engine growls: