The biggest suvs in the world


Among all the big SUVs that are currently on the market, it is difficult to choose clear leaders. Many cars have impressive dimensions, they can claim to be the largest car of their segment. A number of cars that objectively have the largest dimensions, remained at the level of the prototype or are produced in very limited quantities, are made to order. Therefore, only big SUVs that are available in series production hit our rating. This will be objective, since publicly available cars provide the opportunity for every car enthusiast to evaluate the real capabilities of an SUV, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of huge dimensions. The list of the largest SUVs in the world includes representatives of various automakers. They are recognized world leaders capable of simultaneously creating huge jeeps and compact city cars.

Самые большие внедорожники в мире

TOP 10 of the largest SUVs.

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Rating Representatives

Many dream of a big American SUV, so that everyone around them would be afraid to cut them or get too close to them. Yes, large dimensions have certain advantages, but at the same time in urban environments they provide a number of disadvantages. Namely:

  • large sizes complicate maneuvering;
  • on the background of compact cars, the jeep is less agile;
  • there is no opportunity to quickly dive into a turn or take a parking space;
  • fuel consumption reaches extreme values;
  • not always the standard parking space enough car because of its length.

Therefore, when choosing the largest serial SUV, you should carefully consider the feasibility of such an acquisition. They are good for long journeys on the highway, family travel, but in a big city, huge jeeps have more disadvantages than advantages. But this does not prevent such cars to remain popular and in demand. In our rating, which determines the largest SUV of mass production, were representatives of the following companies:

  • Mercedes;
  • Nissan;
  • That;
  • Toyota;
  • Infiniti;
  • Ford;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Cadillac.

Now look at the best and largest creations of automakers who managed to be in the top 10.


Rating the largest SUV in 2018 opens representative of the American market. When it comes to large and prestigious SUVs, this Cadillac production model is always among the best. In addition to the luxurious appearance and rich interior equipment, the car also has impressive dimensions. The car combines power, speed, economy and luxury at the same time. The car is well adapted to the severe and extreme conditions of operation, feels good in urban conditions. Accelerates gently, but dynamically. This is the largest SUV in the line of the manufacturer. At the same time there are two modifications that are commercially available. The first version has a length of 5052 millimeters, that is, it is already moving beyond the 5 meter mark. But there is an elongated modification, the dimensions of which are all 5.6 meters with small pennies.Escalade


This is an SUV from Toyota, which is positioned as the largest serial representative of its class in the world. It seems that the laurels of American companies did not give peace to the Japanese automaker, since they were striving to win this title. In the end, they succeeded. As part of the presentation of the novelty, which took place just in the US city of Los Angeles, this Toyota caused a real storm of emotions among journalists and visitors to the exhibition. Initially, the model created exclusively for the North American market, where they are accustomed to similar sizes and are very fond of huge jeeps. But popularity has gone far beyond the expected results. As a result, the Japanese had to begin active work on the distribution of the car in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union. In Europe, as expected, Sequoia is not particularly accustomed. Nevertheless, for compact streets and small cities, a length of more than 5.2 meters is considered prohibitively large for Europeans.Sequoia


Infinity Company with its jeep also claims high positions in the world rankings. Their largest SUV is called the QX80. The huge size, impressive luxury and amazing equipment make everything possible so that fans of huge cars pay attention to the Japanese offer. Jeep is really big. It exists far from the first year and has already managed to even get a small update. The debut restyled version will be held in November this year.

The place for the presentation was chosen for a reason. Infinity Company decided to do it in a place where no less than in the USA they like big and very expensive cars. Because the first show of the updated SUV will be held in Dubai. Although no radical changes are expected, the car has retained its gigantic size and continues to delight customers with luxury and a set of additional premium options. The pre-styled version, which is now sold in Russia, costs between 4.3 million rubles. When will the updated version and how much it will cost buyers, not yet reported.Infiniti Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%


В рейтинг попал ещё один большой внедорожник от компании Toyota. На этот раз перед вами самый крупный пикап в линейке японского автопроизводителя. Полноразмерный пикап имеет внушительные размеры багажного отсека, просторный салон и надёжные двигатели. Внедорожник Тойота характеризуется повышенной проходимостью. Это настоящая рабочая лошадка, которая ориентирована на бездорожье и езду за пределами большого города. Покупать такой внедорожник для городской эксплуатации бессмысленно. На выбор покупателям производитель предлагает свои большие пикапы с разными моторами и грузовыми площадками. Длина кузова составляет чуть больше 5,5 метра, что считается внушительным показателем и позволяет Tundraзаслуженно входить в этот топ 2018 года. Tundra


The top 10 necessarily gets a Chevrolet representative. Model Tahoe has an impressive size, so it was in the ranking. Externally, the car resembles a luxury limousine, although it has far better off-road performance. 231 mm ground clearance allows the car to pass where most of the SUVs can not pass. This is a real house on wheels, which is located on the body length of almost 5.2 meters. At the same time, Chevrolet tried to make its giant quite economical. The car has four-wheel drive and torque of 610 Nm, but in the combined cycle consumes about 13 liters. This is a very modest figure for an SUV of this size and with a curb weight of more than 2.5 tons. Because he necessarily falls into the rating as the largest SUV in the lineup Chevrolet. Tahoe


Almost no rating is complete without representatives of the German auto giant Mercedes. The company has a representative in this top. Their biggest SUV is called the GL. This is a large and powerful SUV from the company Mercedes, under the hood of which the engine can be located at 388 horsepower. Inside the car offers a wide range of options and equipment aimed at improving the comfort and safety of the driver with passengers. But with all its premium and luxury cars remains a true full-fledged SUV with excellent all-terrain characteristics. In many respects, this is provided by an impressive ground clearance of 307 millimeters and a length of almost 5.1 meters. Mercedes GL


Ford is a recognized expert in the development of huge cars. In the case of the Excursion model from Ford, we got a real giant. This is not the most economical car in the world. But here the dimensions and possibilities are impressive. This is the largest serial SUV of the American automaker, which deservedly enters the top 10. The car is presented in many versions. Among them is one of the most economical, allowing you to spend about 12.5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers traveled. But such a version is rarely bought, since the power seems to be small for working with such weight and length. The remaining versions consume on average at least 15 - 16 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers.

The SUV was created on the basis of a pickup truck, due to which the car received such impressive dimensions. But the car managed to provide drivers with not only a roomy trunk, but also a smooth ride, quiet operation and luxurious interior trim. So you can roughly estimate the parameters of this machine, it is worth noting its height in 1960 millimeters, wheelbase at 3482 millimeters and a length of 5760 millimeters. All this is located above ground level by about 185 millimeters. Not so much, but the drivers themselves believe such clearance is optimal. Excursion


In the ranking of the largest SUVs, there was a representative of the North American manufacturer. Kia offers its own version of a large jeep. Kia mainly specializes in small cars designed for urban use. But in the case of the Jeep, Mohave made an exception. This is a Korean-frame biggest SUV from a local manufacturer. In some markets it is sold under the name of Borrego. The car is offered with gasoline and diesel engines, whose power is 275 and 250 horsepower, respectively. The average fuel consumption for both engines is 10 liters per 100 kilometers. In the base machine costs from 1.9 million rubles. If you want the maximum equipment, you have to pay well over 2 million. This is not the largest car in the presented top, but its length is 4880, height in 1765 and the wheelbase of 2895 millimeters can deservedly be part of the rating.Borrego


The largest SUV in the performance of the company Nissan. Model Patrol has always been in high demand among lovers of fishing, hunting, extreme off-road trips. This is due to the large size and maneuverability of this Japanese giant. After updating and changing the generation, Patrol began to look much more interesting and luxurious. The car is somewhat away from its brick and angular appearance, turned into a real luxury car for the suburbs. But the cost has increased. For the basic equipment manufacturer requests from 3.9 million rubles. As for the size, they depend on the modification.

There are two main sizes:

  • 5020x1930x1855 mm .;
  • 5145x1940x1855 mm.

Such parameters allow the car to enter the top of the largest representatives of its segment, but also remain a popular and popular jeep. Patrol


This is another representative of the company Chevrolet, which must be included in the top of the largest jeeps in the world in 2018. The car inspires with its characteristics and capabilities. Resembling a cruise passenger airliner, the SUV seems to float along the roads, not noticing special obstacles in its path. The machine is produced for a long time, because now we are dealing with the 12th generation of this model. Actual dimensions are 5639 x 2007 x 1930 millimeters with weight from 2795 to 2910 kilograms. And the predecessor in the face of the 11th generation was much shorter. Its length is 5130 millimeters. With what was the desire to increase the size of the iconic SUV, it is difficult to understand. But since Chevrolet decided to take this step, there were objective reasons for this.

The car is incredibly safe, although driving it on narrow city roads can be a real test for drivers who are not used to similar dimensions. Large dimensions are not a guarantee of safety and protection of the driver and passengers from potential threats on public roads. Sitting behind the wheel of one of the representatives of the rating, carefully make all maneuvers, try to realistically assess your size, turning radius and other nuances. It is very difficult to drive a car whose length exceeds 5 meters. Especially if you just recently moved from a compact crossover or some kind of mid-size sedan. Objectively, it is difficult to determine the largest SUV, since it is not only the length that is estimated here, but also the body height, width, wheelbase and other dimensions.Suburban

The most important thing is that the car you choose meets your requirements and meets your capabilities and skills as a driver.