Not everybody can do serious tuning of the vaz 2105 with

For connoisseurs of the Soviet automobile industry, VAZ cars will forever remain a kind of classic. And now they are often found on the roads. The available rear-wheel drive car pleases its owners, and for sure each VAZ 2105 wants to do tuning. And here is where to roam: you can apply not only the standard tuning set, but also make something new on your own.

tuning vaz 2105 своими руками

It should be noted that tuning should not begin with the appearance of the car, but with more constructive details. For example, those that will help improve the technical performance of the VAZ 2105. No wonder the word “tuning” borrowed from the English language means refinement, and for automobiles this is an improvement in its qualities and indicators.

Делаем tuning VAZ 2105 своими руками

It should be noted that the work done by hand is not a necessary necessity, but a real pleasure. So for the car VAZ 2105 you can do the most tuning of the cabin, bumpers, engine, torpedoes and other elements. It is only at first glance it seems difficult. In general, tuning and refinement of the VAZ 2105 is not particularly different from tuning the VAZ 2107. Therefore, the following recommendations can be safely applied not only to the tuning of the seven, but even for tuning the VAZ 2106.

tuning vaz 2105 своими руками

For example, to improve the quality of the backlight in the car (which is to say - it is not the best), you can use a fluorescent backlight. It pretty simply crashes into the front of the ceiling. To do this, make a small hole in the pad with a diameter less than the outer part of the ceiling lighting. The interior of the ceiling is carefully removed, and the back of the backlight will be placed there. The ceiling has three contacts that implement the mode, on and off.

Contacts of a plafond are plus and two masses. The first mass is connected to the metal base of the ceiling, plus it is connected to the power supply via a cigarette lighter or stand, the third contact is connected to the stand in the door. Thus, when the position is on, the backlight works in two modes:

  • turns on when you open the door;
  • it is included, and does not depend on any factors.
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tuning VAZ 2105

This is a convenient and interesting implementation of tuning VAZ 2105 and the replacement of the usual and not the best lights. And this is not the only thing that can be done in this car. You can not say about the nine, which is also popular these days, but tuning the VAZ 2109 is still very different from tuning the five. Even tuning the interior of the VAZ 2109 requires special chips, but let us return to the top five.

Some changes in the VAZ 2105 are made only in order to make it more beautiful. After all, initially the Soviet designers created this vehicle only for driving. Therefore, you can independently make the backlight buttons. This tuning does not carry any particular practical purpose, but from an aesthetic point of view it looks attractive. The button for turning on the heated rear window is not highlighted, but it is enough to change the location under the bulb in its connector and the backlight is realized.

Engine tuning VAZ 2105

Convenience and beauty is one thing, but improving the technical characteristics of a vehicle is another. That performance auto should be improved in the first place. If you decide to do tuning VAZ 2105 with your own hands, then do not be afraid to do it with the engine.

engine tuning vaz 2105

It should be a little to understand the device of the engine of this brand of car and it will become clear what indicators can be tightened. In particular, it is possible to increase its power. For this, it is necessary to refine and improve the systems of ignition, power supply and others. The work is truly creative.

You can choose a lot of options for refining the characteristics of cars. For example, replace the radiator, which will have an electric drive, as well as the cooled surface will become larger. This is a fairly effective refinement.

It is worth paying attention to the transmission of the car, its grip. These parts should be checked, replace the necessary elements, lubricate and stretch. Also, many motorists want to replace the carburetor with a more modern injection system, which provides fuel injection into the engine using an electronic control system.

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engine tuning vaz 2105

If you set a goal, then, of course, such a VAZ 2105 engine tuning takes place. There are two options for installing the injector. The first option is very costly, but simple: it is enough to place an order for all the necessary details and it will only be necessary to assemble them afterwards according to the scheme.

The second option is most suitable for a real tuner, as it requires a lot of effort and energy, as well as basic knowledge and skills. Here you will need to buy less parts, but you will have to tinker with them, after installing such electrics for the VAZ 2105 you can only rejoice.

Car interior tuning

Of course, after tuning the main power parts of the VAZ 2105, I want to make attractive its appearance, especially the interior. It has already been said that it is possible to simply and easily make the backlight of the buttons and the interior of the car. It is also worth refining and lighting devices of the car. At night it is difficult to cope with her, she must have sharp eyesight.

tuning salon VAZ 2105

To refine the backlight you need to buy LEDs. The lens of such a diode should look like a funnel, it will correctly diffuse the light. If the backlight is blue, it will give the impression of the cabin of a foreign car (you should pay attention to this). For each device you need a different number of diodes:

  • for small sensors, one is enough;
  • for large devices you need a diode lamp and four diodes.

Just insert the lamp in place of the previous illumination is not enough, devices will have to disassemble and drill a hole in the right place. This tuning cabin VAZ 2105 is interesting. Particularly advantageous looks blue lights - feeling like an expensive car. The blue color of the diodes is actually soft and calm, it does not irritate the eyes, so you should not be afraid to choose it.

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tuning salon VAZ 2105

In addition to the organization of interior lighting, stove and dashboard, you can modify the lifting of the glass and make it electronic. To do this, you must buy a special set of electronic power windows and in one of the wonderful days to implement this idea. The kit includes windows for the front doors, buttons for lowering and raising the glass for each door, wires, bolts, and plugs with which you can close the holes from the handles.

tuning vaz 2105

VAZ 2105, tuning (photo) which can be done independently, will long please its owner and his fellow travelers. If you also make external lighting, as well as tuning the bumper and other external parts (you can slightly reduce the ground clearance to give the car a more sporty character), then road users will also pay attention to this car. In short, the improved visual appeal of the VAZ 2105, along with the refined indicators of power and dynamics of the car, will give it a second wind.

And here is a video about how the five is actually tuning (VAZ 2105):

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