Tuning vaz 2109 allows you to improve the nine with their

The old "nine" is one of those machines that are constantly tuning and modernizing. The reason for this is that the car is cheap and light, both in terms of weight and device. Every month, more than 20 thousand motorists are wondering what the tuning of the VAZ 2109 is and what it eats with.

Tuning VAZ 2109 do it yourself

You can start to tune the driving performance of the car. Usually start with the brakes, then reach the box with the suspension, and then the engine. Basically, this is done in order to show that the native "devyatochka" is still capable of something. Many change only the appearance of the car: the body, optics and so on. Do it in the majority to show off and to give to the car of identity.

tuning vaz 2109

Green Nine

There are also motorists who tune the car exclusively for self-satisfaction, that is, they use the tuning of the cabin in the VAZ 2019 car. However, starting once to change something in the VAZ 2109, you will not be able to stop and will work on all aspects of the car, as it lends itself very well to it. Next, we analyze the most frequent tuning options separately.

Tuning salon VAZ 2109

In cars VAZ 2109 tuning salon stands alone. The main thing that those who want to improve something pay attention to is a torpedo with a dashboard. Since the panels of VAZ cars are quite similar, it is possible to install various combinations of instruments on the VAZ 2109 that do not fit in it initially.

VAZ 2109 cabin tuning

Immediately after tuning the dashboard is upholstery. What cars are equipped with at the factory, I like, perhaps, only those who invented it. It is simple enough to re-tension. To fix the upholstery, use a simple 88 glue or spray, the main thing here is not to overdo it with glue, as this can ruin everything. Plastic elements are easily fixed with sealant.

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Also, a steam generator can help you to achieve a good result. With it, it is easier to stretch the material. In the VAZ 2109, interior tuning is not at all difficult to implement. If it is Carpet, then it should be fixed at the edges, and then use the steam generator, with which the material will be given the required shape.

VAZ 2109 cabin tuning

Here's what a torpedo might look like at nine

Further drying is necessary, and then tear off the material to finally glue it over the entire area. There is one serious drawback in using Carpet: in a year or two it will roll and will not be aesthetic at all. In short, the material replacement algorithm on the ceiling of a car has four steps.

First step: remove the old ceiling. The second step: glue the ceiling once with the glue, then five minutes later, then press the material. The third step: paste over the perimeter and leave for drying. Fourth step: after a day you need to cut through all the holes and install the ceiling back.


Tuning VAZ 2109 do it yourself - body

This part of the changes is the most noticeable for all other motorists. The simplest thing that the owners decide is the installation of various dodgers, replacement of bumpers, etc. This type of tuning VAZ 2109 just does not harm as possible if you are going to do tuning your own engine, box or suspension.

tuning vaz 2109 своими руками

Dodger options are infinite. In addition to dodgers, it is also possible to change the body color, however, this action will need to be documented in the traffic police. There is nothing wrong with that. Some opt for a matte color. In this case, it should be remembered that there will be such complexity as the impossibility of polishing.

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Most often, optics VAZ owners tune with banal toning, however, this is not a completely legal and practical way. But competent tuning optics complicates the fact that most of the alternative options are of very poor quality or at a very high price. Therefore, with tuning optics will have to completely bother yourself.

tuning nine

Also, it is necessary to keep in mind that tuned optics is aging relatively quickly. Any person who is somehow engaged in tuning will tell you that even a bad design can brighten the uniqueness of the details. I would also like to say that if you still decide to experiment with tuning optics, then do it only on the back.

Tuning the engine "nines" do it yourself

Any professional will tell you that if you want to tune the engine, you first need to take care of the brake system and subsequently the transmission. If everything is ready in these aspects, then you can proceed to such a process as tuning the engine VAZ 2109. Tuning nine in the field of the power unit is comparable to tuning the engine "eight".

engine tuning VAZ 2109

The volume can be “shaken up” to 1.7 l., Of course, if you do not install supercharged units. However, if you want a more voluminous engine, then you will need to take care of cooling. Next, we consider one of the options for improving the engine "nine".


First, the results: an increase in power to 98 hp, maximum speed up to 180 km / h. In the process were used: lightweight crankshaft, connecting rods, valves and piston pins, as well as forged pistons coated with molybdenum disulfide. Lada Kalina was also useful, from which the cylinder head was taken.

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Also, a new camshaft was installed by 11.2 mm. As a result, it has come to refine the exhaust and intake channels. New engine mounts (reinforced) - just in case, but the rear led to a strong vibration in the cabin. Controller January 7.2 controlled the engine.

nine tuning photo

This is only one of the options, but their huge set and the upper limit is determined only by the budget. Also, it is necessary to take into account that sometimes cleaning the carburetor stabilizes and improves engine performance. Tuning the engine is a difficult process, so they make a lot of mistakes.

The first and most important is described by the saying “the miser pays twice,” everything is clear. Serious engine tuning reduces its service life - this is unfortunately not refutable. Therefore, in order not to lose money, time and effort, and also not to gain additional problems, think twice about whether you need it.

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