Which car navigator is better to buy

After buying a new car, almost every driver is faced with the fact that, along with transport, it is necessary to acquire a modern navigator. Choosing a GPS receiver is not an easy task. How to choose a navigator for the car at the same time, not having lost the brand and build quality, our article will tell. Buying a car navigation system is a great help for any trip or trip to unknown places. Moreover, in the modern world, the usual routes of roads change very quickly. In order not to get lost on the way, you must have a GPS navigator in your car.


  • 1 What is a GPS navigator?
  • 2 Details of the modern navigator
  • 3 Software and Navigator Management
  • 4 Software selection
  • 5 There are two programs working with color maps:
  • 6 Functional characteristics
  • 7 General classification of navigators
  • 8 Manufacturers

What is a GPS Navigator?

To select a navigator in the car, you must consider several important criteria. Each model of navigators has a number of specific functions, parameters and capabilities. And all the manufacturers are trying to please their customers, making the functionality more convenient, introducing modern technologies in their new gadgets. Let's define the concept of "GPS-navigator" and what is it for? This gadget helps the driver to navigate the terrain, paving the most convenient and fastest route to the desired address.

How to choose a car navigator

GPS navigator

Any navigator interacts with the Global Positioning System (Global Position System), with its help is determined by the latitude, longitude and altitude on the ground. In other words - this is the coordinates of your location. The Global Position System is a whole series of satellites that arrive at the Earth orbit twenty-four hours a day and provide various gadgets with a GPS receiver with the necessary information. For communication with satellites in the navigator there is an antenna. The signal coverage area, as a rule, should contain four satellites that will provide you with exact coordinates. Communication with a satellite can be affected by bad weather, hilly territory, long tunnels and high-rise buildings.

Details of the modern navigator

All modern GPS-navigators are made from plastic or light non-radioactive metal. The front side is equipped with a liquid crystal or matte screen with control buttons or a touch panel. Filling such a device consists of a central processor (CPU), navigation processor (GPS receiver chipset), RAM (RAM), permanent memory (ROM, Flash-memory) and a battery. In addition to the standard set of functions, there are additional components that improve its functionality. Sometimes the central and navigation processors are merged into a single chip (an example of CERFatlas V).

Какой автомобильный навигатор лучше купить

Car Navigation Accessories

Modern technologies are at such a high level that they allow monitors and displays with maximum brightness and contrast to minimize power consumption. Agree that the operating time, together with the quality of the picture, plays one of the most important roles, therefore the best navigator for the car simply must have the best display. Therefore, when choosing a navigator, pay attention to the screen on which all information will be displayed. The display size varies from 2 to 7 inches with a resolution of 320x240 to 800x480 (pixels). Of course, the larger the size and resolution of the screen, the easier and easier it will be to use. Check with the seller or read the instructions on the presence of anti-reflective coating. Anti-reflective coating allows you to see all the necessary information even in direct sunlight.

Software and navigator management

Of course, it is much more convenient and practical to use touch-sensitive displays than push-buttons. When buying a GPS navigator, pay attention to the display sensitivity setting. Most modern models have internal memory, where information is stored with loaded maps and routes. In addition, there are slots for cards like SD, MicroSD, MMC. With their help, you can always quickly install new cards or update the firmware of the device. The internal memory of the navigator should have a capacity of one gigabyte, since a software update sometimes takes up a lot of free space.

The best navigator for the car

Map display on the navigator

Updating and flashing maps is also an important criterion. All maps of the world download to your device is almost impossible, so before buying a navigator, you should decide on a range of places for future trips. By default, some cards are already preinstalled in the store, and if not, the seller should download them.

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The quality of the loaded maps plays an important role in plotting the route. The better the map is drawn, the easier and more accurate the navigator will determine for you a short and convenient route. To receive the signal from the satellite in many navigators built antenna inside the case. But in million cities, due to the huge number of waves, satellite data may be incorrect. Therefore, some navigators provide the ability to connect an external antenna to amplify the signal.

It is better to buy which car navigator is only up to the driver, but you shouldn’t buy a very outdated model. Almost all modern models of navigators have the ability to access the Internet. With its help, you can learn about the situation on the roads, traffic jams. If you encounter a traffic jam on your way, the navigator will automatically or manually adjust the route.

Choose a car navigator

Разные варианты GPS navigatorов

If you decide to choose a car navigator, then the availability of access to the global network will be useful.

Software selection

To start choosing the best navigator for the car you need with a cartographic navigation program. Any navigation program works with only one kind of maps. Maps for navigators are divided into two types:

  1. Routable (vector) Do automatic routing. That is, the driver sets the starting and ending point, and the program builds the optimal route itself.
  2. Non-routable (satellite, rastovye, typographic). They are analogous to "paper" maps, in a word, a snapshot of the terrain. The map only highlights the current position of the location, as well as the path traveled. This type of map is convenient because you yourself pave the way to the end point. It is often used in travels where there is difficult terrain without roads.
choose car navigator

Программное обеспечение и карты GPS navigatorов

In conventional car navigators is a navigation program that works only with routable maps. Each software has some advantages and disadvantages in front of its counterparts. It is customary to allocate 4 main navigation programs:

  1. Navteq. The most popular and very worthy software. The program is used in navigators brand Garmin, which is a giant in the field of GPS-navigation. This software has gained immense popularity primarily because of its ease of use, high-quality map detail. The program is based on about 26 maps in the Russian Federation only, covering more than twenty-five regions. Maximum accuracy and completeness of data is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  2. iGO. This program is installed in all navigators brand Pionner, TiBO, Mitac. The main advantages of iGO are a small price, simplicity, ease of use, and also has the ability to install software on removable media such as miniSD. This allows you to use the program and maps on other navigators of certain brands. There is an opportunity to view maps in 3D and 2D format. The program is in demand due to the excellent voice accompaniment, it has been translated into many languages ​​of the world.

    How to choose a car navigator

    New maps

  3. Navitel- This is primarily the development of our compatriots, which is adapted not only for machine navigators, but also for communicators, PDAs, mobile communications devices. This software by default has a huge number of pre-installed maps. Download other packages with maps will not be difficult.
  4. Autosputnik. The developer is a Russian company. This software is based on Teleatlas cards, which makes the program unique among other analogues. The autosatellite is compatible with the navigators of the company Hyundai and GlobalSat. Available detailed maps of all major populated areas of the Russian Federation and a huge POI database. The comfort when moving provides the voice notification of the set route. The accuracy of the determination of traffic jams is guaranteed.

Each software is sharpened only for certain models of navigators. In the event that you need specific software, then under it you will need to buy a specific navigator supported by this program. Or, on the contrary, when choosing a specific model of the navigator, not every software is suitable for it.

How to choose a car navigator

Waterproof navigator

There are two programs working with color maps:

  1. «OziExplorerCE» - Contains good tools for self-route. Highlights the route and movement on it, showing the distance, azimuth, distance traveled and much more.
  2. «SAS4WinCE» - Works with an extraordinarily accurate SAS program. A planet that transmits detailed and realistic satellite images of the earth's surface. The perfect solution for rough terrain.

Functional characteristics

Highlight the most functional characteristics:

  • navigation chipset - it determines the accuracy and speed of determining the coordinates. There are 3 types of chipsets, where SirFatlas comes in three generations: SiRFatlas III - scale and famous. Today it is not popular because it has become inferior in speed and accuracy to followers. Yet there are users who are satisfied with everything. SiRFatlas IV - much improved version. The frequency of the processor is 500 MHz. CERFatlas V - The latest version on the platform SiRFatlas. Fast, accurate, there is no lag. The maximum frequency is 664 MHz. Processors Mediatek и MStar стоят на втором месте после CERFatlas V хоть и обладают неплохими особенностями. Частота процессора ровна 550 МГц;
  • RAM. It depends on how fast the device and the construction of routes will be. It is necessary to approach the choice of memory seriously, since there may be a shortage of memory with updating programs. It is recommended to take storage from 512 MB and above;
  • built-in GSM / GPRS module - need to quickly learn about traffic jams. The program takes into account all the options and paves the best route. Support for SIM-cards makes GPS-navigator even more convenient. With her, he becomes a full-featured telephone modem;

    Какой автомобильный навигатор лучше купить

    A convenient place to display the rear view camera

  • Bluetooth. Through it, you can connect the OBD-2 Bluetooth adapter to the navigator. Through the adapter, the device can operate in on-board computer mode in cases where the car is poorly equipped. In addition, with its help, the user can independently download information about traffic jams;
  • video input (AV-IN). Allows you to connect a rear view camera. It does not cause difficulties in installation and it is not necessary to change the constructive of the car. The user can independently install the camera according to the attached manual. Many video cameras are integrated into the standard backlight lamp or in the license plate frame. In addition, there are wireless options that do not require opening the car trim to lay the wire;
  • FM transmitter is good because it allows you to bring sound to the head unit in a few taps. If the car stereo does not have a line input, then this function is indispensable;
  • battery. Most often in the navigators are standard Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 800-3000 mAh. There is an opinion that they are worse than on smartphones, so the optimum capacity is 2000-3000mAh.

General classification of navigators

Since car navigators are heavy, they are divided into:

  1. Removable. Attached to the windshield or torpedo transport. They are installed using a suction cup stand.
  2. Инсталлируемые. Go as regular stationary devices. Mounted in the panel as a radio. Get the required charge from the onboard network.

    Какой автомобильный навигатор лучше купить

    Built-in auto GPS panel


Companies giants in the field of GPS navigation:

  1. Garmin.
  2. TomTom.
  3. My.
  4. Navitel.
  5. Lexand.
  6. Navigator.
  7. Oysters.

However, to choose the best navigator for the car, you need to ask for help in specialized stores. Sellers will help make a more accurate choice of GPS-navigator based on your preferences, as well as provide warranty, service, configuration and installation of the gadget in the car.