Avtovaz will increase the warranty on vesta and xray to five

Lada Vesta and XRAY, warranty on Lada Vesta and XRAY

AvtoVAZ has not yet launched its Lada Vesta and XRAY into the series, but continues to intrigue the potential buyer. The latest statement from the automotive company’s management concerns extended warranty on these expected models almost double the traditional guarantee - up to five years. This is a record figure for the domestic automotive industry. but increase in the warranty period of the Vesta and XRAY does not automatically entail an increase in the warranty mileage, which would be quite logical to assume. After all, the manual itself explains the decision to increase the warranty period with high quality components and new technologies that will be used for production of Lada Vesta and XRAY.

Whether it should not increase symmetrically and a guarantee on run at least in one and a half time? But that did not happen. Warranty mileage will remain at around one hundred thousand kilometers. Although hints that time is still being devoted to the study of this question, were clearly expressed in the words of Bo Andersen. In particular, he noted that with the increase in the guarantee period, a new era begins for cars manufactured by AVTOVAZ, since this era will be primarily based on innovative technologies introduced into production lines.

Recall that at the beginning of the month, the management of AVTOVAZ announced a significant price increases for Lada Vesta and XRAY. So, Vesta went up for one hundred - one hundred fifty thousand, and XRAY jumped in price seventy - one hundred seventy thousand rubles, depending on the configuration.