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In our country, a large number of cars sold in used form. This situation is quite risky for those who want to buy such a vehicle. Before, we had to meet with the seller several times, go to law enforcement agencies, where through our channels “punch” cars for legality.

Modern technologies, which have come not only in every office, but practically in every home, help to carry out certain operations much faster. The network has all kinds of services that contribute to checking the vehicle remotely.


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Popular site

With this development of specialized online pages, users often seek to break through a car through an auto code for free. This is due to various reasons, one of which is the quality of the result in comparison with similar resources.

auto code to break through the car for free

Checking pass cars registered officially in Russia. The current auto check Autocode will provide information about the real history of the car, including all its owners and the quality of operation of the vehicle. To obtain current data, you must provide one of the unique parameters of the machine, which include:

  • VIN-code located in the engine compartment or on the tag, noticeable when you open the driver's door;
  • State registration number of the car in the classic format A111AA 111;
  • chassis number, registered in the documents for a registered vehicle.

It is important to know! Unlike Avtokod, the official website of Mosavtokod monitors vehicles that are registered in the capital and surrounding area.

Visitors to the portal upon expiration of the check will be able to obtain comprehensive information about a future purchase, which will include such data:

  • equipment and year of manufacture (model year);
  • how many people owned a vehicle in the past;
  • current car mileage;
  • Is it used as bank deposit?
  • monitoring is conducted on the criminal past and the present, whether it is listed in the hijacking or maybe it was hijacked before;
  • whether there are restrictions on actions with registration;
  • was the car registered in the taxi service;
  • whether there were traffic accidents with the vehicle, and whether there is damage from them;
  • completeness of a particular car;
  • border crossing history;
  • past repair operations;
  • possible information from foreign sources.
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Using the auto code, it will not be difficult for a user of any level to break a car through the VIN code. All necessary actions that are required from the user are intuitive. The data provided is as complete as possible.

Purpose of the resource

The service helps citizens avoid meeting with dishonest sellers. The authors of the site claim that their offspring promotes such goals:

  • prevents the legalization of stolen or fraudulently received cars in Russia;
  • prevents fraud with real vehicle data, including operational history;
  • the service helps citizens not to get cars of dubious quality or to acquire such a vehicle, having open information about it;
  • thanks to the opening of the current parameters, the buyer will be able to estimate this car in the real amount, which will save from overpayment.

auto autocode check

Confirmation of the good faith of cooperation from the company are the following facts:

  • about 15 thousand users access the resource daily;
  • Today, the site is the most popular among analogues in Russia;
  • money will be returned on the same day, if some of the information is not confirmed.

Quality service

It is unlikely that it will be possible to check a car by autocode for free, since you have to pay for quality. It is associated with a wide file cabinet and database. Sources for developers services are:

  • base traffic police;
  • you have to apply to the credit bureau;
  • data gives the Russian Union of motor insurance;
  • from public sources receive information from the courts of Russia;
  • banks also help uncover fraudsters;
  • bailiffs give their share;
  • there are options from insurance companies;
  • car dealers share data;
  • there is a stream from the FCS of the Russian Federation;
  • receive information from the popular message boards.

For such an extensive stream, the owners are asking for 379 rubles, and as a result, a huge amount of verification work is being done.. If you spend yourself, it will be significantly more expensive in time and cost.

The site has an analogue in the form of an application for a mobile phone. It is supported by two popular operating systems. You can download it in the official virtual stores for free. It will be possible to pay for the check with an attached bank card, which is also very convenient.

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