Buying a car is better now, there will be no more holiday

Покупать машину лучше сейчас, праздничных скидок больше не будет

Exactly such a thought was voiced by the Head ROAD ("Russian car dealers") by Vladimir Mozhenkov in a recent interview with reporters from the information portal. The businessman is sure that Russian motorists will not see traditional pre-holiday discounts, such as before the New Year, at least until this economic crisis ends, to hope that it will suddenly be cheaper - naive. There are objective reasons for this. Previously, we mean pre-crisis times, all auto dealership warehouses were filled with cars to the eyeballs, and there was a margin, which (or part of which) could be sacrificed for the sake of quick sales, in particular, to free up the premises of warehouses for new car lots. Today, in warehouses with a ball, catech (dealers are not in a hurry to buy, because the more cars, the higher the risk of not selling them out), dealers do not have a lot of money, for them, God forbid, at least to cover the existing costs. Car manufacturers generally work "in the negative", go into debt to somehow stay in the market, so the idea of ​​discounts on new cars sounds blasphemous for them today.

For two years, our wooden currency has depreciated by two or more times, respectively, and the prices of cars should have jumped to the same mark, however, during this time, cars have risen in price only by forty percent. Add to the existing price another sixty - and the objective price of them today will become obvious. If there were no fierce competition between car dealers, do not worry, prices would rise in sync as the ruble fell. But the limit of "patience" has already been reached: henceforth there will be no more discounts, but prices will not rise immediately, but four to five percent at a time. From this we can conclude: if you decide to buy a new car, then it is more profitable to do it now, tomorrow it will only be more expensive. Покупать машину лучше сейчас, праздничных скидок больше не будет According to the Head ROAD, the Russian car market will soon have a surge in consumer activity, this will play the so-called "deferred demand“when people want to buy a car for a long time, but all the time they postpone for various reasons. This unmet desire accumulates and sooner or later“ shoots. ”For car dealers, this will be a short-term surge in sales. In Russia, as predicted ROAD, for the current year about one million three hundred thousand new cars will be bought. Already today, eight hundred thousand cars have been bought up, this figure is almost fifteen percent lower than last year for the same period. Last year, the Russians bought a million, six hundred thousand new cars. This was 36 percent less than in 2014.

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