Geely is not going to put diesel engines on their cars

Geely не собирается ставить на свои автомобили дизельные двигатели

Chinese auto trade Gilli will soon be mass-produced new crossover Gilli NL-3. This coupe will come to our country. The Russians are very fond of the version of crossovers with diesel engines, so they expected from the new equipment with a diesel engine under the hood. But, unfortunately, the Chinese are not going to work with diesel engines at all: all Jilly cars will work only on gasoline or it will be a hybrid version, if not pure electric vehicles. And we are talking not only about the versions of cars of this Chinese car brand, supplied to the Russian car market. Gilli abandoned the idea of ​​diesel engines in principle. Diesel cars Gilli there will be neither in Russia, nor in the Celestial Empire, nor in Europe. There is a reasonable question "why"? Why do other manufacturers, including Chinese, necessarily use diesel units for installation on their cars, and Gilli - not? What is the secret of such antidiesel principles? The reasons, as it turned out, are several. First reason отказа Gilli от производства дизелей - the fact that the auto brand does not have its own development of a diesel engine, so it happened. And it seems to the management to buy diesel from any power unit manufacturer and then certify and license it. companies Jilly affair and overhead. Geely не собирается ставить на свои автомобили дизельные двигатели The second reason for the decline of Chinese interest in diesel engines is that soon the more environmentally friendly seventh European standard will be introduced in the countries of the European Union. And it will be catastrophic for heavy-fuel engines, since they are very difficult today to bring them to Euro-6, where they really think about the compliance of Euro-7. It is so far completely impossible. When the seventh European standard is adopted, diesel cars in the European car market will definitely fall under the ban.

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There is also a third reason. It lies in the mental difference between the Russian and Chinese motorists. In China, the diesel engine is clearly associated only with trucks. The Chinese make big eyes and refuse to understand when they raise the hood of a diesel car and see what doesn’t fit in their minds.

Geely не собирается ставить на свои автомобили дизельные двигатели And the fourth reason - the government of China set a course for the greening of the automotive industry. It got to the point that builders will not be able to build a house in China today if it does not provide for the possibility of installing a charging station for electric cars. They simply will not be given permission to build.

In general, hope for diesel versions Gili's crossoversdefinitely not worth it. The new Geely NL-3 and the upgraded Emgrand X7 will arrive in July 2017.