Koreans added 100 million dollars to the russian production

Корейцы довложили в российское производство Hyundai Creta сто миллионов долларов

Construction of the previously announced stamping shop at the St. Petersburg Hyundai Automobile Plant has come to an end. This is where Koreans will produce parts for their new development - compact crossover Hyundai Creta. Details about the configuration and technical capabilities of the future model, which tipped off a lot of popularity, the developers of Hyundai, for obvious reasons, deliberately silent. But the work on preparing for the start of mass production is underway, as they say, in full swing. The stamping workshop has been completed, delivery of pressing equipment is expected from day to day for installation in this particular workshop. Working staff is selected, with whom work is carried out to study the nuances of the upcoming production.

Koreans in the early summer of this year announced that the start mass production of hyundai creta at the St. Petersburg Automobile Plant in early 2016. But, given the activity near the workshops, it is possible that the start will occur earlier, even this year. By the way, this model, however, under a different name, is already being sold in several countries. Koreans produce it on their territory and sell it under the name Hyundai ix25.

For the Russian car market Creta SUV will be equipped with 1.6 and 2-liter engines. The drive will be both front and full.

It is worth noting that in the mode testing hyundai creta successfully and quickly ran the distance from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg, which is ten thousand kilometers. Корейцы довложили в российское производство Hyundai Creta сто миллионов долларов In addition to the announcement of the imminent launch of mass car production Hyundai Creta, Koreans said they are going to release three more models for the Russian market. All of them will be produced next year. Among these new products will be new generation Hyundai Solaris. It will appear in November 2016. The Koreans also noted that they are not embarrassed by the entry to the Lada Vesta car market. Given that they are highly enough about the quality of the car, they do not see it as their competitor.

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