Subaru impreza beat out in cars of the year in the land of

Subaru Impreza выбился в автомобили года в Стране Восходящего Солнца

According to the engineers and managers of Fuji Heavy Industries, producing the Subaru brand, this automobile received the honorary title because it moved to a new modular platform and the designers did a good job on its appearance. Now this car both internally and externally fully complies with the modern requirements of the driver for a powerful, reliable and, most importantly, safe vehicle. Nomination "Car of the year"thirty-five cars were presented, which were sold on the Japanese market during the last year, from October 2015 to October this year. Moreover, the number of cars purchased should not have been less than five hundred pieces. Last November, a commission consisting of leading thematic journalists from world-famous media , left only ten marks, discarding the others for various reasons. And yesterday the only winner was determined Subaru Impreza. Subaru Impreza выбился в автомобили года в Стране Восходящего Солнца "We are pleased to have created car for driving pleasure, and he was appreciated according to his deserts ", - Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President of Fuji Heavy Industries, told emotionally after the announcement of the jury's decision. The key phrase is"car for driving pleasure", very accurately describes the Japanese car.

Subaru Impreza The last generation was officially introduced in the Japanese car market in the middle of last summer. However, sales began only in early October 2016. And in just one month of sales, which captured the time constraints of the competition "Car of the year"the company exceeded the plan of two and a half thousand cars, having received from the Japanese more than eleven thousand applications for Subaru Impreza. Unprecedented success. Subaru Impreza выбился в автомобили года в Стране Восходящего Солнца Japanese assembly Subaru Impreza under the hood has a two-liter 154-strong gasoline aspirated. The device is paired with Lineartronic variable speed transmission. Both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive models are available in both the sedan and the hatchback. Impreza.

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Новая генерация Subaru Impreza created with a completely different body. Its design is such that compared to the body of the previous generation, the rigidity of the frame is increased by seventy percent. Engineers achieved this by optimizing the cross-sections and making the joints of the power body elements from more rigid materials. The absorption of impact energy as a result of a collision in such a body has become more efficient by forty percent. And this is the saved health or life of the driver and passengers in the event of an accident. Center of gravity Imprezy was shifted below the former, body roll reduced by fifty percent. Subaru Impreza выбился в автомобили года в Стране Восходящего Солнца In the electronic kit there are systems of adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, recognition of road markings and signs, control of blind zones, scanning for pedestrians and obstacles when reversing, etc. The car is the very first "Japanese", which is equipped airbag for pedestrians. Here is the eastern concern for people! Saved in case of an accident will be not only the driver, but also the person on the other side of the car, not previously protected at all.

About Subaru Impreza the Japanese car market is asking for starting from almost two million yen. If we transfer to our wood, it is about a million seventy thousand rubles. In our country, the Japanese deliver Impreza stopped immediately after the onset of the economic crisis. But since the situation is gradually leveling, the Japanese do not exclude the return of this model to the salons of Russian dealers.