The germans began to sell in russia the upgraded pickup

Немцы начали продавать в России модернизированный пикап Фольксваген Амарок

Sales started in the Russian dealerships of the German concern Volkswagen restyled pickup Amarok. The Germans brought us models with only double-row cabins. What has changed in the updated pickup compared with the darestaylingovoy version of Amarok? The traditional exterior facelift was made by German designers according to a pattern - the shape of the radiator grille, head optics and front bumper were corrected. Nothing extravagant - if you do not look closely, then these changes can not be noticed at all. But if you look into the interior, it immediately becomes clear that the car is in front of you after restyling. The dashboard has changed beyond recognition, it is made in the innovations of ergonomic style - fewer buttons, and by the fact that they are present, added functionality. A new multimedia "combine" has appeared, a new control unit has been installed for the climate system.

Немцы начали продавать в России модернизированный пикап Фольксваген Амарок

Today, dealers of the German auto brand can buy restyled Volkswagen Amarok, under the hood of which one of two two-liter diesel engines is installed - one on one hundred forty, the other on hundred eighty horsepower. Drive only permanent full. The engines work in tandem with a six-speed manual transmission or with an eight-gang automatic transmission. Pickups with a three-liter diesel "six" will arrive to Russian dealers only closer to the summer of 2017. Немцы начали продавать в России модернизированный пикап Фольксваген Амарок

Russian dealers offer motorists restyled pickup Volkswagen Amarok in four trim levels. These are the Trendline, Comfortline, Highline and Aventura assemblies. In the basic version of "Trendline" is available ESP + system, two front airbags. The temperature can be controlled by air conditioning, the climate system is available in more "older" assemblies. The front seats of the pickup are heated, however, as are the side mirrors, equipped, in addition, with electric drive. For a positive attitude on the road is responsible audio without any bells and whistles. Pricelist for restyled Volkswagen Amarok in the configuration "Trendline" starts from 2131 thousand wooden. Немцы начали продавать в России модернизированный пикап Фольксваген Амарок In the maximum configuration of the Aventura, the truck has a salon completely trimmed with natural leather, a four-lamp “chandelier” on the cab roof, darkened tail lights, twenty-inch alloy wheels, a fancy multimedia system that syncs with smartphones running IOS and Android. There is a navigation system, both parking sensors, a rear-view camera, a multifunctional leather steering wheel, under which gear shift levers are installed in finger accessibility. Price for Volkswagen Amarok after restyling in the maximum assembly starts from 3 million 525 thousand rubles.

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