The japanese released a limited special version of the

The Japanese released a limited special version of the Nissan Kicks

In the Brazilian representative office of the Japanese automaker Nissan announced the start of the company to sell a new compact crossover Nissan Kicks. Although it’s still premature to talk about sales, for now the Brazilian Nissan office accepts only pre-orders for this car. Do not forget that the Olympic Games will begin in August in Rio de Janeiro, and as the official car of these global sports events is Nissan Kiks. Special Edition Nissan Kicks will be represented by just one thousand compact crossovers. Neither the Japanese nor the Brazilians said a word about the price of the novelty. Nevertheless, the lack of information on the price list for the special assembly from Nissan does not in the least prevent Brazilian dealers from collecting five thousand Brazilian reals from motorists as a prepayment for an order. If you convert them into our money at the current rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, you get about ninety-five thousand rubles. The Japanese released a limited special version of the Nissan Kicks This special version is called Nissan Kicks Rio 2016. From the usual Kiks outwardly it is distinguished by a slightly different logo, the presence of the inscription "Nissan Kicks Rio 2016" on the body and orange decorative inserts located above the fog lamps. The limited "Olympic" version of the car will be sold in three colors: a completely white body, a completely gray and white body, crowned by an orange roof. In addition, on the grille of each of the thousands of cars in the limited edition series will be installed a serial number, made in the form of a stylish badge. The numbers will be four-digit type: from 0001 to 1000. The Japanese released a limited special version of the Nissan Kicks Under the hood of a compact crossover is a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 114 horsepower. It works together with variable transmission X-Tronic. The second type of fuel for this engine, which is completely in the traditions of Latin American countries, is ethyl alcohol. Equipment list лимитированного Ниссана Кикс impressive enough. Here, among other things, there is an advanced multimedia device synchronized with the driver’s smartphone, a 360-degree camera designed to serve as the “third driver’s eye”, a key-fob, seventeen-inch alloy wheels, a leather-lined interior and, of course, air conditioning, without which in a hot country get along. The Japanese released a limited special version of the Nissan Kicks Will bring cars to dealers limited edition Nissan Kicks at the same time as conventional cars, namely in August. After the "Brazilian" start Nissan Kicks First, the car market and other Latin American countries, and then it will move to conquer the whole world. In total it can be bought in eighty countries.

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Officially to the global automotive community Nissan Kicks It was presented in early May 2016. He looks very much like his appearance on his conceptual prototype, which the Japanese showed the world two years ago.