The updated suv kia mohave went "in series" on kaliningrad

Обновленный внедорожник Let Mohave ушел

The serial build of the updated Let Mohave, launched at the Kaliningrad Automobile Plant, will logically end with the start of sales of this frame SUV in the coming April. The Korean all-tracker has been collected in Russia for a long time - since 2009. During this time, more than five thousand SUVs rolled off the assembly line. Not much, less than a thousand a year. But with such a price tag and tremendous competition it is generally surprising that this assembly remains profitable for Koreans and Russian car dealers. Restyling Let Mohave традиционно преобразил внешнюю форму обоих бамперов, радиаторную решетку отхромировали, восемнадцатидюймовое литье получило иную форму, ДХО теперь исключительно светодиодные, а окрашивать кузов SUV станут еще в два новых цвета: Let Mohave will appear also in blue and brown execution. Обновленный внедорожник Let Mohave ушел Dashboard redone in a more modern style. A protective visor appeared here, allowing the panel not to glare on a sunny day. Multimedia is equipped with a small color touchscreen. The steering wheel has received a new form of the rim, which, according to the designers, will be more convenient to use: it is easier to turn the steering wheel when turning. Обновленный внедорожник Let Mohave ушел Now the state of the blind zones SUV will be controlled by an electronic system, a 360 degree camera appeared. When leaving behind, say, from the parking lot, you can trust an electronic assistant, who will not allow anyone to crash. Tire pressure is monitored automatically. Once in a difficult situation, you can click on the ERA-GLONASS button.

Внедорожник Mohave предлагается россиянам в двух сборках. "Комфортная" комплектация опустошит кошелек покупателя на сумму от 2 млн 301 тыс рублей, а комплектация "Премиум" обойдется на триста - триста пятьдесят тысяч дороже. Под капотом у SUV заправляет трехлитровый 250-сильный дизель, работающий в паре с восьмискоростным автоматом.

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On the "Avtotor" Korean cars have been going exactly twenty years. Today, Kia Sorento, Sorento Prim, Cerate, Kia Quoris, Kia Sid, Sportage, Optima, Soul, Venga and Mogawa leave for dealers from here.

Обновленный внедорожник Let Mohave ушел

Let Mohave named for the North American Mojave Desert. Produced since 2008 and looks today looks clearly tired. Four years ago, its release was discontinued due to lack of promise, since the SUV did not receive due public recognition. For some reason, the leadership of Kia Motors decided to return to this model again, it is not clear. After all, in updated Kia Mogawa there is nothing fundamentally new that can dramatically change the attitude of motorists to this car.