Toyota easily turns a car into a generator of electricity

Toyota с легкостью превращает автомобиль в генератор электричества At the Tokyo Motor Show, launched yesterday in the capital of the Land of the Rising Sun, Japanese developers demonstrate the wonders of technical thought. They are boldly looking into the future of civilization, offering conceptual solutions to possible global problems. One of them is the oil dependence of vehicles and the resulting environmental catastrophe. The Japanese have been experimenting with hydrogen for a long time as an alternative fuel for cars, and yesterday they presented Concept-FCV Pluswhich looks more like an alien aircraft than an earth vehicle.  FCV Plus runs on hydrogen, but that's not all. It can be a small electric generator that can become an emergency source of light when someone jerks the switch down.

Toyota с легкостью превращает автомобиль в генератор электричества

The first hydrogen serial "Japanese" Toyota Mirai

First hydrogen carwhich Japanese developers have already launched into mass production is Toyota Mirai. Its sales began at the end of 2014. At that time, no one could even imagine that literally in a year the queue of applications for a hydrogen car would exceed the maximum capacity of Toyota production lines for assembling Mirai by as much as four times! Demand is growing at a rapid pace, and where there is demand, the proposals will not make them wait for a long time, especially when it comes to sneaky Japanese. Toyota с легкостью превращает автомобиль в генератор электричества Hydrogen car FCV Plus he didn’t have to wait long, it was built in the context of the “car of the future” theory, the postulates of which imply the use of a car not only as a means of quickly delivering a corpse from one point to another, but also as an infrastructure object. For example, such an object that can produce electricity and at the same time be not static, but quite mobile. In the fuel cells of a hydrogen engine, electricity can be generated indefinitely. Provided that the amount of hydrogen required for this will not be limited by the size of the fuel tank.

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Regular fuel tank FCV Plusdesigned to power a hydrogen motor can provide for some time with light, say, a country house, but for the pleasure not to end quickly, it is necessary to draw a hydrogen line to this cottage to which the equipment concept FCV Plus There is a built-in connector. Of course, there are no such hydrogen trunk pipelines yet, but today it is no longer from the realm of fantasy. Gas lines are there, why not make hydrogen? Toyota с легкостью превращает автомобиль в генератор электричества As a vehicle, the new hydrogen concept is also of great interest. Almost four-meter car is all-wheel drive. Each wheel turns one electric motor. The fuel cells of the engine are located at the front wheels, and the tank with hydrogen lies as much as possible behind. Thus, the developers have released the maximum possible place for passengers inside the cabin. The concept is rather narrow, with a width of sacrificed in favor of aerodynamic laws. Developers FCV Plus sure that with their concept car they opened the curtain of the future of the automotive industry for several generations ahead.