A few tips on how to remove the smell of fume from the mouth

Каждый взрослый знает, что такое перегар, и откуда он берется. Неприятный и резкий запах, дает окружающим понять, что его обладатель накануне весело провел свое время. How to remove the smell of fume, если вам после столь приятного застолья садится с утра за руль и ехать на работу?

Remove the smell of fumes from the mouth

In addition, what your colleagues or the boss himself will say if he is a non-drinker himself, and having smelled a smell a mile away, makes crucial decisions to the owner of the source of such fume.

To do this, you need as quickly and efficiently as possible to eliminate the odor of fumes, which is so unpleasant for all. To begin, let's see why and how fume occurs in your body.

After drinking heavily with alcohol, which contains ethyl alcohol, this product is absorbed directly in the small intestine. And as soon as it enters the blood, it is almost instantly distributed throughout the body.

A small proportion of it - from about 10% to 30% - immediately, in unchanged form, with exhaled air begins to be removed through the lungs. And also excreted by the spot through the skin and with the urine through the kidneys, but most of the alcoholic beverage from 75% to 90% goes directly to the liver, where it begins to be processed.

In the process, acetaldehyde (or acetaldehyde), a very toxic substance with an unpleasant and sharp odor, which quickly turns into an absolutely harmless acetic acid, begins to form.

How to remove the smell of fume

In that case, if too much alcohol was drunk, the aldehyde begins to form in large quantities, and it does not have time to be processed. As a result, it spreads through the body, is absorbed into the blood, enters the lungs, through which it is expelled to the outside with exhaled air.

That is why a man emanates such an unpleasant and sharp smell, which is called fume. This smell is nothing like acetaldehyde. Well, knowing the reason for its formation, we now consider in more detail how to remove the smell of fume. In order to quickly get rid of a sharp fume, you must remove the entire excess of aldehyde from your body.

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Better to do all this, due to the excretory auxiliary organs - the lungs, skin, kidneys, whose work must be intensified. There are many ways to effective methods that will quickly remove the smell of fumes from the mouth.

The first method how to remove the smell of fume

Try to drink as much fluid as possible. Due to this, the kidneys will begin to work more intensively, and thereby will remove all the decay products of alcohol. This will help a variety of drinks, but the most effective are the following:

How much alcohol is eroding

Coffee or black tea. These drinks contain a lot of caffeine, which perfectly stimulates the kidneys. Green tea also has a good diuretic effect. But one caution should be considered. Coffee, like black tea, increases the load on your heart.

Therefore - if your heart beats with such frequency that it is ready to “jump out” from the chest or you have high blood pressure, it is better to refuse coffee and black tea.

Mineral water, which has many beneficial properties. Besides the fact that artesian water alkalinizes the internal microflora of the body, it also speeds up the process of removing all alcohol degradation products. After all, the acid balance in the body is always disturbed in the body in a big way when there is an excess of alcohol consumed.How to remove the smell of fume

Ordinary water also perfectly stimulates the kidneys, it is necessary to add a little bit of ascorbic acid. Medicinal decoctions of herbs, not only have a diuretic effect, but also facilitate your condition after an overuse. It is best done: dandelion, oats, lingonberry leaf, bearberry.

The second method is how to remove the smell of smoke from the mouth

Diuretic foods, taking which you can remove the smell of fumes from the mouth and remove aldehyde from the body. Products that have a diuretic effect: watermelon, strawberries or garden strawberries, zucchini.

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The third method is how to quickly remove the smell of fume

Exit to fresh air for a few minutes. Inflow of air activates the work of your lungs, they will begin to remove acetaldehyde faster. In doing so, breathe deeply. Especially useful in this case, the air is forest, park, garden, and not gas polluted car.

The fourth method how to get rid of fume

Go to the sauna or bath. Thanks to the hot air, your pores on the skin will begin to open, through which the decay products of alcohol will be excreted. In the event that you do not have the opportunity to use the sauna or bath, you can take a hot bath at home. A shower is also suitable, but it will not give such a powerful effect as a sauna, bath or hot bath.

How to quickly remove the smell of fume

We looked at several basic ways to quickly remove the smell of fumes. It is best to apply them in the complex, thanks to this you will quickly remove the unpleasant smell from your body. But individually, each method also gives a good result.

How is the "antipolice" or lavrushka?

Many believe that the "antipolice" or bay leaf completely remove the smell of fumes from the mouth. But this is far from the case, because they simply mask the unpleasant odor for some time, and the source of the fume itself remains in the body. Motorists who occasionally drink alcohol in abundance prefer to carry coffee beans, bay leaves, less often dill and even garlic in the car. In the first aid kit is stored "antipolicy", and activated charcoal.

How to quickly remove the smell of fume

But as we wrote above, that the “flavor” really disappears, it is certainly a very effective method, if you need to remove the smell of fumes from the mouth for a short time. For example, to get home after the holiday by car, it is quite possible to resort to the help of the same lavrushka, coffee beans, etc. However, if you want to completely remove the source of the fume, that is, aldehyde, then you should resort to the above methods.

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As for activated carbon, dill leaves and other sorbents in this case, there is no benefit at all from them. All of these products work directly in the intestines, and are not absorbed into the blood. But the fume is formed after, when already in the blood fell the products of the collapse of alcohol. Sorbents do not enter the blood to remove aldehyde from there.

Many have wondered - after how much alcohol is eroding? Consider these figures more clearly.

Alcoholic drinkAmount drunk (ml)Weathering time (hour)
Dry wine2003.5
Strong wine1004.5

All calculations are given for the average height and weight of a man from 70 to 80 kg. If the weight below the data, it is necessary to multiply by 0.77 the amount of alcohol consumed. And if the weight is higher, then it is necessary to multiply by 1.23.

The smell of fumes is not a pleasant thing, both for those around you and for the owner himself. But how to remove the smell of smoke now you all know, and you can fight with an unpleasant smell. But the most sensible thing is to drink alcohol in moderation.

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