How to wash a car

The quality of car washing depends not only on its attractive appearance, but also on the performance of many units. At first glance it may seem that washing the car belongs to the simplest types of maintenance. But here, as in other types of care for a complex mechanism, there are nuances and rules that must always be adhered to.


  • 1 When to wash a car
  • 2 Props for car wash
  • 3 Wash the car in the warm season
  • 4 Wash the car during the cold season
  • 5 Features of car washing with Karcher
  • 6 Self washing or car wash services

When to wash a car

Как правильно мыть машину

Wash the car with your own hands is not difficult, even a fragile girl can handle

Many novice drivers are interested in one question about how often you need to wash the car. The interest is justified, as it directly concerns the security of the transport in possession. During cleaning at a specialized car wash, the car is subjected to high water pressure. In addition, workers usually use strong chemicals that, if used too often, can harm the paintwork of the machine. If we are talking about washing the car at home and without using a center punch, the level of security increases slightly. The best solution for the owner will be to wash the car as it gets dirty, but no more than once a week.

Props for car wash

The question, what is the best way to wash a car, always remains relevant, since the modern market is simply overflowed with various detergents of a specialized and universal purpose. It is advisable to use only specialized means for this purpose, as they do an excellent job with dirt, and some of them even have the property of repelling dust. Moreover, such products do not contain acids and alkalis, which, under prolonged and intense exposure, can damage the paint on the machine. In the presence of strong pollution on the transport of individual chemicals used, which are applied to problem areas before washing cars and leave for a few minutes. You can use these liquids no more than 2-3 times in 30 days.

The car shampoo itself can be dry or liquid. Liquid variants are divided into two types: moderate and strong concentration. The amount of shampoo, diluted with water, is determined depending on the level of concentration. When using a dry type of detergent, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the proportions indicated on the package. When caring for a car with a vinyl coating, you need to choose a specially designed for it. Manual car washing should occur with coarse foam sponges or a soft brush that does not absorb sand, which can later scratch the paint.

The better to wash the car

Grass autochemistry perfectly eats away dirt and really helps to quickly wash a car, is a concentrate that needs to be diluted in a ratio of 1: 10-1: 20

After rinsing the car with clean water, excess moisture is collected from the surface with a scraper, after which the surface is rubbed with a soft, dry cloth. A rag made of artificial suede is excellent for removing stains. Next, it is desirable to polish the car with an agent that contains wax.

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Wash the car in the warm season

The warm season is a period when washing and thorough cleaning of the machine should be carried out more often. This is done due to the fact that many shampoos and polishes contain elements that protect the applied paintwork from strong and stable sunlight. Also at this time on the roads there is a lot of dust, densely deposited on the surface of the transport, which must be removed.

As for how to properly wash the car in summer, standard tips are appropriate here:

  • Water should be warm, but not hot;
  • Washed car from the roof to the wheels;
  • Particular attention is paid to hard-to-reach parts on doors, metal parts of the bonnet, and rims.
  • Rinsing is carried out with abundance of water, it is desirable that it be fed from a hose.
How to wash a car with a hose

Under no circumstances should you save water when washing a car, it should be abundant

Wash the car during the cold season

Not knowing how to wash the car in the winter, many car owners are trying not to touch it again. Although at this time of year the car is in need of proper care. Salt, which is treated with frozen roads and dirt can densely clog in the cracks and gaps. Staying there, such dirt creates a safe environment for the formation of corrosion on unprotected metal. If the external temperature is not lower than -10 degrees, you can wash the car yourself - manually or using a Karcher. In this case, the water should be slightly warm, otherwise it will quickly freeze. After washing, residual moisture must be quickly removed.

If the temperature is below minus ten degrees, washing the car with your own hands is not highly recommended, as it is almost impossible to choose the right water temperature on your own. Too cold will instantly freeze on the surface of the transport, and too warm can cause cracks in the paintwork. The dirt and sand accumulated in the past time during self-washing will scratch the paint.

How to wash a car in winter

With all these icy growths you need to cope.

So, the most correct decision in this case will be to apply to the services of a car wash, but here there are also some rules:

  • Refusal of express washing, during which the car is not wiped perfectly ideally;
  • Gap purging order - this will remove the remaining water from the locks, handles, rubber seals;
  • The implementation of protective polishing body;
  • Treatment of rubber seals with silicone grease to prevent freezing of doors.
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Adhering to these rules, it is enough to wash the car once a month in winter.

Features car wash with Karcher

Knowing how to properly wash a car with a Karcher can make a driver’s life easier. This is quite a convenient way in which contact with the machine and prolonged physical actions are excluded. If the transport is heavily polluted, first of all, with the help of water pressure, dirt gets out of it, then you need to wait until the water from the body drains.

After that, shampoo is applied to the transport, glasses are no exception. In order for the active substances of the detergent to enter into maximum contact with contaminants, you should leave the shampoo on the car and wait a few minutes. Next, all the shampoo and foam are washed off with a strong pressure of water. The machine can be wiped with a cloth or allowed to dry naturally. In the implementation of the above procedures, we should not forget about the wheels, wheel arches and the lower parts of the bumpers, sills. Often, when working with a Karcher, these places are skipped.

How to wash the car Karcher

It is necessary to apply foam evenly so that there are no dirty areas left

A few tips on car wash Karcher:

  • Washing is not carried out in the sun;
  • Shampoo applied from the bottom up;
  • Do not allow too dense layers;
  • Foam should not dry.

During work with a high pressure it is impossible to allow sudden, sharp movements in order not to damage the coating of the machine. The foam should be applied evenly, without missing a single patch. When washing is done, all windows and doors should be tightly closed. The radiator grille should not be given excessive attention, strongly blowing water into it.

Self washing or car wash services

Having drawn conclusions from tips on how to wash a car, one can understand that there are two types of car washes; independently and at the car wash. In specialized places, all accompanying operations are carried out by washers. Self washing implies the use of exclusively their own materials. Given that the services of car washes do not belong to cheap, buying their own equipment and substances, you can save a lot in the future.