New 2018-2019 ford explorer - ford explorer: prices, start

One of the main difficulties faced by the manufacturer (and subsequently the buyer) of an SUV-class car is the question of its identification. This problem, although at first glance and being purely nomenclature, is in fact no less important than, for example, the belonging of a machine to the previous or new generation or its nominal capabilities. Of course, first of all, the prestige of a particular model depends on the brand: the lucky owner of the new Zoty is unlikely to seriously compete with the owner of Bentley or Rolls-Royce, even if not so new. But if the comparison is made in approximately one category, while not in the budget itself (Ford’s production, to put it mildly, is not cheap), the following arguments after mentioning the trademark are novelty and classification.

Photo: new Ford Explorer 2018

Photo: new Ford Explorer 2018

For example, before discussing the appearance and technical excellence (and shortcomings) of the new 2018 Ford Explorer sample (photo below), it would be logical to determine its formal identity; Moreover, this is not as easy as it seems. The manufacturer set both critics with journalists and potential customers at least two complex tasks.

The main task is to which generation the 2018 Ford Explorer belongs (photo below). One would assume that the answer is extremely simple and follows directly from the statement used by the American concern itself: to the new generation. Looking ahead - this answer is absolutely correct, but still there are at least two objections to it.

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