New geely vision x1 2017-2018 crossover - gili vision x 1

The new Geely Vision X1 (photo below), which appeared in the domestic market of China in the summer of 2017, will presumably reach Russia in the late spring of 2018. The event can not be called a landmark: the domestic driver already had the opportunity to get acquainted with the logical “predecessor” of the microcross - Geely Panda Cross. The release of this model was suspended (or stopped altogether) immediately before the production of Vision X 1 2017–2018, to the great dissatisfaction of motorists from China. Outside the country, Panda remained almost unknown: Gili made not very vigorous attempts to expand into the markets of Korea and the CIS, which were not crowned with success.

Photo: Geely Vision X1 2017–2018 new crossover

Photo: Geely Vision X1 2017–2018 new crossover

Geely Vision X1 2017–2018 (photo below) should, according to the manufacturer, correct the situation. Compared to the previous model, the car has become even safer, more powerful and more reliable. At the same time, the Chinese corporation managed to preserve the recognizable appearance of the crossover and make the interior more comfortable: for the latter, Gili had to completely update the internal electronics and add new systems and elements that were not available in the cars of the previous generation.

However, formally, Gili Vision X 1 of 2017–2018 (photo below) is not a representative of the new generation, but the founder of the X1 line. Panda is still a separate stage in the history of Geely, although it inspired Chinese developers to create Vision X1, but is not directly related to it. With the same success, it is possible to establish family ties between Highlander and RAV 4 from Toyota: there is certainly a lot in common between the models, but they are not directly related to each other.

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