What are sold minivans in russia

Car manufacturers strive to meet the needs of customers. In this regard, on the domestic roads there are minivans of all brands. This type of body is demanded more by large families, as it can accommodate up to 8 people, including the driver. It uses the rights with the most popular category "B".


  • 1 Basic concepts
  • 2 Rating of the Russian market of minivans 2017
    • 2.1 Let Venga
    • 2.2 Toyota Venza
    • 2.3 Mitsubishi Grandis
    • 2.4 Citroen SpaceTourer
    • 2.5 Volkswagen Multivan
    • 2.6 Mazda 5
    • 2.7 Peugeot 5008
    • 2.8 Lada Largus
    • 2.9 SsangYong Stavic
    • 2.10 Volkswagen Touran 3
    • 2.11 Ford Galaxy
    • 2.12 Renault Espace
    • 2.13 Seat Alhambra
    • 2.14 Hyundai H-1
    • 2.15 Opel Combo

Basic concepts

Russian roads have met this type of car quite positively. Even with their specific design, minivans in Russia were able to win 5-7% of the market. Single-volume machines are distinguished by their solid spaciousness, especially in this case, high ceilings and a large glass area. This improves visibility and helps to park easily.

Almost all models of minivans and their close "relatives" kompakveni designed for family trips. Automakers have foreseen this fact, equipping the interior of such cars with a variety of various niches, boxes, cupholders and other assistants for storing useful trifles. A higher fit than in a classic passenger car provides a better view for the driver, which has a positive effect on safety. It becomes possible to react faster to a changing traffic situation.

You need to know that the translation from English minivan means "small van".

Almost the entire range of minivans differs from a compact van in that it has a full-sized trunk. And there is no need to increase it by folding the back row. Rear passengers are just as comfortable as everyone else.

The disadvantages of this configuration is usually attributed to the increased size and weight in comparison with cars. For comfort and space inside you have to pay a long time spent on parking. Also, a minus from such parameters is noticeable at the gas station, because the consumption of compact van is about a liter less than that of classic minivans.

In order to know which minivans are sold in Russia, it is necessary to conduct a study of the current market. Car showrooms periodically update their range, but some models continue to be in demand for a long time, moving from one car owner to another.

Rating of the Russian market of minivans 2017

Consider the popular official models on the domestic market. Their advantages are factors:

  • availability of warranty from the manufacturer;
  • wide network of service stations;
  • the ability to choose a model with the optimal configuration, etc.

Let Venga

For more than a decade, Kia brand products have been attracting drivers in our country. One of the advantages is reasonable price with decent quality. Initially, this model was developed for the intra-Korean consumer. However, later its quality was also appreciated by our motorists, purchasing first used cars, and then a new model range.

look like minivans of all brands

Wenga has been on the market for more than five years. Under the hood can be installed as a gasoline power unit and diesel engine. Both options are very economical. The drive for this subcompact model is exclusively front, although the engineers did not endow it with the special characteristics of an SUV. Price tag - about 950,000 rubles.

Toyota Venza

The company presents its model as an off-road minivan. The machine is a great combination of price and quality. For this, fans of Japanese reliable cars love her.

where to find minivans of all brands

In addition to the excellent appearance, the four-wheel assistant has a lot of practical qualities. For example, a high clearance of 208 mm, the presence of a 2.7 liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 185 l. with. Intelligent throttle helps to fuel intelligently. For a car with an automatic 6-speed gearbox ask 2,244,000 rubles.

Mitsubishi Grandis

The car from a reputable Asian manufacturer also deserves attention. Car owners have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of this brand, perfectly adapted to our road conditions.

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how much are all models of minivans

Citroen SpaceTourer

The result of the fruitful cooperation of Japanese engineers and their colleagues from PSA Peugeot Citroen embodied in the new Citroen, presented at the international exhibition of 2016. On the Russian market, the one-volume tower has been sold since 2017. Attractive look devoid of bulkiness. On the back side are built neat lights on a huge trunk lid.

where all models of minivans are produced

The ground clearance of the car is 175 mm, which makes it well-traveled in country roads. The three-row cabin is equipped with a 550-liter boot, and with folding seats it increases to 4,200 liters. At 1.6 liter of the engine on petrol power is 116 liters. with. Aggregated by mechanics with 5 steps or a robot with six. The result - 1 919 000 rubles.

Volkswagen Multivan

The basis for the fourth generation Multivan became the "sixth" Transporter. As a result, the car turned out premium class with the best features of predecessors, representing the flagship line. The second row has separate seats for both passengers, and the third is presented in the form of a sofa.

how to find all models of minivans

Power plants on petrol and diesel turbocharged with a capacity of up to 180 and 204 liters. with. respectively. The transmission is a seven-step robot with a pair of DSG clutches or 6- and 5-speed manual gearboxes. New prices for it in Russia amount to 2 387 000 rubles.

Mazda 5

In 2017, the fourth generation of the "five" appeared. She became less voracious and easier. Also, in addition to design, the Mazda, improved aerodynamic properties. Seventeen inch discs gave the model a sporty appearance. The clearance was 130 mm, which is optimal for high-quality urban roads.

what prices have all models of minivans

The salon consists of three rows and is equipped with the Karakuri system, due to which you can modify the internal space in a matter of seconds. Multifunction equipped with a cruise control system. The cost for cars a little more than 1 400 000 rubles.

Peugeot 5008

The French company has only one 5008 minivan in its arsenal. The second generation was presented at the exhibition in 2016. It is equipped with gasoline or diesel engines with a maximum power of 165 and 163 hp, respectively.

Where to buy minivans in Russia

The transmission is six-speed both robotic and automatic and mechanical. The latter is a five-speed. In the mixed mode, 5-7 liters of gasoline or 4-6 liters of diesel are spent, depending on the volume of the engine. In Europe, cars offer for 27 300 euros, which corresponds to approximately 1 900 000 rubles.

Lada Largus

In the family of the domestic manufacturer there is a model of a compact minivan. Its distinguishing characteristics are:

  • good noise insulation;
  • unusual location of the sound button;
  • poor visibility of the right mirror;
  • the reserve hidden deep under the bottom reducing clearance.

how to choose minivans in Russia

The seven-seater model has a reinforced suspension, unlike five-seater copies. With the seats folded, the luggage compartment rises to 2350 liters. The power plant has 1.6 liters of volume and produces 84 liters. with. In the maximum configuration cost 632,000 rubles.

SsangYong Stavic

Official sales of the famous minivan from the Korean company did not last too long, since the financial crisis did not allow the market to expand. Stake is renowned for its spacious, functional and roomy interior, allowing for multiple transformations. You can even build three full beds.

what minivans sell in Russia

The second generation Stavic has a two-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 149 liters under the hood. with. The same motor is used on Aktionah. Almost all family minibuses of all brands have an automatic transmission in their row, which is also characteristic of SsangYong. It is aggregated by a five-speed automatic or six-speed mechanics. Standard equipment includes only rear-wheel drive. The machine will cost an average of 1,340,000 rubles.

Volkswagen Touran 3

In the near future, the third generation of the German Touran is expected in the showrooms. It recognizes the features of the status Passat. Compared with the second model, it has become a little taller and wider. Clearance was 145 mm. In the cabin there are almost fifty of all kinds of containers, where you can hide various little things.

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how much are minivans in Russia

The TSI engine with 1.8 liters produces 180 liters. with., and the base turbocharged diesel with a double turbine is capable of producing 190 liters. with. In a set 6 steps of mechanics or 6 and 7 step "robots" are applied.

Ford Galaxy

The product of the American automobile industry is produced in the fourth generation. European manufacturers have already managed to evaluate it, and the supply to the Russian market is still expected in the near future. LED lights and elegant appearance emphasize the dynamic image of a four-wheeled horse.

where to download the range of minivans

The modern image hides under cover of 240 "horses" with a two-liter volume of a gasoline engine. There is also a diesel turbocharged "dvushka", drawn by 210 "horses." In the mixed mode, the engines consume 6.5-7.9 liters, and the maximum power will be 222 km / h. Transmission - six-speed both automatic and manual. For Europeans, cars are available for 32,800 euros, which is about 2.3 million rubles.

Renault Espace

French engineers in the fifth generation Espace installed the most modern filling. The design recognizes lightweight aircraft features, as the exterior was engaged in the company developing the exterior for Airbus. Also, the aerodynamic index was Cdx - 0.3, which is quite good for large cars.

how to find a range of minivans

The ground clearance increased to 160 mm in comparison with previous generations, where it did not exceed 12 cm. This was facilitated by the ability to install disks in the range of 17-20 inches. Buyers can choose both five-seater and seven-seater copies with a full third row.

In the car put 4-cylinder petrol power plants, with a capacity of 130 liters. with. and a volume of 1.6 liters. The forced version gives 160 l. with. The car goes to those who pay 38 thousand euros or 2.7 million rubles.

Seat Alhambra

Considering for purchase family vans of all brands, you should pay attention to the Spanish car. Appearance has no noticeable delights, but the car has all the features of a good European cars.

what minivans are sold in Russia

Alhambra is designed to carry 5 passengers in the basic configuration, but optionally 6-seat and 7-seat models are available to customers. Engineers have developed a proprietary system for folding Easy Entry seats. Under the hood is hidden dvuhsotsilny gasoline unit of 2.0 liters. Transmission - DSG with two clutches and 6th steps. In mixed mode consumes 7.2 liters.

Hyundai H-1

The restyled family car of the South Korean assembly was transformed not only internally but also externally. The car received 190 mm ground clearance, a six-speed box and an updated comfortable lounge with a modern climate control unit.

It is possible to provide comfort at the same time to 8 passengers who will be able to stay on three rows of seats. Engineers have developed a four-row four in 2.5 liters, consuming gasoline. As a result, it gives 116 liters. with. and speeding at 154 km / h. It is also possible to choose a diesel version with the same volume, but 170 liters. with. and accelerates to 180 km / h.

look like family minibuses of all brands

For the Russian market, dealers offer three configuration options:

  • Comfort D;
  • Active;
  • Business.

The cost of the model is about 1 940 000 million rubles. for the basic version. 2.1 million will have to pay for the enhanced "Active" with 170 liters. with.

Opel Combo

"Workhorse" has long been produced in European factories. For her practicality, she managed to get many specialized awards at prestigious exhibitions. Memetsky designers updated the bumper grille and the shape of the bumpers themselves, while lighting and mirrors remained the same. The original solution was an asymmetrical fifth door.

what are the minivans of all brands

Passenger versions are equipped with high panoramic windows and three rows of seats. An economical turbocharged diesel engine of 1.3 liters produces 90 hp, and a 1.4 liter gasoline engine produces 95 hp. The two-liter diesel CDTi has a capacity of 135 liters. with.