Rating the best small car


The need for efficient cars is clear to everyone, since not everyone can afford to spend 15 to 20 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. The choice in favor of small car is also due to their compact size, maneuverability and adaptability to close traffic, small streets and the eternal problem of a big city with parking spaces.

rating of small cars

The best small cars

Потому многие задумываются над тем, какую малолитражку лучше купить. Автопроизводители активно развивают сегмент компактных экономичных машин, предлагая выбрать разнообразные модели малолитражек. Но какая среди них самая лучшая, однозначно сказать сложно.Читать далее о рейтинге лучших малолитражек-->

We tried to collect the best small cars, making a kind of top cars with the lowest fuel consumption. But, in addition to the economy of small cars, the selection took place according to reliability, build quality, equipment, level of comfort and cost of operating the car.

Rating Representatives

In the understanding of a potential buyer, a really good car must be reliable, reasonably nice for men and women, solidly assembled and well organized inside. A person should feel comfortable and safe while driving. Because the best compact car does not just consume a minimum of fuel, but provides all the necessary conditions that you expect from any car, regardless of its size.

Choosing cars that will be included in the rating of small cars, we tried to make the choice as objective as possible, based on reliability, quality and even external characteristics. Therefore, the representatives of the following automakers were in the top "The best subcompacts":

  • Peugeot;
  • Opel;
  • Renault;
  • Citroen;
  • Audi;
  • Skoda;
  • Mazda;
  • Ford;
  • Volkswagen;
  • That;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Toyota;

Companies are more than famous in the market. It is their models that can be considered the best small cars. Now we will find out which cars we are talking about.


subcompact car peugeot 208

Peugeot 208 - very compact subcompact car

Many will be able to quickly answer which brand is associated with compact city cars. This is a peugeot. Yes, the French manufacturer has large sedans and even crossovers, but for some reason, compact cars are of the greatest interest.

Therefore, it is not surprising that their hatchback 208 entered the top of the small car. The car is stylish, interesting, richly equipped. Inside, everything is organized at the highest level; there are no complaints about the quality of finishing and assembly.

Choosing a 208 model, you get the opportunity to choose between several power units of different volume and power. The most interesting is considered a diesel 1.6-liter BlueHDi engine. LED optics, 6 airbags, cruise control make the car a worthy candidate for the title of the best small car.


minicar opel corsa

The compact car opel corsa created a sensation

If it were not for the fourth generation, the car would hardly have got into this top. But the emergence of the fourth generation caused a sensation, the car from the company Opel was incredibly popular.

The company really tried, and in some places overdid it. Configuration options and engines so much that it is difficult to choose. For example, there is an excellent engine for 1.0 liter with 113 hp, which, with its small volume, produces impressive dynamics.

Modern technology, rich equipment, a variety of options, a good level of security. That is a stylish, relevant compact car that tries to keep up with the times. And she does it.


renault sandero

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An interesting and fairly inexpensive car from the French automaker Renault, which deserves to get to our top.

The choice in his favor is due to availability. Not everyone can afford an expensive little car. Sandero does not offer a huge selection of equipment, stylish solutions or fashionable bells and whistles. Everything is practical, concise, clear and simple in places.

Large windows, an ergonomic, thoughtful interior and a 320-liter boot are weighty arguments to include Sandero in our rating.


The citroen ds3 is the carrier

Stylish and original car citroen ds3

Incredibly stylish and original car performed by the French company again, but this time Citroen.

The machine is quite expensive, but this is due to the build quality, the materials used, the original design, the rich equipment and much more. Rear passengers will be cramped, but the trunk was spacious enough.

Positioning as a city car, the DS3 has the makings of a sports car. After all, with a volume of 1.6 liters, the turbocharged engine produces 150 horsepower. The car feels great in the city, on the highway, and even confidently moves on snow-covered roads.


Audi A1

Compact Audi A1

Almost everyone dreams of choosing Audi. This is the leading automaker, in quality, reliability and safety of cars which you are always sure.

Men and women will be able to feel equally confident behind the wheel of the compact Audi A1. This is a premium car that not only offers a trendy 4-ring label, but also provides everything you need inside and out. Economical modern engines, great layout, thoughtful design, competent interior. The car is available in versions with 3 and 5 doors, which adds to the practicality of the car.


Skeletal Skoda Fabia

Czech representative of small car

Practical and reliable Czech representative of our ranking, who rightly deserved to get here.

The car may not have the same attractive appearance as many competitors, but Skoda fans highly appreciated the efforts of the designers. Auto created for practical people who want to get from a small hatchback maximum internal space. These are the benefits that gives Fabia.

The car is comfortable, spacious, he has incredibly well used literally every inch of internal space. Externally, the car seems much smaller than it actually is.

Mazda 2

Grain juice-2

This car must be bought without thinking

The company Mazda did not bother about the names, but simply made wonderful cars, made in the general style. These are the Mazda 2, 3 and 6.

The Mazda 2 hatchback, which has a stunning appearance and modern interesting stuffing, got into our rating. Dynamic engines, a rich list of additional options, technical innovations and useful solutions make this car one of the most desirable in its category.

This is the car that is often bought without much thought, just to see its external data. But this approach does not make you disappointed later, since the newest SkyActive series engines, multimedia complexes, excellent finishes, and a comfortable lounge fully justify the Mazda 2’s not the highest price.


ford fiesta

Ford Fiesta global sales leader

One of the leaders in sales worldwide from Ford. Exemplary small car, which should be guided by many companies.

The American manufacturer Ford offers the Fiesta a large range of options, a variety of configuration options and even a super version of the ST with a sporty appearance and relevant technical characteristics.

In the normal position of the rear seats, the trunk volume is 276 liters, and if you fold them, you will get 960 liters. Machine with advanced security features.


minicar Volkswagen Polo

Minicar from the company Volkswagen best solution for car owners

If anyone can impose competition on the Fiesta in the number of sales, then perhaps the creation of the company Volkswagen. The Polo car has recently been updated and has become even more attractive for those who are looking for the best small car.

Almost the best solution based on practicality, safety, build quality and cost. Yes, Volkswagen often inflates prices for their cars. In the situation with the Polo, everything is not so bad, the car is really worth its money.

If you find something better, be sure to tell about it in the comments. Yes, there is not a trendy appearance. But the car is universal, suitable for drivers of any gender and age. In this case, Polo is not devoid of frills and attractiveness. If you are a Volkswagen fan, this car will be the perfect choice for you.


Fast to skateboarding

Компактная Fast to skateboarding

Compact compact car from the company Skoda, which has always created the most practical, popular and affordable cars. This is a simplified version of Volkswagen. Although Skoda has recently become more expensive, the increase in prices is fully justified by the quality.

In general, Rapid is somewhere between classes C and B, because the car still got into our rating.

Technological and economical engines, excellent assembly, decent equipment, comfortable interior and practicality make the Rapid one of the best cars in its segment. But if appearance is important to you, modern design solutions and the ability to stand out, Skoda is not for you.


kia rio

Korean compact car beats sales records

Korean brand is becoming more popular in Russia. It is not surprising, because these are modern, technically superbly equipped cars with attractive designs and wide possibilities.

Rio sells well, costs a little, has a safety margin, a reliable and durable body. Auto perfectly fits the Russian conditions of operation, and therefore demonstrates such high levels of sales.

Some call prices from 500 thousand rubles high for such a machine. But the car is fully justified, since it serves for a long time and reliably, ahead of most competitors in this indicator.


малолетка шавроле aveo

Practical and modern compact car

A relatively affordable compact car by Chevrolet.

After the update, the machine received a more interesting and attractive appearance, modern filling and good technical characteristics.

Cars can be called simple, but practical, comfortable and intuitive. A good option for the first car. Although the price tag of 550 thousand for the basic package looks for many expensive.


toyota yaris to maloline

Модная, современная toyota yaris to maloline

According to the external characteristics, the new generation of Yaris from Toyota has significantly surpassed its predecessor. The car is fashionable, modern and incredibly interesting.

This is not to say that this is a clear candidate for leadership. But the car looks decent against the background of competitors and is worth the traditional not so little, because this is Toyota.

We can say that the car is more focused on the female audience. Although men like this compact car may like.


suzuki swift car

Swift model from Suzuki

The fourth generation of the Swift model from Suzuki has changed noticeably against the background of its predecessor. Rounded shapes, external styling, somewhat reminiscent of the Mazda 2 and Mini Cooper in one bottle, made Swift a worthy representative of the small car segment.

Modern frisky and economical engines, excellent equipment, a comfortable interior, a good luggage compartment and an attractive price allow Suzuki to feel confidently among competitors. Sales of previous generations of Swift prove not by chance the popularity of the model.


to malolite

Ibiza minicar with dynamic design

Stylish, modern, dynamic design, combined with excellent build and decent technical characteristics, make the Seat one of the most attractive cars in the small car segment in 2017.

This is the fifth generation of the model, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Audi A1, but still does not look like a copy, offering its unique and very attractive appearance. Feels hand Volkswagen.

The car is great in all respects. But the problem is that the Seat brand has not been sold in Russia since 2015. Therefore, Ibiza is hardly worth the wait.

Minicar are an important part of the automotive market. Especially at the present time, when people need compact and most efficient cars.

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