Rating the best used cars up to 700 thousand rubles


The budget of 700 thousand rubles allows you to purchase a car from the salon. But it will be the most budget models or very simple complete sets of higher classes of machines. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the proposals of the secondary market. The main options here will be 3-year-old cars of the middle class. Buying for such money an old car, albeit of a high class, does not make sense, because over time, even expensive and high-quality parts will wear out. But the repair will cost a round sum. Plus, the engine can be worn out and, as a result, gas mileage is increased.

used cars for 700

Rating of cars with mileage of 700 thousand rubles

Further in the ranking are the best used cars up to 700 thousand rubles, which can be purchased in 2017.

Nissan Terrano, 2015

nissan terrano 2015

Japanese crossover Nissan Terrano

The best used car in the secondary market in the above price category is the Japanese Nissan Terrano crossover. You can purchase model 2014 - 2015 release. This can be done both from private owners and in car dealerships engaged in the sale of used cars delivered under the trade-in program. The car dealership, most likely, will even give a guarantee for 1 - 2 years.

For 700 thousand rubles, you can buy all-wheel drive version with a capacity of 135 liters. with. Mileage is usually in the range of 40 - 70 thousand km. In the configuration will be air conditioning, navigation system, heated seats. Car with alarm, often offered a set of winter tires.

Nissan Terrano is a stylish, roomy car that can be used both in the city and on trips into the countryside. Equipped with modern security systems, electronic assistants while driving. The car has a roomy trunk and folding rear seats. Basically, for an amount of up to 700 thousand cars with manual transmission are offered, but you can find it with a gun. Nissan Terrano has the inherent Japanese quality and reliability, such a car will serve with careful handling for many more years.

Mitsubishi ASX, 2014

2014 mitsubishi ASX

Japanese Mitsubishi ASX crossover

The second place among used cars is another Japanese crossover Mitsubishi ASX. This is a very stylish and powerful model, but it is almost impossible to find it from private traders. Usually they are offered by Moscow auto shows. But there is a plus. The salon gives a guarantee for technical condition, and for at least two years you will protect yourself from unpleasant surprises. The main danger when buying such a fairly new model is the risk that they have been in an accident. Therefore, be careful and best of all independently conduct a vehicle check, not trusting the words of sellers.

At a price of 650 thousand you can buy a good complete set with a 1.8-liter engine capacity of 140 liters. with. The drive will be either front or full, manual transmission, automatic or CVT. Less powerful options are sometimes sold even cheaper than 600 thousand.

Toyota Corolla, 2014

2014 toyota Corolla

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In third place is a very good and reliable car Toyota Corolla. In 2014, models of the Japanese assembly were still met, but, most likely, you will be offered our domestic version. According to the company Toyota itself, the requirements for Russian production are the same as for Japan. With appropriate quality control. This car is compact, but pretty smart, and, most importantly, economical. Gasoline consumption in the city, even in the 3 - 5 year old car does not exceed 9 - 10 liters per 100 km. And on the highway it may even be 6 - 7 liters. Like all Japanese, Toyota Corolla is well equipped with electronics and has a very comfortable interior, though not quite spacious.

At a price of 650 - 690 thousand rubles sold mainly model with mechanics. But sometimes there is an automatic or variator. Mileage, as a rule, does not exceed 60 - 70 thousand km. Car power up to 122 liters. with., in the configuration with air conditioning, audio system, fog lights, heated seats. Sold in salons, and from individuals. Moreover, private traders can find offers with a very attractive price, about 500 thousand. But in this case, you need to check the technical condition of the car, and analyze the documents.

Mitsubishi Lancer, 2014

2014 Mitsubishi lancer sedan

Reliable Japanese car of medium size

The new Mitsubishi Lancer is not officially shipped to Russia yet, but a 2–3-year-old car may well be purchased in the salon or from private owners. This is a reliable Japanese passenger car of medium size, has good technical characteristics. Engine power can reach 150 liters. with. On sale a lot of complete sets with both mechanics and automatic transmission. Mileage usually does not exceed 50 thousand km., Year of release 2014 - 2015. In the named budget, you can choose options with the most complete set. The average price for a model is about 600 thousand rubles.

Citroen C4, 2014

2014 citroen c4 picasso

The representative of the French car industry

Many car owners are suspicious of French brands. But Citroen C4 qualitatively stands out among all. This is a representative sedan of stylish and elegant design. The salon is very spacious and has modern equipment. Ergonomic chairs allow you to comfortably make long trips or stand idle in urban traffic. Most likely, for an amount of up to 700 thousand, you will be able to purchase the 2014 - 2015 model of a very good modification. There are options with automatic 6-speed gearbox and engine capacity up to 150 liters. with. There are cars with a mileage of less than 30 thousand, then their value is close to the upper limit of the budget. On average, cars with mileage of up to 100 thousand km are offered, their cost is about 600 - 520 thousand rubles. Sometimes there are also offers for 400 thousand, but in this case it is worth more attentive to the technical condition of the car, documents and the seller himself.

Opel Mokka, 2014

opel mokka 2014

Compact all-wheel drive crossover

The Opel Mokka is a compact crossover, first introduced in 2012. Has a front-wheel drive or full in more serious trim levels. The machine is small in size, but the interior space is very efficiently organized. Sophisticated storage system and folding rear seat backs make the Mokka a car for universal use. It is quite stylish and dynamic for people with aggressive driving style, but it can also be a great family car.

In the secondary market, you can find good equipment with an on-board computer, cruise control, air conditioning, an audio system and safety and comfort features. Engine power reaches 140 liters. With., and the volume of up to 1.8 liters., More often offers with a manual. Such a machine will cost an average of 670 thousand rubles with a run of 70–90 thousand km.

Chevrolet Cruze, 2014

Chevrolet range in 2014

Chevrolet Cruze - Representative of America

Chevrolet Cruze is the first American in the rating of budget cars recommended for purchase. American cars, even in the new state, are not distinguished by economical fuel consumption, and over the years they become more voracious. But the Chevrolet Cruze is one of the most successful models in this regard. At the same time it is quite powerful and spacious.

On sale there are options with an engine capacity of up to 141 liters. with. with manual or automatic transmission. Mileage is usually up to 100 thousand kilometers. A complete set is complete, there is air conditioning, safety and comfort systems, heated seats, multimedia system, control unit on the steering wheel, on-board computer and parking sensors. Price on average is in the range of 500 - 550 thousand. Sometimes in car dealerships there are interesting offers with very low mileage.

Skoda Octavia, 2014

skoda octavia 2014

Skoda Octavia is a very popular car in Russia.

This Skoda car is assembled at the Russian plant in Kaluga, like some Volkswagen models. According to some reviews, they often have problems with the engine. Therefore, when buying, you need to carefully consider the condition of the motor, checking it in the service that you trust. Skoda Octavia is a very popular car in Russia. It is reliable, spacious and relatively inexpensive. Repair and maintenance of its low-cost. Maximum configuration is well equipped with electronic systems, and the budget is quite simple.

On average, for 650 thousand rubles you can buy a very good modification. It will be a powerful car with an engine of 180 liters. with., automatic transmission with 7-speed and high-quality speaker system. The seats can be adjusted in height, the steering wheel is also adjustable, there is climate control with two seasonal modes, electric mirrors and many other functions. And the modifications are simpler and do sell for about 550 thousand. The mileage is about 70 - 90 thousand, but dealers meet practically new cars.

Volkswagen Jetta, 2014

2014 volkswagen jetta

The compact sedan is the only representative of the Volkswagen brand in our ranking.

The compact sedan is the only representative of the Volkswagen brand in the auto rating at a price of up to 700,000 rubles, which are in a used condition, but not older than 3 years. All other models are much more expensive. This good car for the city may well become a family car. It is economical and reliable, looks solid, suitable for both men and women drivers.

For 700,000 rubles, you can find a model with a gun with a capacity of up to 122 liters. with., in a fairly good configuration. There will be the main automatic systems for driving assistance, alarm system, radio, air conditioning, heated seats and mirrors, parking sensors, rain sensor and many other useful functions. Mileage is usually 70 - 100 thousand km., But many proposals and with a value in the region of 50 thousand. Of course, it is better to take a car that was not used too intensively, but at the same time, remember that a long simple downtime is also not good for the car.

Volkswagen Passat, 2012

2012 vw passat

Volkswagen Passat keeps the brand well and is recommended for purchase with a budget of 700 thousand rubles

The rating is completed by one of the best models of the Volkswagen brand, but the age of the car available at the stated price limits will be about 5 years. For the German car is not so critical, they can last for 15 years with careful use. On the roads, the Passats of the early nineties of the last century are still sometimes encountered. Now the quality of production is declining, the machines are no longer designed for such a long service. But the Volkswagen Passat keeps the brand well and is recommended for purchase with a budget of 700 thousand rubles.

It is rather strange that 5-year-old used cars are offered with a stated mileage of less than 100 thousand. It is likely that the owners or sellers have tried to ensure that the numbers on the scoreboard were within attractive limits. Therefore, choosing a car for yourself, try to exclude options with such values. At a price of 650 - 700 thousand, you can buy the most complete modification of the German assembly with a capacity of 152 liters. with. with automatic transmission. The easier option can be purchased for about 600 thousand rubles.

These are the best used cars that can be purchased for 700 thousand rubles. In addition to the latter model, the age of all participants does not exceed three years. This car is a low level of wear, good brands, almost in full trim. New cars of the same models are much more expensive, especially in advanced equipment. You can purchase such cars in the same showrooms as new ones. At the same time get a certain guarantee. If you buy from a private trader, then you can bargain for a more interesting price. In the stated budget fit very decent and reliable cars that can last for many more years.