Top 10 best pickups of the world for russia

Increasingly, on the roads of Russia, you can see pickups - comfortable cars designed for carrying and towing loads. If you want to buy a car of this class, but you can not stop at any one, the rating of the Top 10 best pickups in the world for Russia will allow you to choose the best.


  • Pickup Rating: Top Ten
    • 1. Toyota HiLux
    • 2. Toyota Tundra
    • 3. Mitsubishi L200
    • 4. Nissan Navara
    • 5. Volkswagen Amarok
    • 6. Ford Ranger
    • 7. Ford F-150
    • 8.  SsangYong Actyon Sports
    • 9. GMC Sierra 1500
    • 10. UAZ Pickup
  • The most reliable pickups in the world
  • Value for money on pickups for Russia

Pickup Rating: Top Ten

Presented cars have become real leaders in the automotive industry. That is why many motorists prefer these brands. Rating of cars of the world in terms of terrain and technical characteristics will allow you to choose an SUV like.

1. Toyota HiLux

Japanese pickup Toyota HiLux is one of the world famous brands among mid-size cars. Reliable, comfortable and economical pickup has a powerful engine, and it is a pleasure to drive it on the impassable roads of Russia. In 2016, a new version of the 8th generation car was released. It has a modern look, 3 types of cab.

The interior is also changed. The number of settings in the driver's seat increased, lateral support appeared. The center console is equipped with a modern multimedia system. The interior uses high quality materials: leather, plastic, metal inserts.


The most reliable pickups in the world

In 2015, two cars of Japanese manufacturers Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi L200 were included in the rating of pickups in the world in terms of reliability. They have a more powerful body, which gives them the opportunity to carry a large amount of cargo and cope with high loads. At the same time high quality of iron prevents frequent breakdowns.

If we compare these two pickups in terms of reliability among themselves, then:

  • Mitsubishi L200 was originally intended for outdoor activities on the road, and therefore has excellent permeability on any roads. The model has high reliability rates due to the body mounted on the spar frame.
  • Toyota Hilux also has enough stamina and reliability. But significantly inferior to the Mitsubishi L200 in patency.

The following rating will help you to choose the best pickup for terrain, reliability, and the ratio of price and quality of which will match.

Value for money on pickups for Russia

Choose a quality and affordable car, will help the rating of the best pickups in the world in terms of price-quality ratio. It includes:

  • UAZ Pickup is the cheapest among the SUVs presented. However, in all terrain, it is not inferior to most foreign models. It is necessary only to add comfort, and it will make a worthy competition.
  • Despite the fact that the Toyota Hilux is inferior in cross-country to many SUVs, the car is among the most expensive in the world.
  • Price Mitsubishi L200 is slightly inferior to the Toyota Hilux, but it is more passable and reliable.

After analyzing the reliability rating, price-quality ratio, you just have to choose the best pick-up in the world, designed for roads in Russia.