Infiniti q50 with a new turbocharged v6 engine

If to compare with competitors, then Infiniti is the most profitable purchase, because the new Q50 now has 405 liters. with. power. And the price of the new Infiniti is only 3,000,000 rubles. Among the competitors - charged Jaguar XE, Mercedes-AMG C 43, BMW 340i. In addition, Infiniti has all-wheel drive and smart electronic controls.

Infiniti Q50 photo


Previously, there was an atmospheric V6 engine with a volume of 3.7 liters, it was installed on the Infiniti G-series. That is how the Q50 was previously called. Instead of a proven engine, they will now install a new turbocharged VR30DDTT engine, which already uses modern technology. The engine has 6 cylinders, 60 degree camber block, the volume is now equal to 3 liters, and direct injection. There are also 2 turbochargers, intercoolers and electrically operated relief valves.

To reduce friction losses, engineers installed exhaust manifolds in the cylinder heads. Even the weight of the motor was less than the weight of its predecessor by 14 kg. Many consider this engine to be similar to the powerful bit-turbo VR38DETT from the Nissan GT-R, but in fact, the old and proven VG30DET engine, which was installed in the Nissan 300ZX, was taken as the basis for the Infiniti engine.

Infiniti Q50 engine

In addition, the new motor VR30DDTT is made of aluminum and uses plasma spraying on the walls of the cylinders. Its weight is 220.6 kg. For the American market, this engine in the Infiniti Q50 was deformed to 300 liters. with. In the same top version with a capacity of 405 liters. with. 2 pumps are installed in the cooling system, there is also more boost pressure and there is an optical sensor for counting the number of revolutions of the turbine, which can spin up to 240,000 rpm.

But the sonorous sound of the atmospheric engine has already disappeared, because here there are turbines that muffle the sound. This engine runs on 98th gasoline, and it is worth lightly pressing the gas pedal as the car takes off. Up to a hundred on the passport, the car accelerates in 5.4 seconds. Feels like the car accelerates clearly faster, you can feel the sport drive. But the Mercedes C 43 with a 3-liter V6, whose power is 367 liters. with. more torque by 45 Nm., so it accelerates faster.

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infiniti q50 2017 salon

If you go to Infiniti calmly, then you can invest in the consumption of 10 liters per 100 km. The suspension has been modified, so now the Infiniti Q50 rides more nobly on irregularities, the insulation is also at a high level. Also in the car are now adaptive shock absorbers, which, if desired, can be switched to the sport mode and they will become more rigid, but the car will enter the turns almost without any heels.


Now in the new Q50 already in the basic configuration is steering without a mechanical connection with the wheels. That is, control by wire. It was not so simple here, for the first time such control appeared in 2013 on the Q50, and the electronic control was installed only on top versions. But during the use of such management there were a lot of revocable campaigns. There were cases that during a hard frost the car could become uncontrollable for some time. But the engineers made some improvements, after which the system became known as Direct Adaptive Steering 2.

Infiniti Q50 management

There are 3 control units in it, there is an electric motor that imitates steering effort. If electronics fails, for this case, we put a cam clutch in the steering shaft, which will be triggered in emergency cases. Also, the software has been rewritten, now the system should work more reliably and predictably.

The very first electronic steering system was developed jointly by Nissan and Kayaba (KYB) from Japan. If there are breakdowns, then any of the 3 blocks can be backed up. On the rail there are 2 electric motors instead of one, as is usually the case. These motors transmit their force through a worm gear, the design of which is quite reliable.

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infiniti q50 steering

If you go quietly, without creating extreme situations, then the control is quite normal. But still this system leaves much to be desired. For example, if you turn the steering wheel in one direction, then you can see that the steering wheel has reached the extreme position, and the wheels are spinning up a bit, this means that there is still a small loss of time, a split second. It's like a mouse, a wireless mouse always thinks a bit longer than a wired one. If the steering wheel is still further with an effort to turn, then it will be able to further scroll about a quarter of a turn, but the wheels will not turn further.

Infiniti Q50 salon

There are buttons with which you can choose the force on the steering wheel, there are also buttons with which you can customize the response to the steering wheel. If you turn on "Fast +", then the reaction to the movement of the wheel will be very fast.

If you drive more actively, then there is not enough direct connection between the steering wheel and wheels. But you can get used to this system, in general, a normal topic. If you turn on "Fast +", then the car can go into an arc in 2 steps, very similar to cars with thruster back wheels. On the ice, the steering wheel spins equally regardless of the settings.

Q50 dashboard

Four-wheel drive

If you drive with a slip, then it will not work for a long time. First you need to turn off the ESP system, then you can feel the joy of drift on a full drive. The traction will become more powerful, but if the wheels slip for a long time, then the axle clutch, which is located in the drive of the front wheels, will overheat. To overheat it is enough to slip 20 seconds. After it overheats, the car will become rear-wheel drive. To cool the clutch will take 10 minutes. But on the rear wheel drive drift is more interesting, so there is no cause for concern.

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Infiniti Q50 test drive

In general, the Q50 is a rather heavy car - 1860 kg, when compared with competitors. For example, cars such as the BMW 340i with a capacity of 326 liters. with. and the Mercedes C43 AMG weighs 1610 kg., and accelerates faster to 100 km / h in 4.9 and 4.7 seconds. If you compare cars not only in terms of dynamics, but in terms of price and power, then the Infiniti Q50 has a clear advantage. The price for the BMW 340i is 2,800,000 rubles, and for the Mercedes S43 AMG - 3,500,000 rubles. And if you order cars for your options, the price may become even more expensive.

Infiniti costs 3,000,000 rubles, its capacity is 405 liters. with. that 80 l. with. more than the BMW. But what's the point of power, if acceleration to a hundred is still less. Despite this, Infiniti has a lot of fans and this car is still in demand, especially since it is a Japanese car, and as you know it is more reliable than the German one lately.

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