Uaz loaf (diesel) - an economical suv

People's all-terrain vehicle UAZ Loaf (Tablet) has become popular due to its technical and driving performance. Reliable time-tested car has become the best in its class for fans of fishing, hunting, residents of villages, villages and hard-to-reach places. But besides the petrol version of the model, there is also a UAZ Loaf diesel, which is distinguished by its economy and an excellent burden.

uaz loaf diesel

Power units that were mass-produced for the UAZ Loaf were exclusively gasoline, but for the military, diesel versions of the popular all-terrain vehicle were also available by special state order.

Many craftsmen have found a way out, replacing the native gasoline engine UAZ with a similar-sized diesel unit from other manufacturers. Not every diesel in the UAZ Loaf will be able to come up, and now we will look at the list of available power units for replacement.

Available and tested diesel engines for UAZ Loaf (UAZ 452)

1. The first in the list is a diesel unit from Ford, namely the Siera model with a volume of 2.4 liters, which was produced from 1984 to 1990. And the second model - Ford Scorpio with a volume of 2.5 liters, which was produced from 1984 to 1990. By the way, the engines from American car brands serve very well and for a long time. Both diesel engines are ideal for replacing the native gasoline from UAZ Loaf. It will not be difficult to fit these engines, both for experienced craftsmen and folk craftsmen.

2. The second brand of cars, diesel engines which are widely used in the UAZ Loaf - diesel engines from Mercedes. Power units with a volume of 2 and 2.4 liters, which were produced from 1980 to 1984. It is worth noting that the price of a UAZ Loaf with a diesel engine from Mercedes remains one of the highest in the line.

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diesel on the uaz loaf

It is also necessary to take into account the following nuance - in all diesel engines of the Mercedes brand, the oil filter is located extremely impractical and unsafe, namely, at the very bottom of the engine, just towards movement. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to install additional protection on the engine, otherwise there is a high risk when driving over a hole or bump to damage the oil filter directly.

3. The famous Isuzu model, namely the 4JG2 diesel engine series, has become very popular for the UAZ Loaf. Engine capacity is an impressive 3.1 liters with trubonaduvom. But this type of motor remains inaccessible because of its rarity, since there were not that many such cars sold all the time.

4. And closes our list, time-tested and the most severe weather conditions, the power unit from Toyota. Installing a diesel engine on the UAZ Loaf with a volume of 2.4 liters from the Xic 2L model is especially popular. Excellent technical characteristics, availability and reliability distinguish this unit from other competitors. It is for these reasons, we will focus on the engine from Toyota in more detail.

Installing a diesel engine on the UAZ Loaf

In order to perform a precise and correct fit of the diesel engine in place of the gasoline UAZ Loaf, a special adapter is required. This device is designed to connect the clutch directly to the gearbox.

The remaining units of the car, for example, the transmission, no need to modify. It will be necessary to make some changes in the work of the onboard electrics, as well as to improve the power system of the car.

Replacing a petrol engine with a UAZ 452 diesel (step-by-step process)

1. First of all, we will need to completely remove the gasoline engine, as well as cut the brackets with a grinder, in which place we will weld the new ones.

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uaz loaf diesel цена

2. After that, we post a new diesel engine on the hoist, where the brackets are already cut from the frame. Care should be taken to ensure that the ratchet of the diesel engine (bolt) is strictly directed into the hole in the crank handle, which is located in the frame.

installation of a diesel engine on a loose bowl

3. It is best to put pillows on the engine with a UAZ, which is much cheaper than the native ones from Toyota. But in this case they will need to be refined so that there is no unnecessary vibration. On the UAZ Loaf, diesel must be put without a head - so much easier.

new uaz loaf diesel Price

4. After we proceed to the reworking of the reception pipe and cut the pallet from the diesel engine of Toyota, as well as the bottom of the Volgovsky or Uazovskiy pallet and weld it together on the installed diesel. It is better to clean the seams and cold weld them.

5. UAZ Loaf diesel, the price of the motor from Toyota Xic 2L starts from 16 874 rubles. After installing the engine and crankcase engaged in fitting the clutch. To do this, you can take a universal Uazovskoe, which should fit us in 3 holes. All the rest 3 we will drill and cut the thread.

UAZ 452 diesel

6. Further, instead of the bearing directly under the primary shaft, we can turn a bronze bushing, but we should not drill our crankshaft under the bearing from UAZ.

7. It is best to buy 2 narrow bearings 35x17 and a thickness of 7 mm, and insert them into the U-shaped turned bushing one by one. After that we press in the calendar.

Some car enthusiasts UAZ Diesel loafers are advised to make noise isolation under the hood, as the diesel works much louder than the native gasoline engine. You also need to cut a little blade on the cooling fan, and make a fitting for oil sensors. That's all the improvements that need to be done.

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And finally, as a girl on a loaf rides - rzhach: