Lada vesta in two new versions went to dealers

Lada Vesta в двух новых версиях уехала к дилерам

AvtoVAZ engineers continue to "finish" the new domestic "chetyrehdverku", Lada Vesta received an improvement in safety and comfort. Updated versions in the "luxury" configuration have already been sent to dealers and are available for purchase. The first and main new option, which is designed to save the life of the driver and passengers in the event of a road accident - these are two additional airbegainstalled in the side of the front row of seats. In the case of a strong side impact, they will reduce the traumatic impact on the driver and passengers, according to engineers, twice. These pillows, recall, gets grade "Lux", basic build Vesta It remains with only two frontal pillows. Lada Vesta в двух новых версиях уехала к дилерам Second innovation for top assemblies Lada West - This is a modernized climate system. It automatically provides and maintains comfortable for the driver and passengers the temperature of the air inside the car. In addition, there is a functionality quickly clear the windows of the sedan from frosting or foggy. Lada Vesta в двух новых версиях уехала к дилерам By the way, statistics sales Lada Vesta It is in the top assemblies that is growing steadily. Perhaps that is why modernized, basically, just "luxury" sedans. Their cost, taking into account the latest updates, varies from 645 to 694 thousand rubles (the price is determined by the type of gearbox and additional options that the buyer chooses when making the order). Lada Vesta в двух новых версиях уехала к дилерам Besides complete "Suite", changes appeared in the assembly "Comfort": added the so-called optional Image package. This electric heated windshield, sixteen-inch "casting" and electric windows for the rear doors. There is such an assembly from 605 to 630 kilorubles (again, depending on the transmission).

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According to available information, the same new options will receive and Lada Vesta 1,8-литровым engine for 122 "horses". The most affordable Lada Vesta with the most powerful engine and manual gearbox in the line will cost 607 thousand wooden ones. If the buyer orders Vesta with a robotized transmission, the price will be 632 thousand rubles.