Tlc prado is no longer collected in russia

TLC Prado больше не собирают в России Production Toyota Land Cruiser SUV Prado, organized at our car factory Sollers, covered. The management of car assembly plants did not agree with the generals of the concern Toyota, the previous agreements on the assembly of Kruzak were canceled, the new ones were not signed. The reason for the termination of cooperation with the Japanese voiced economic unprofitability of this enterprise. That is, it’s not profitable to assemble Kruzaks in Russia today, but it’s more profitable to bring the finished one today ... As an alternative, the option of transferring Sollers’s plants from the practiced "screwdriver" assembly of a Japanese SUV to a full assembly was considered, but after calculations they decided how they decided: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado will be imported wholly. TLC Prado больше не собирают в России Whole production process by assembling prado in the Far Eastern sites, Sollers is completely stopped, workers are transferred to the line for the layout of Mazda cars. According to Sollers, the Mazda assembly line is 100% loaded. However, the leadership is looking for new partners who would be interested in the released capacities of the factories, because foreign cars of other brands could also be collected here.

By the way, since yesterday, our official Toyota dealers are already taking orders for restyled model Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. They will be delivered directly from the Land of the Rising Sun already in September of this year, that is, in just a couple of weeks. The price of the basic configuration Prado has not changed and is today two million rubles. Modifications more abruptly base have risen in price from 58 to 136 kiloruble.

Externally restyled land cruiser prado not much different from his older brother. The previous front xenon changed to LEDs, and that's probably the restyling concerning the design of the car. In addition to the modified optics, modifications restyled land cruiser Prado Got a more advanced set of available options. TLC Prado больше не собирают в России But the main product of restyling is hidden under the hood of an SUV. There is no longer a three-liter engine, a well-deserved "old man", who developed the power of 173 horsepower at a torque of 410 Nm. He was replaced by a 2.8-liter turbo-charged diesel (the same as in the Toyota Hilux), which is more powerful than its predecessor by four horsepower, and its torque is higher - 450 Nm.

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In a pair to a new iron heart Touta Lant Kruser Prado 2016 received a six-speed automatic transmission.