Vw sharan after restyling has become less "eat"

VW Sharan after restyling has become less German carmaker Volkswagen successfully completed restyling minivan Sharan. The whole motor line of this family car after additional refinement now meets the requirements of the Euro 6 environmental standard. The “trailer” Sharan got a richer basic set, and the list of additional options increased due to a clever multimedia system. Sell restyled Volkswagen Sharan will begin July 13 of this year.

External changes in design restyled Volkswagen Sharan almost invisible. This, judging by the restyling of cars of other brands, is already a “gentleman's set” of car designers: to alter the grille, modify the headlights and taillights, add a new color and, of course, update the rims - this is a classic restyling genre. Rare updated car stays with old wheels. Volkswagen Sharan lineup 2016 can be bought with a capacity of five, six and seven seats. VW Sharan after restyling has become less As already mentioned, the entire motor line restyled Volkswagen Sharan aligned with Euro 6. At the same time, the issue of profitability has improved, which can not but rejoice buyers. The 150-horsepower four-cylinder gasoline engine will now eat only 6.4 liters of fuel per hundred. It has a six-speed manual gearbox. The second 220-horsepower gasoline engine restyled Volkswagen Sharan will consume about eight liters at the same distance. And the three diesel engines included in the “trailer” motor line, capable of developing 115, 150 and 184 horsepower, lost even more appetite: a 150-horsepower diesel eats only five liters of diesel fuel over a hundred kilometer segment of asphalt. VW Sharan after restyling has become less Family car models should have an appropriate level of security. AT restyled Volkswagen Sharan This is taken into account. The basic equipment received a braking system after an accident and a service for tracking and analyzing road traffic, which not only warns of possible incidents, but also performs emergency braking. Now updated version of Sharan has cruise control. The handbrake will now control rollbacks from the slide in automatic mode, it has received electronic control. VW Sharan after restyling has become less Basic equipment restyled Volkswagen Sharan получила пятидюймовый монитор с "пальцевым" управлением, диагональ можно нарастить до 6,5 дюймов в более навороченных комплектациях. Минивэн теперь может синхронизировать свой мультимедийный центр со смартфоном владельца, программа Guide & Inform позволит получить полезную информацию о наличии парковочных мест и дешевых заправок. О цене на updated VW Sharan not yet reported.

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