Causes of buzzing power steering (gur)

If a newcomer is faced with the buzz of the power steering, then, of course, he often sends his car to the service immediately. But in fact, the cause of the buzz can be identified independently, and then already and eliminate it. 

There may be several reasons 

• the oil is in critical condition and needs to be replaced; • the hydraulic booster pump has failed; • the hydraulic steering rack has broken; • the drive belt is in poor condition.

The oil must be replaced at least once every six months. If this is not done in a timely manner, then it will simply lose its properties. You will find out later on this due to the appearance of a hum. If the oil has a cloudy color, it smells of burning dust, then it must be changed urgently! Choose the quality oil that is appropriate for your car brand.

The pump pumps the working fluid; if it becomes faulty, do not try to repair it - it is better to replace it. 

If the problem is in the steering rack, then it will have to be replaced or repaired. That's just not even in all of Moscow auto repair their repair. Easier to buy a new one. This rake fails usually due to the Russian climate - this is not surprising, the phenomenon is quite frequent. Salt on highways affects the rail - stuffing boxes with anthers can no longer fully function, therefore, the hydraulic booster will start to hum and leak.

Or maybe you should change the power steering belt, or at least pull up. So first check his condition, you can get rid of an unpleasant hum in minutes!

If from time to time you monitor the condition of the belt, replace the fluid in time, the power steering will be distinguished by reliability over the long term! And remember the simple rules of driving: do not hold the wheel of a car for more than ten seconds in the extreme left or right position. It is undesirable to leave the car in the parking lot with the wheels turned in either direction.

As you can see, immediately go to the salon does not make sense! There you can overpay for what you can eliminate yourself.