Adrenaline or comfort: comparison of subaru forester and


“Very different,” perhaps most motorists will answer this way if you ask them to compare the two running Japanese crossovers Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V. And this is hard to argue. Indeed, there are only three points that combine these two cars. First, they both densely sat down in a niche compact SUV. Secondly, both cars are manufactured by a Japanese company with a good reputation. And, thirdly, they are rallying the price range. Such intersections, despite external and technical differences, and give reason to compare these handsome men and find out who is better - Honda NRW or Subaru Forester. This will be discussed in our material.

Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V - worthy rivals from Japan

Subaru Forester and Honda CR-V - worthy rivals from Japan

Meet Japanese

First, briefly about the heroes of the publication.

Rest with comfort

Honda was born in 1995. On the purpose of the car already mentioned in the title. The prefix CR-V is an abbreviation of words that literally translate from English as "comfortable car for rest".

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Subaru Forester и Honda CR-V-->Самое новое, четвёртое поколение СРВ-шки, вышло в свет в 2012 году. Интересно, что до 2005 года в РФ новые модели не продавались, найти на рынке можно было лишь бэушные Хонды, пригнанные из Штатов и Европы.

The appearance of the car Honda CR-V

The average cost of a basic version of Honda NRW starts from 1.2 million rubles.

Rogue Forester

Subaru Forester also hails from the 90s (released in 1997). The car has an interesting name and it is not surprising that the people immediately dubbed him “Forester” or “Forester”.

This rogue also hints at his good running opportunities outside the city. In general, Hondovtsy managed to competently combine in this model the best qualities of both cars and jeep.

The third generation of Forester saw the light in 2008.

The appearance of the car Subaru Forester

For the price, as mentioned above, the Forester has something in common with his rival. The basic modern version - from 1.2 million rubles.

Three times more sales

Note that now SRV is sold almost three times better than Forester. Often this is due to the fact that Honda is considered a more prestigious brand. Yes, and loved her in Russia much earlier and here, as they say, a matter of habit.

Up and Down: Dilute Streams

But if to understand not from the reputational point of view, but in fact - Forester or SRV? That is the question. Manufacturers put a lot of effort so that these two models do not overlap. Even the engines they thrust conceptually different. And if one motor is transverse, then the other has a longitudinal one. But both brands are popular, and comparisons were still not avoided.

Cool car

It is clear that they meet cars, as well as people - by clothes. It is logical that a person who is ready to give more than ten thousand conventional units for his car wants everyone to understand at a glance: yes, the car is cool!

Judging by the reviews of motorists, the latest version of Forester turned out quite well. And if you compare it with the first generation, then the crossover literally took a kilometer step forward. But many have criticized the “face” of Honda. Yes, and they say that after restyling the car turned out to be rather small.

Car model:Honda CR-VSubaru Forester
Producing country:JapanJapan
Body Type:wagonSUV
Number of places:55
Number of doors:55
Engine capacity, cubic cm:23541995
Power, l. c./about min .:190/7000150/6200
Maximum speed, km / h:184190
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10,710,6
Type of drive:подключаемый fullfull
CAT:5 automatic transmissionManual 6, automatic CVT Art.
Fuel type:gasolinegasoline
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​11.9; track 6.5city ​​8.5; track 6.0
Length, mm:45704595
Width, mm:18201795
Height, mm:16851735
Clearance, mm:170220
Tire size:225/60 R18225/60 R17
Curb weight, kg:16521475
Full weight, kg:21002015
Fuel tank capacity:5860

We are going, going, going ...

Что по «начинке»? У Лесничего стоит автомат на четыре ступени… И, хотя эту старенькую КПП Субару хорошенько подрихтовала, дать фору хондовскому 5 automatic transmission он не может.

In general, both cars do not "howl" with a sharp movement forward, but are ready to brake smoothly on demand

True, due to a stiffer suspension, the SRV cannot afford to rush at speed through obstacles. Even on small potholes within the city, this crossover begins to vibrate at 100–120 km / h. In short, being on a razdolbannom part of the path (as such, we, alas, a dime a dozen), will trudge like a turtle. And it is not surprising that even the VAZ six here will easily leave the Honda crossover behind. It's a shame, yes ...

But Forester quite confidently jumps bumps, not reducing speed. So, in this respect, in the sparring match of CR-V and Forester, a draw with a score of 1: 1.


Is it worth it in such a situation to explain why, on a remote rural impassability, Forester will have advantages? You can safely go with Lesnich in the forest, this trip will bring pleasure. But the brainchild of Honda, though conceived as a car for going on nature, is hardly suitable for that.

Test drive a Honda CR-V car:

Judge for yourself, the designers even stuck some parts to the very heart of the base. That is, the car claims to be a full-fledged SUV, and its parts are arranged so as to stumble upon the slightest obstacles? What prevented them from hiding deeper? In general, the Japanese soul is full of mysteries no less than ours.

Also, on a wet or slippery road, don't expect a jeep habits from Honda. A typical passenger car with all the ensuing consequences.

Forester in this regard is much more dzhipopodoben. Already the option of building a model, where the scheme of the longitudinal installation of the engine is applied, is more reliable. According to this principle, collect "adult" SUVs. The car has a good cross. The stomach of the subarovsky crossover is almost perfectly tightened and will not create problems for you on the way.

What is the speed?

Despite the passport difference in power (166 "horses" in the NRW and 172 in the Forester), the cars are torn at similar speeds. Both, if necessary, take the acceleration to 180–190 km / h. True, Forester goes on overtaking, straining, what makes it known to the owner, making the appropriate sound. Honda is much quieter.

Drive SVR and Phlegmatic Forester

And which model as a whole shows the best controllability - Forester or CR-V? Here, the auto-jury will probably be on the Honda’s side. Drive, adrenaline, speed - this is what manufacturers sought from this baby. In fact, they took the idea to create a car, which would be flexible with high-speed driving, as a basis. True, the calculation was based on the fact that the movement at the same time the SRV-scale would be a nice, smooth canvas. Such a racing sedan with increased capacity.

Forester is more phlegmatic in this regard. Subarovtsy sought from him comfort and good permeability. Compete with the drivers - not his level, and not in his character.

Test drive a car Subaru Forester:

Although it will not be fair if we do not remember what is in the model line of Subaru and Forester with a suspension "a la sport". This car is on mechanics and with a 230 horse engine. This guy leaves many behind, he literally soars through the canvas and in the rain and frost.

But for some reason this model is not running, today a rare driver is taken to saddle such a monster. But in vain, because in the end in this round the calm Forester lost to his reckless rival from the Honda family.

Affairs salon

We go further and understand what else is attributed to the advantages of NDT-shki. This is a wide back sofa. It is six centimeters longer than the Forester. Also, unlike the opponent’s capabilities, the backseat folds down, allowing you to add volume to the luggage compartment.

European approach

Another interesting approach in the SRV-shke is that there is no ditch in the floor, so you can easily move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat without leaving the cabin. In general, Honda looks somehow more comfortable. This machine is pro-European. True, you feel a professional design approach. And, of course, an indisputable plus climate control in two zones.

In the cabin of the car Honda CR-V

American classics

But on the whole, in terms of ergonomics and convenience, the Subaru Forester vs. Honda NRW can also put forward its arguments. The Forester's interior is more Americanized. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% There are no cool bells and whistles. Everything is very traditional and clear. But who knows, maybe such simplicity is genius. However, why push the keys of the console, peering at the monitor (hit or not hit), if you can turn the dial with the dial once?

Inside the car Subaru Forester

And further…

In terms of roominess, both salons are spacious enough. Although, most often Honda is higher. The only time - in the Subaru miscalculated with the level of the driver's armrests, they are clearly well suited only for drivers of low height.


So, what are the conclusions? Who is better and more reliable - Forester or Honda NRW?

Of course, appearance is a matter of taste and there can be no advisers. Here we rely on the taste of the driver and the volume of the budget. But driving performance is another matter. Remember that the Forester car for a quiet ride, which has excellent maneuverability, gently and quickly overcomes obstacles along the way. Suitable for those of you who are looking for a roomy car for every day and for recreation.

But the SRV is a bad rogue, but a great driver. This is a machine for adrenaline. Do not wait for exploits on the roads, but on a good surface - egegey! Oh, and do not forget that Honda is much more capacious.

Do not let your tank empty and good luck on the road!