Budget car comparison: renault logan vs. chevrolet lacetti



The modern Russian car market is equipped with a huge variety of vehicles that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers with millions of budgets. However, not every average Russian can afford to purchase an expensive car, for the possession of which will have to pay a fortune. Most Russian citizens prefer to purchase middle-class cars belonging to the budget segment. Today, huge concerns that are located in completely different countries offer the latest generation of cars at affordable prices, which is why it is quite difficult for a car enthusiast who only thinks about buying a new car at once to make the right choice. In deep thought, there may be those who do not know what to prefer: Renault Megane or Chevrolet Lacetti. As practice has shown in recent years, Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan are very popular models. In the article below we will try to consider both cars in relation to the dynamics, technical equipment, comfort and beauty, in order to choose the optimal car, perfectly suitable for the whole family.

Renault Logan против Chevrolet Lacetti

Comparative analysis of the main characteristics

Despite the very different exterior, both cars have several similar features, in particular, Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan have almost the same width (1725/1740 mm), slightly different ground clearance (150 and 155 mm) and wheelbase (2600 and 2630 mm).

Читать далее о том, что лучше Renault Logan или Chevrolet Lacetti-->Разнятся модели длиной и высотой (показатели у Лачетти равны 4515 и 1440 мм, а у Логан — 4288 и 1534). Объём багажного отсека у Renault Logan на 100 л больше, нежели у Chevrolet Lacetti (510 и 405 л соответственно).

Interior decoration and distinctive design

If a potential buyer does not know what is better than Renault Megane or Chevrolet Lacetti, he should, first of all, decide on the body type, the fact is that you can buy Lacetti with almost any body (hatchback, sedan, station wagon), choosing Renault Logan, the buyer can buy a car exclusively in the sedan. In view of this circumstance, if you still have a choice between the Chevrolet Lacetti and the Renault Logan, it is better to consider both cars made in the sedan.

Chevrolet Lacetti car

Even without carping at the exterior of any of the compared cars, one cannot say that they are distinguished by originality and underlined sophistication. Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan have not the most presentable, but in their own stylish appearance. Despite the seeming "grayness" of appearance, many car enthusiasts like the lack of sharp lines and flatulence, the cars are devoid of pretentiousness and a kind of "challenge", which allowed manufacturers to avoid tying the vehicle to a certain circle of admirers. Each motorist will determine for himself the beauty of the exterior, as some see it as extremely successful, while others see it too simple and discreet. True, experts say both cars have a modern body shape with very attractive optics.

Car renault logan

Choosing Chevrolet Lacetti or Renault Megane 2, the future owner should pay attention to the interior of the cabin, here, as well as in the exterior, there is nothing that could stand out and praise one car to another. Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan have a modern functional layout. Noteworthy is the instrument panel, which is equipped with Renault Logan, even though there is no specific design decor, the driver can at any time find out all the vehicle's indicators, which is ensured by a clear illumination. The dashboard Chevrolet Lacetti looks at the background of the opponent is no less convenient and functional.

The fact that cars are deprived of various kinds of additions and improvements, has a positive effect not only on the total cost, the car owner will not be confused in a huge number of buttons and functions. Adjusting the driver's seat can be made exclusively in the main areas. Easy-to-use instrument panels Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan have a very interesting appearance, proven over the years in ergonomics. You should not expect something unprecedented from a budget car segment, the functionality is complemented only by the necessary set of controls, in both cars there are climate control units with a factory radio tape recorder.

Car interior renault logan

When it is necessary to unequivocally answer the question: what is better than Megan or Lacetti, you can find out the opinions of passengers who at least once had the opportunity to ride on two compared models. Despite the fact that the dimensions of these vehicles differ by only a few centimeters when it comes to the internal space, the majority notes the fact of greater freedom of action in the Chevrolet Lacetti than in Renault Logan. The second row of seats Chevrolet Lacetti comfortably allow three men to sit down, while in the Renault Logan without unnecessary inconvenience fit only two people. Another important advantage of the Chevrolet Lacetti is the power steering Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, which is present in all models presented on the Russian market. Renault Logan will be able to please its customers with this property only in more expensive models.

Saloon car Chevrolet Lacetti

Technical properties of Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan

If the future car owner does not know what to choose: Chevrolet Lacetti or Renault Megane 2, he should pay attention to the technical features of the power units. To begin, let's discuss the Renault Logan, its most budget basic version is equipped with a 1.4-liter engine with a return of 75 liters. with. A noteworthy feature of this car, even at idle speed, is to pull the car hard. The volume of this car is enough for those who are planning exclusively trips within the city, and then alone. For those who plan to frequently travel outside the city with the whole family, it is better to choose the version with the 1.6-liter engine and the return of 102 liters. with. You should not expect from these parameters a huge increase in dynamics, however, all this together will give a huge stock of traction. Modern Renault Logan is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.

Engine Chevrolet Lacetti

Focusing on dynamic properties, the 1.6 liter Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan develop speeds of 187 and 180 km / h, respectively, and acceleration to one hundred first cars is achieved in 10.7 seconds and the second in 10.5 seconds.

Compared with the Renault Logan Chevrolet Lacetti in the simplest configuration equipped with a 1.4-liter engine with a return of 95 liters. with. The Lacetti gearbox is identical to the one that is installed in the Logan. A more expensive version is equipped with a 1.6 liter engine with a return of 109 liters. with., which is based on the mechanics or four-stage automatic. The most expensive version of the Lacetti is equipped with an atmospheric unit of 1.8 liters with a return of 121 liters. with. The fuel consumption in the Chevrolet Lacetti and Renault Logan in the combined cycle is 8 and 7.2 liters, respectively.

Engine Renault Logan

Factory equipment cars

The Renault Logan model with a 1.4-liter engine is equipped only with an airbag, a more expensive option is complemented by a central lock and power steering. For cars with a 1.6 liter engine, an electronic glass drive is typical.

The most expensive cars, including the Privelege, are equipped with only 1.6 liters of engines. Such cars attract buyers by the presence of an on-board computer, a driver's seat lift, fog lights, head restraints in the back row, 15 inch wheels. The “Storia” version, in addition to everything listed, is supplied with heated and electrically operated exterior mirrors and heated front seats.

The basic version of the Chevrolet Lacetti is characterized by the presence of two airbags, central locking, ABS, power steering gear. The most presentable models have leather trimmed steering wheel and transmission lever, electric exterior mirrors, heated glass.


Due to its not the simplest characteristics and features, Renault Logan can be put much higher than most domestic cars. Deprived of the original appearance of the car is equipped with an excellent suspension, suitable for Russian realities. If the car enthusiast is not principled exterior, Renault Logan will be a good choice. Rival Logan can not resist him in terms of comfort when driving on the broken pavement.

Car trunk Renault Logan

Chevrolet Lacetti looks more presentable, it provides two modifications that are different not only with the body type, but also with the size and design. A characteristic feature of the car is the need to calmly drive the car, as it does not have good handling. True, the appearance of this car can more than forgive him for this drawback.

Chevrolet Lacetti rack