Ranking of the best navigators for cars in 2018


Avtonavigator is a device that is presently present in almost every driver in a car. A few years ago, these devices were mainly only in vehicles used for business purposes and which required the search for the necessary address. Today, the navigator is an integral gadget of any car owner, it helps to determine the exact location of the vehicle, pave the route to the desired address point, taking into account traffic jams and difficult road sections.

Best Car Navigators

TOP best avtonavigatorov.

Распространённость этих гаджетов на рынке насколько велика, что вопрос о том, какой автомобильный навигатор лучше купить из имеющегося ассортимента, который будет удовлетворять требования потребителя и отвечать заявленным производителем качествам, является более чем актуальным для современных автовладельцев. Упростить задачу выбора девайса поможет рейтинг навигаторов для автомобиля 2018 года, представленный в этой статье.Читать далее про лучшие автонавигаторы-->

Features of the choice of avtonavigator

Before deciding on the choice of the best car navigator for your vehicle, it is important to study the parameters that proportionally affect its quality indicators, are essential when making a purchase of a device. To decide which is the best choice for a car navigator, it is important to study the following characteristics of the desired gadget:

  1. The speed of updating information about problem areas of the road and traffic jams. On sale are devices that have only Bluetooth, as well as modified GPRS modules. The second option in the modern world of technology is considered to be more reliable and high-quality, it works in the offline connection mode to the network, without additional connection of the device to the phone or other modern devices.
  2. Type of programming. Devices modified by Navitel and CityGid systems, developed by domestic programmers, are considered to be the most popular and functional; consumers put devices that have the functions of iGo and Suburb in second place.«CityHome»
  3. The format of the monitor or its dimensions. In order for the driver to be clearly visible the data on the monitor, its dimensions must be not less than five inches diagonally. Too large, more than seven inches, are not recommended for installation in the car, as they can block the view to the driver, and his attention will be scattered to find the desired item on the screen of the gadget. The resolution of the screen is also considered important: the higher it is, the clearer the image will be, which is important when using the device.
  4. The presence of voice prompts. This parameter helps the car owner to be less distracted from the road, the device in sound mode warns of obstacles on the road or the need for restructuring in a different row to perform a maneuver.

Additionally, the device can be modified with options that allow you to operate it as a DVR, multimedia player or scanner of existing radars on the road. Such optional characteristics are not a priority for the budget consumer, however, multifunctional devices, although they are more expensive, do not belong to the category of budget gadgets, allow combining several automotive devices in one device, are in demand on the modern market.

Additional options in the navigator

We will provide the TOP 10 best car navigators in 2018 to the review, according to consumers and professionals, taking into account their high-quality functionality and characteristics in different price categories, which will allow any consumer to choose the optimal model of device for his car.

Rating of car navigators 2018: TOP-10 best models

Рейтинговый список лучших навигаторов для автомобиля 2018 года открывает популярный аппарат SA5 HD + from Lexand. Этот девайс заслужил положительные отзывы потребителей благодаря отличной пропорциональности цены и качественных критериев. Бюджетный навигатор, ценой около трёх с половиной тысяч рублей, работает на программном обеспечении Навител, что позволяет ему быстро и точно подгружать реальное состояние автомагистралей в настоящее время. Кроме этого, аппарат модифицирован модулем Bluetooth, который гарантирует оперативную автозагрузку информационных сведений о пробках на дорогах. Пятидюймовый экран имеет высокое разрешение, что позволяет рассмотреть мельчайшие детали на мониторе, а возможность подключения устройства к интернету позволяет использовать девайс в качестве обычного планшета. Многофункциональность на фоне демократичной цены и качественной сборки позволила модели занять лидирующую позицию в ТОП-10 лучших навигаторов для автомобиля в 2018 году.

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Prestigio GeoVision Tour 7795 confidently enters the list of the best navigators for a car due to its versatility and reliability in operation, occupies a leading position in popularity, balance of price and quality. In addition to the standard for the device navigation function, running on Android 4.4 with the basic program "Navitel", the navigator can be used as a DVR and multimedia module. The price of the device varies within four and a half thousand rubles, which can be called a democratic option on the background of the number of its functions. Among the positive qualities of the device, users highlight its efficiency in work, free 3D-cards with automated updates, downloading information data on the road using the built-in GPRS module, the ability to use it to listen to music, watch movies and communicate online. The seven-inch screen of the device with excellent high-quality resolution allows you to see in detail the map of the required terrain without glare and distortion when viewed at an angle or while the vehicle is moving.

Prestigio GeoVision Tour 7795

Consumers named AllDrive 700 from the manufacturer Digma the best navigator for a car that harmoniously combines an adequate price (about four thousand rubles) with acceptable quality and functional characteristics. The seven-inch screen allows you to view the icons on the screen, without being distracted from the road. The model is characterized by a simple and convenient interface, excellent performance thanks to the Navitel software product. The detailed maps with which the device is equipped make it possible to easily and accurately navigate to any terrain, the device quickly loads problem sections of the road, taking into account traffic jams and obstacles in the way, shows the most convenient and short ways to bypass poor-quality road segments.

AllDrive 700 by Digma

The company Navitel has long been engaged in the development and implementation of navigators for cars, has earned the trust of car owners. Consumers call one of the most popular and reliable models of the device under the G500 label the cost of four to five thousand, depending on the region of implementation. In one device, the consumer gets at the same time a navigator for a car with software support for GLOSSNAS, which provides high-speed search for satellites and loading of actual maps, calculates the route, and also a multimedia device that allows playing video and music. Among the advantages of the device, users also note the possibility of its work in a voice format, which allows the driver not to be distracted from the road while driving: a device in voice mode notifies the car owner of an approaching turn or the need for restructuring in order to implement a difficult maneuver on the road.

Navitel G500

A little more expensive is the Navitel A737 navigator, which is also in the TOP 10 best models in the car. The cost of the device varies within six and a half thousand rubles, which is slightly more expensive than the previous model, however, the A737 has a capacitive, seven-inch screen with decent resolution, a powerful battery and two cameras, as well as connectors for two SIM cards - this allows you to use the device in phone. Users call this model one of the best from Navitel for practicality and pricing, as it can rightly be called a tablet with a built-in navigator on Android.

A737 from Navitel

Compact and reliable five-inch car navigators produced by the manufacturer Dunobil. One of the most successful models from the company consumers call the device Modern 5.0, which is characterized by high-quality clear screen with excellent resolution, high-speed loading system of the route, high accuracy of positioning, excellent design and convenient menu. In addition, the navigator model has a discreet design that fits perfectly into the interior of any vehicle. The cost of the device is about four thousand rubles. At the same time, having stopped the choice on the Modern 5.0 model, the consumer receives not only a GPS navigator in one device, but also a multimedia device that will allow to pass the time while watching a video or listening to music.

Dunobil Modern 5.0

Another good navigator for a car of decent quality and functionality from the budget category is offered by Prology, labeled iMAP-5700. Despite some shortcomings, expressed in the absence of the possibility of loading obstacles on the road in real time, the device costing three thousand rubles is notable for excellent performance, which allowed him to enter the rating of the best navigators for the car in 2018, to earn popularity among budget and not too demanding consumers. The device is characterized by consumers as a reliable assistant on the way to find the desired address point, valued by car owners for the speed of loading routes, due to the presence of the computer application "Navitel" with free update maps. If for the buyer the question of which navigator is better to buy into the car is determined by the pricing policy, then Prology iMAP-5700 can be called the best option for buying a budget class.

Prology iMAP-5700

Seven-inch model 7GL from the manufacturer AvtoVision, worth seven thousand rubles, has earned the trust of consumers thanks to the full version of Android 5.1, which allows you to exploit the device as a navigator, and as a standard tablet for personal use. The display has an excellent resolution, which guarantees good reproduction of maps on the monitor, and the software provides the ability to upload not only music and video to the gadget, but also good quality games, which reduces the time during the wait. In conjunction with the device, the user receives a license authorization for the Navitel software, which allows you to quickly download current maps and routes, as well as information about traffic jams and problem areas. Among the drawbacks of the model, users note a low-power battery that allows the device to work for no more than three hours without additional charging, and a scratch-resistant screen.

AvtoVision 7GL

As the best navigator for the 2018 premium car, consumers are positioning a Garmin Drive 61 GB LMT gadget. Despite its cost, starting with eleven thousand rubles, the device is very popular among drivers. And indeed, if you buy an expensive car navigator in a car, then models are better in terms of price and quality than Drive 61 is difficult to find today. The multifunctional device is characterized by high-speed updating of the situation on the road, a quick search for optimal routes and detours, warns the driver about the possibility of a collision and leaving the road markings, allows you to send information about your route to selected contacts, and also shows actual information about available parking places. In addition, the model is modified by external surveillance cameras, a powerful battery that allows the device to work offline, outside the car for an hour, displays actual weather information on the screen, and is characterized by an unlimited subscription that does not need to be paid additionally.

Garmin Drive 61 RUS LMT

It is worth noting that the Garmin company has in its assortment both more expensive devices, the cost of which reaches forty thousand rubles, as well as inexpensive and reliable devices - this allows the buyer to choose a product of excellent quality with any budget. Another popular device from this manufacturer is the Garmin NuviCam car navigator. Its cost varies within seventeen thousand rubles, while the consumer, having bought this device, can count on fast and current route playback, voice control, which allows not to be distracted by watching the route while driving, the presence of a DVR, which is more than a necessary device for fixing the situation on the road in unforeseen situations. The device has some drawbacks: among the main drawbacks, users call overpriced, the inability to connect to the network via GPRS, which does not allow it to take the leading position in the rating table.

Garmin NuviCam

Let's sum up

The ranking of the best car navigators in 2018 includes devices that are popular among Russian consumers, have received decent reviews, have proven to be the most reliable models in use, and each of the devices is an excellent solution in its price category.

Which car navigator is better to buy for the car: an inexpensive, but high-quality Prology iMAP-5700 or a multifunctional Garmin from the premium category, this solution is purely individual for each driver, which depends not only on preferences, but also on the financial possibilities of the consumer. In this case, the choice in favor of any gadget from the presented list will meet the specifications declared by the manufacturer, will become a reliable coordinator on the way for the car owner, and multifunctional gadgets will also help you enjoy your time in the waiting period.