The best driving schools of novosibirsk


Choose a driving school for learning is not easy in many large cities, including in Novosibirsk. There is a lot of organizations, reviews about them are contradictory. Including statistical information. Is it possible to judge the quality of training by the number of accidents that graduates fall into, or by the percentage of passing the exam from the first time? In the first case, the question is controversial, because the more drivers the school has released, the more likely they are to become participants in accidents. Surrender from the first time - a more objective indicator, but again, rather for large organizations. Too much depends on a lot of success, and, first of all, it depends on your abilities and learnability.

How to choose a driving school

Читать далее о рейтинге автошкол Новосибирска-->Поэтому лучшие автошколы, скорее, должны соответствовать нескольким критериям:

  • professional teaching staff and competent instructors;
  • material base: equipment, availability of own training grounds;
  • teaching methodology, practical training routes;
  • territorial availability;
  • the cost.

According to the requirements of the law, all companies that train drivers must undergo a special inspection and be allowed to do so. On the website of the regional traffic police there is a list of companies that can officially engage in training. If you have not found your courses in this list, then you should not study there, because you will not be allowed to take the exam for the rights. Below is the ranking of the best driving schools in Novosibirsk, which are the most reliable and have been training drivers for many years.


The company has the largest network of training centers in Novosibirsk, which includes more than a dozen classes and several autodrome. Thanks to this, you can choose a conveniently located class and coordinate the schedule with your other affairs.

Driving schoolуспешно работает более 15 лет, регулярно получает награды и занимает лидирующие строчки рейтингов. Причём не только на областном уровне, но входит и в число лучших школ страны. Сформировавшийся преподавательский состав и методология обучения привлекают будущих водителей. Обучаться можно на механике и автомате. Машины очень хорошие, среди них иномарки Huindai Solaris, Nissan Qashqai, Toyota Corolla, несколько моделей Shevrolet.

Driving school«Megapolis» в Новосибирске

Driving school«Megapolis» в Новосибирске

The training schedule can be chosen at will, there are evening classes and on weekends. The cost varies slightly among branches, but approximately amounts to 30 thousand rubles for category B. In addition, the driving school is taught in category A. Courses can be paid in installments, and discounts are available for students.


In the second place in the ranking of the best driving schools in the city of Novosibirsk, the company Favorit, which has 29 branches in the city and beyond. This school is distinguished by the reasonableness of programs and techniques. They are structured for better understanding and include visual materials, a combination of theoretical and practical aspects. Much attention is paid to the analysis of situations on the road; the main purpose of the training is to strive to teach future drivers to navigate the road, not to create emergency situations, to act wisely, and not just to memorize exam papers.

Driving school

Driving school«Favorite» в Новосибирске

Offers options for day and evening training, installment plans and the possibility of paying on credit, insurance is provided to students. The exam can be passed directly to a driving school. The program has a special subject that allows you to get better acquainted with road ethics. There are opportunities to study with a female instructor, select an individual schedule, even theoretical lessons, to acquire additional lessons.

Courses can be taken on category B and A, there is an own circuit in the center of the city. The fleet contains about 80 models of cars, both foreign and domestic brands. Tuition for category B is a little more than 35 thousand rubles.

Behind the wheel

This is not such a large driving school as the previous two, but also has several branches in different parts of the city, as well as its two autodrome. The company has repeatedly won prizes of all-Russian ratings for the past few years. Differs professional approach and relatively low prices. Trained here in categories B, A, A1 and M (mopeds).

Driving school

Driving school«Behind the wheel» в Новосибирске

Practical lessons are held on machines with automatic and mechanics, mainly on modern foreign cars. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% On the circuit, in addition to the classical elements, there is a space that imitates urban conditions, for example, intersections, the passage of which, as is well known, usually causes the most problems for beginners.

Интересное предложение автошколы «Behind the wheel» заключается в возможности проходить теоретическое обучение онлайн, не выходя из дома. Это происходит в вечернее время в форме интернет трансляции. Всё происходит, как на обычном уроке, преподаватель объясняет материал, группа учеников слушает и задаёт вопросы. Просто каждый делает это, находясь не в классе, а где ему в данный момент удобно, главное – с компьютером и доступом в интернет. Качество обучения при этом не страдает, ведь практические уроки происходят в традиционной форме, зато у вас есть возможность сэкономить время. Стоимость обучения на категорию В обойдётся примерно в 30 тысяч рублей.

These are the best three driving schools of Novosibirsk. Recently, competition has intensified, many other companies are ready to break through to the leading position. This encourages course organizers to improve their programs and improve the quality of training, to attract qualified personnel.