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In fact, auto insurance plays a big role for every car owner. Choosing a policy, the owner of the vehicle protects itself from financial costs in the event of certain insurance situations. These could be accidents, accidents, the fall of some objects, accidents, hijackings, hacks, etc.

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Insurance will protect the car owner in case of accident

Каждая страховая компания обязуется предоставить выплаты по страховке. И чем лучше будет организация, тем больше шансов у автовладельца получить положенную компенсацию в полном объёме.Читать далее о лучших страховых компаниях КАСКО-->

The concept of rating insurance companies

Прежде чем озвучить rating of insurance companies КАСКО, необходимо разобраться, что это такое и какую организацию можно считать хорошей.

Rating SC (insurance companies) for hull is an indicator of reliability. Only specialized organizations conducting assessments and monitoring, can assign ratings to firms. If we talk about Russia, here the main evaluator is Expert RA.

Why this reliability rating is necessary for motorists themselves? The average car owner rarely wondered how reliable this or that SK. It is important for him to find the most inexpensive policy in order not to pay too much for it. But in practice, truly reliable companies can have a significant impact on the fate of the car and its owner.

Если говорить простым языком, то в плане КАСКО rating of insurance companies наглядно показывает, насколько велика вероятность получить компенсацию при возникновении страхового случая.

Therefore, before choosing insurance companies KASKO, be sure to inquire about their reliability rating.

Evaluating organizations

The level of reliability of the insurer is not determined just like that, according to customer reviews or other methods. There are two main organizations that monitor IC in Russia and identify the best insurance companies for hull insurance.

  1. Expert RA. This is the leading rating agency. The company has been operating since 1997. The assigned rating is determined depending on the forecast regarding the performance of the insurance company of its obligations to the client. The rating of the best insurers is distributed not only on the basis of the company's current position on the market, but also in terms of the likelihood of bankruptcy or future development.
  2. NRA Another independent appraisal organization, whose work began in 2006. The company determines reliability indicators based on information that the insurer itself voluntarily provides to the rating agency. That is, the rating for the IC is assigned depending on the wishes of customers.
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How to determine the reliability of the insurer

Estimation features

Evaluation of insurance companies for hull insurance is carried out taking into account the study of the following parameters:

  • financial position;
  • financial performance;
  • analysis of available documentation;
  • direct conversation with the management of the IC, etc.

After that, the information is carefully processed and then submitted to a peer review.

It is important to understand that the insurance company has the right to appeal against the preliminary expert decision made by appraisers. The final rating is based on the amendments made by the insurer.

Information may be disclosed through official sources. However, if the customer does not want, the evaluation data is not distributed.

Companies without rating

Reliability rating is not assigned to all insurance companies. Therefore, there are often questions about which IC is really reliable if it does not have a rating.

In fact, many groups of insurance companies do not have a corresponding rating. This is due to several factors.

  1. High valuation cost. Estimation by specialized agencies costs money that the insurers themselves must pay. Not all insurance companies can afford to pay for these services. These are mostly the smallest firms.
  2. Companies that demonstrate negative trends in KASKO payments are not interested in having appraisers assign a rating to them. Low ratings may adversely affect the reputation and number of customers.
  3. Non-market insurance companies that operate in a narrow circle of customers do not require a rating. If the IC will not expand the sphere of influence, that is, increase the client base, then the need for rating will disappear.


Car owners, who are thinking about which insurance company to choose, rely on official data from valuers of the UK. Expert RA has its own specialized classification.

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Position in the rating of the insurance company depends on the level of reliability

Depending on the level of reliability of the insurance company, it can be assigned a value from D to A ++. The classification has its own characteristics:

  1. Rating D means that the IC is bankrupt or the formal bankruptcy procedure has already begun.
  2. S speaks of weak creditworthiness. That is, the organization cannot fulfill its obligations to the client in full or does not fulfill them at all.
  3. C + and C + + assign ICs with a very low reputation and low creditworthiness, respectively. Companies with a C + rating are characterized by regular facts of failure to fulfill their obligations to customers. And in the case of C ++, the client may face a high probability that the insurer will not fulfill its obligations.
  4. Values ​​from B to B ++ indicate a satisfactory, fairly reliable firm. Moreover, with B ++, the probability of default will be insignificant and most often it is caused by financial instability.
  5. And give companies with high reliability. At the same time, macroeconomic factors can affect pay rates.
  6. A + is assigned to an insurer with a very high level of reliability. Making CASCO in a company with such a rating, it is highly likely that the insurer will fulfill its obligations in full. Breaches of obligations are rare.
  7. A ++ means that the IC is extremely reliable. Companies consistently make payments on insured events. This may not even affect the decline of the economy in the country or unfavorable forecasts in the field of auto insurance.

Practice shows that firms with the highest estimates for KASKO payments, although they are guaranteed to fulfill their obligations, but their policies are quite expensive.

In order not to risk with the chosen organization and not to face the negative consequences of the analysis of the insured event, the minimum rating should be B, according to the classification of the expert agency Expert RA.

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Currently, the leading insurance companies in terms of hull insurance are:

  • Rosgosstrakh;
  • Ingosstrakh;
  • СОГАС;
  • Alpha;
  • RESO;
  • Consent;
  • Renaissance;
  • VSK;
  • VTB;
  • MAX.

The choice of car owners

It is noteworthy that quite often the choice of car owners does not coincide with the estimates that were issued by appraisal organizations.

Потому владельцы транспортных средств преимущественно ориентируются на народный rating of insurance companies.

It is important to understand that, preferring the best insurer, from the point of view of the national rating, you do not guarantee yourself full reliability. This is due to the fact that the national rating is a relative concept. It is based on the subjective opinion of consumers, is compiled primarily on the basis of reviews on the Internet.

In fact, negative and positive feedback is taken into account. But there is an important nuance. Practice shows that negative reviews prevail over positive ones. This is the usual human psychology. If the car owner is completely satisfied with the selected insurance company, he does not want to write about it in reviews.

But when the client is dissatisfied with the work of the insurer, he definitely wants to talk about it. From here and domination of negative responses in comparison with positive.

People's rating is based on the assessment of the quality and level of customer service, the parameters of satisfaction with terms and amounts of payments in the case of an insured event. Also, customers, that is, vehicle owners, are highly appreciated by insurance companies that are willing to find compromises and offer favorable terms of cooperation.

From this we can conclude that the national ratings allow us to evaluate the pros and cons of this or that insurer, to give our own assessment based on the experience of other clients. But the national rating cannot fully reveal the true state of affairs in an insurance company.

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The national CASCO rating does not guarantee 100% reliability.

Currently, the best CASCO payment companies according to the national rating are:

  • Alpha Insurance;
  • Antal;
  • Consent;
  • UralSib;
  • Liberti;
  • Zlata;
  • Tinkoff;
  • RESO

The nuances of choice

Experts recommend to pay attention to several key points when it comes to choosing an insurance company for hull insurance for vehicle owners.

  1. How many clients have been attracted to the organization lately and which contributes to the large influx of new car owners. Some firms carry out actions that are a common trick to expand their customer base.
  2. Reviews You need to look for real reviews on independent resources. Insurers often rigidly moderate their own websites, removing what they don’t like and leaving only positive reviews. So potential customers may have an erroneous opinion that the company is working perfectly and has no obvious drawbacks.
  3. Failures. You can find out how much lately the insurer has issued failures for insured events and how fair they are. If the company regularly refuses, it indicates a decrease in its creditworthiness or banal dishonesty. By refusing the UK is trying to save money and not be bankrupt.
  4. License. Each IC must have a valid license. If it expires soon, it is better not to contact such firms.
  5. Ratings Rating is only one of the tools for the final selection of the insurer, and is not the main indicator.

As you can see, the ratings of insurers play a significant role and can significantly help in choosing the right insurance company for hull insurance for the car owner. Do not forget about the human factor. A firm may have quite high ratings, but experts in various branches of the insurance company may intentionally underestimate the cost of insurance payments or make other manipulations aimed at deceiving or minimizing compensation to the client.

Write in the comments your impressions about the work of insurance companies on hull insurance, about your own leaders in this segment, and what you choose.

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