Rating cars up to 200 thousand rubles


There are different situations in life. One of them is when you urgently need a car, you do not want to get into loans or it is impossible, and the amount on your hands is quite small. It became interesting to us: how realistic is it to buy a normal used car in 2018 if we have only two hundred thousand rubles on our hands? What kind of animal is this - a car for 200 thousand rubles? The results of the survey are reflected in this exclusive ranking.

Best cars for 200,000 rubles

TOP cars for 200,000 rubles.

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Is a used car always risky and bad? And no!

First, let's talk a little about stereotypes. How many people believe that buying a used car is literally a receipt for their own financial insolvency and even inferiority, and that the only car worth buying is a new one? And how many of those who think that a used car for small money can only be beaten, killed and broken, and that all at once? And how many of those who, having heard our budget, will laugh and advise to pay attention to bicycles? Having cast away all doubts, we opened at once some of the most famous sites for the sale of used cars in order to understand whether all these statements are true or not. Where is our perfect car up to 200,000 rubles? Here is what we found out:

  • cars in our budget, at first glance, there is, and even have plenty to choose from;
  • the photos in the submitted ads look pretty nice, and the cars for scrap don't seem to look like (but we still don't bravely believe the photos);
  • the characteristics indicated in the announcements are also quite adequate for themselves, no mileage length in the distance from Earth to Pluto is observed;
  • in some ads it is indicated that the car was involved in the accident then with such damage (and we were told that the sellers paint, smear and then not be recognized).

In general, the first look at online portals for the sale of used cars gave us a timid hope that all is not so bad. Then we turned to a reliable mechanic for help: let him confirm or refute our fears about buying a used car up to 200,000 rubles: is it true that everyone wants to deceive us? Can I trust the text ads and photos?

Here is what they said to us:

  1. You can believe, of course, but it is also necessary to check and recheck.
  2. Maybe they want to deceive us, and maybe not. Many sellers on these bulletin boards are the same car enthusiasts as we are. It is easier for them to write as they are, than to bother with deception, which is not a fact yet that will succeed. So, it’s not worth knowing to suspect everyone of deception.
  3. Runs curl, broken doors are painted, the accident is successfully hidden. In order to be sure that you will not fall for the scammers, you can bring an experienced seller or auto mechanic with you at the time of inspection and testing. However, despite the fact that there are really cheaters in one or another number, there are still more honest sellers.
  4. Cars for 200,000, of course, you can buy. Yes, this car will have a lot of mileage, it may need some minor or not very minor repairs. But in any case, if there is a goal to meet this amount - this is more than realistic.

Well, quite optimistic. In short, these theses can be summarized as follows: be careful, meticulous and expect deception, but believe in honesty. And now, especially for you, our TOP cars up to 200,000 rubles, which we found in the vast resources of popular used car sales.

Volkswagen Golf III

Let's start with the well-known golfik, which actively flooded domestic roads another 1.5 decades ago. It is not surprising: it is so good, comfortable, reliable, that already drooling. We found on sale a lot of options that fit even our very modest budget. You could choose a hatchback, a convertible, and a wagon. For every taste and color, in general. What are the merits of the Golf for sure to answer? Well, firstly, this is a German car, and it says a lot. Something that the Germans always knew how to make cars. In addition to the above, it is worth mentioning: a reliable engine, a comfortable lounge, well-thought-out ergonomic cabin.

Volkswagen Golf III

Of the minuses, the cause of which is the apparent budget of the model, all users unanimously declare the fact that the car has a rather low fit, that in the conditions of Russian mud or snowdrifts it can play a bad joke. The golf suspension is very hard, any unpaved road or just a bad road can be a real hell. Well, pure taste, finally: it seems to us that the illumination of the dashboard is too weak. The cheapest car we could find was in 2001 and was sold for 105,000 rubles. The newest car that fits into our budget was 2008. Its owner requested 195,000 rubles.

Daewoo Nexia

Another interesting option that we managed to find was the Daewoo Nexia, a pretty good and comfortable car, presented in a large assortment on the used car market. In contrast to the Golf, here you can find a much newer cool car: we have bunches of offers within 200 thousand with a rather fresh year of release. What is good Nexia? Cheap to maintain, feeling great on our roads, easily coping with cold winters and hot summers, it became the choice of a large number of thrifty car owners.

Daewoo Nexia

Separately, I would like to note that the car is very economical in terms of fuel consumption, and this undoubtedly pleases. The cheapest option that we were able to detect would have cost the buyer 140,000 rubles, 2010 release. The youngest, fit into our budget - 2013 release for 200,000 rubles. We even managed to find one car with a gun up to 200,000 rubles, although it should be noted that this is rather the exception than the rule.


Well, where without Logan - they are also on the market a dime a dozen. The owners are actively dumping each other, which gives room for the client. With our unpretentious wallet is quite a thing for yourself to choose. You want Logan, you want - Sandero (and there are a few differences between them, quite frankly). The car is ready to conquer domestic roads: a high clearance will cope with bumps and even a primer, a good suspension will soften the killing effect of Russian roads. The engine works economically and even somewhat intelligently: fuel consumption is not low either in the city or, especially, in the country roads.

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Well, in general, it's Reno! They are very much loved in Russia for more than a decade, and the pages of bulletin boards are simply full of suggestions for every taste and budget. The lion's share of them - budget options. Choose - I do not want. We were able to find the cheapest version of the year 2003 for 160 thousand rubles, and for 200,000 you can bargain for a model 10 years younger.

Skoda Fabia

And again, foreign cars, this time considering the Skoda Fabia under a magnifying glass. A good little car, rather urban, rather female - that's the whole list of characteristics that you need. As Skoda no doubt. The car is not the first year on the market and deserved its fans far from single copies.

Skoda Fabia

It is worth noting that the car is small, really small, and this is important. Firstly, it makes it difficult to consider it as a family one - it has a small salon. Secondly, such dimensions hinder the reliability of the car, and quite strongly. In general, this is not the choice of those who need a very stable, reliable car. On the other hand, such dimensions significantly reduce fuel consumption. So if your choice of car is aimed at a car for exploring the city and rare departures from it, Fabia is worth considering.

For 200,000 rubles, you can buy a car even with an automatic transmission. In any case, we were able to find such offers on the Internet car market. Anyone who is looking for a newer car will be able to buy a Fabia of 2014 (we even found a few ads in such a budget, one of them on a diesel engine), someone who is looking for cheaper, for 160,000 rubles can become the owner of Fabia of 2008.

Lada Kalina

Do not overlook domestic cars, right? Moreover, the new Kalina costs only 370 thousand rubles - only twice the size of our budget. This means that you can consider completely new offers and keep within the desired amount. And this is true: we were able to find the offer of 2015 for only 210 thousand rubles. And the cheapest Kalina for 170 thousand is also not at all old - 2013 of release.

Lada Kalina

What is good in Kalina, you ask, it's VAZ! In addition to the clearly marked advantage indicated above, the Kalina is a fairly new car (it has been produced since 2013), which even found attention from Western buyers. We made it to our TOP with a pure heart and responsibly declare: this car can give odds to old cheap foreign cars, precisely due to its freshness. Well and still - this car was made under the Russian roads taking into account all domestic specificity that can play into your hands.

Cherry Kim

And one more small, nimble and economical model. Unlike Fabia, it was not called unequivocally female, although there is still a certain bias in this direction. The machine is very simple and manoeuvrable, but, unfortunately, does not have high reliability. It should be noted that breakdowns can cause difficulties: finding spare parts in Russia for it may not be an easy task.

Cherry Kim

The interior of the car is very small, and you can’t call a roomy trunk. With all this, this is a great second car, for example, if one is already spacious. Or if its owner or owner chooses to travel primarily alone. At the same time, we found the cheapest car for 90 thousand rubles! Unfortunately, intentionally or not, the seller did not indicate the year of manufacture of the car. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of offers on the market fit perfectly into our budget, which is good news.

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai succeeded its customers for the glory back in 2008. Then the carmaker revised the look of his pet and strongly modified it. Therefore, now we, having such a small amount, can not only buy old Accent for a small amount, but also save a lot. The situation on the market is this: we found the cheapest car in 2007 for 110 thousand rubles, and the closest to our budget in the 200,000 - 2010 model year. In general, it is quite good if you like this car.

Hyundai Accent

Small conclusion

Of course, the market is replete with other offers. We have selected for you the most interesting and common options, but this does not mean that it is necessary to choose from among them. The market for used cars is distinguished by strong mobility: today, only cheap cars prevail there, and others tomorrow, and each variant of the market situation will find someone who is at hand and uncomfortable.

When choosing a used car, first of all be guided by its reliability, secondly - by your comfort, and only lastly - by public opinion. Remember that you can be deceived about the characteristics and the past car: check carefully all the information that you provide. But otherwise, the purchase of a used car doesn’t differ much from the acquisition of a new one: we all choose our car to our liking for some internal preference, and they seem to be given the leading role. Although rationality, of course, has not been canceled.