Top best business class cars 2017

Distinctive features of business class cars (or E class) are spaciousness and spaciousness, comfortable lounge, excellent design and of course a high level of security. Despite the fact that today the demand for such machines has dropped a little, they are still quite popular.

In this article, we want to present a list of the best business class cars of 2017.


  • How was the list of business class cars formed?
    • # 10 - BMW Series 4
    • # 9 - Mercedes CLS-Klasse
    • # 8 — Hyundai Genesis
    • # 7- Skoda Superb
    • # 6 — Nissan Teana
    • # 5 - Audi A6
    • # 4 - Lexus ES
    • # 3 - BMW 5 Series
    • # 2 - Mercedes e-class
    • # 1 — Toyota Camry

How was the list of business class cars formed?

Today a huge number of E-class cars are produced, of different brands from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, European and American manufacturers. It is quite difficult to choose among the existing variety of models of the best representatives. For our business class car rating for 2017, we selected the ten most successful cars, taking into account the following parameters:

Driving performance cars:

  • Power;
  • Speed, acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour;
  • Maneuverability;
  • The design of the car body and cabin;
  • Practicality of the car;
  • Level of protection;
  • The presence of modern electronics, in particular the speaker system;
  • The presence of different types of equipment.

It should be noted that in our list there are no Chinese business class cars. The fact is that, in spite of the fact that these cars are far from always inferior to their brothers from more famous manufacturers, they have not yet gained a reputation that would allow them to become sales leaders. In addition, do not forget that the Chinese auto business class usually only copy counterparts from Japan, America and Europe.

  • Types of gearbox - automatic for 6 gears.