Authentication of ctp policy

By introducing compulsory insurance for car owners, the state attempted to simplify the resolution of some of the problems associated with compensation for damage in road traffic accidents. This method really helped in many controversial situations. However, at the same time there were fraudsters who decided to cash in on not always fully informed citizens.

Insurance companies prefer to delegate part of the work to hired agents. These people do not always have their own office or a permanent place to register transactions. Sometimes they work in parallel with other organizations. At the same time, they have a considerable number of strict reporting forms and unfilled policies.

Theoretically, such documents can be stolen, and then distributed illegally to car owners. Therefore, the latter have a legitimate question about how to check the insurance policy of CTP for authenticity, so as not to be deceived.


  • 1 Information about the policy
  • 2 Do I need to issue a policy OSAGO
  • 3 How not to get scammed
  • 4 Ways to quickly check
    • 4.1 Visual check
    • 4.2 Virtual check
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Information about the policy

To think about the authenticity of such an important document as a policy is necessary even before its payment when it is issued. The form can be checked even at the office of the insurance company. This service can be provided free of charge to any self-respecting company and customers.

how to independently verify the insurance policy of CTP for authenticity

Signing CTP policy

CTP buyers should know that this document is a strict reporting form. Such conditions impose certain obligations on this printed matter. It is not made at any provincial printing. Forms are printed only on the state printing factory "Gosznak".

It, as well as banknotes or other important and responsible documents, is physically protected from fakes. Additional protection is the presence of a unique number and series of documents on other similar documents, and you can even verify the authenticity of the CTP insurance policy by number via the Internet.

It is important to know: CTP policies with the same numbers have never been issued and not issued.

All units of forms are registered through the Union of Insurers. The recipient of such a document must necessarily confirm with a personal signature in the registry that he became the owner of this document. The agent is liable for each such act.

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In case of loss or damage of any of the units of documents, the employee must write it off, and then destroy (repay) according to the instructions. If a loss has occurred, a commission is formed that investigates the event, and a report is formed on the basis of the investigation. Therefore, no accidents with these documents should not occur, and online authentication of the CTP policy is an integral part of its protection.

how to quickly verify the insurance policy of CTP for authenticity

Attentive document authentication

Lost or damaged policies on the basis of acts of investigation are immediately removed from the registry legal documents maintained by the Russian Union of Motor Insurers.

Is it necessary to issue an insurance policy at all?

Since 2003, in Russia the presence of this document on the car is mandatory. In the absence of it at the time of the inspection, the law enforcement officer has the right to issue a fine to the violator.

A slight relief on the availability of the document is the resale of the vehicle. Legislatively given 10 days for registration of transport after buying a car and motorcycle.

how can I check the insurance policy by car number

The choice of the insurance company remains with the owner of the car, there are no legal restrictions on this account.

How not to get scammed

When choosing a company you need to be guided by how much this organization is in the insurance market. You can also search the Internet for reviews about the company to which you intend to entrust your funds. A more reliable option would be independent visit to the company office.

It is desirable that this was not a “hut on chicken legs,” and that a coma of a signboard should have a sufficient number of employees inside, visual products, corporate symbols, uniform elements (scarves, ties, etc.) and branded stationery.

verify the authenticity of the CTP policy by number

Office of the insurance company

If possible, it is desirable to choose the organization "with the name", for example, Ingosstrakh, Rosgosstrakh, Nazca, PECO, etc. Each of them has solid experience and financial reserve for payments to customers.

Ways to quickly check

There are several ways by which you can verify the authenticity of the CTP policy. In addition to the office in which the registration is carried out, and the staff, you need to pay attention to the document itself. There are external signs that even a non-professional will be able to identify a fake policy.

Visual check

The blank material is not a regular offset or xerox paper, but has a fabric base similar in tactile sensation to new banknotes. There are evenly distributed fibers in the paper, which shine through ultraviolet rays. There are portable flashlights that you can take with you to the office and check out the proposed form.

how is instant authentication of CTP policy done

Repaid damaged forms OSAGO

On the reverse side is metallic thin threadwhich you hardly feel to the touch, since it is not glued into the material, but is in its basis. When scanning the document will be noticeable watermark in the form of the logo of the Russian Union of Motor Insurance Companies (PCA).

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Blank has special stamp from "Gosznak", with the data of the company, as well as in the right corner is a unique number. Format itself leaf longer than usual xerox pages. These 10 mm is also an element of protection. No strikethrough, cleaning or other fixes on the form should not be. Blots and errors in the document are excluded.

The numbers of the policy number can be checked by touch. They are literally hammered into the base (stamping effect). The relief is noticeable to the naked eye.

Virtual check

In addition to visual inspection, you need to check the policy via the Internet. Conscientious companies help to carry out the procedure without leaving their office. This is done on different internet portalsincluding the PCA website. Procedure absolutely free. There you can check the CTP policy by car number or by the number of the document itself.

how to check the insurance of a CTP insurance for authenticity via the Internet

Online policy check by car number

When clarifying data on a document need a number and series with him. If you check the data for a specific car, then the registration numbers and the VIN-code of the car are indicated as required parameters. You will also need to set the date on which information is requested.


Explicit document fraud can be identified independently. It is also not necessary to turn to unfamiliar firms offering to issue a CTP at a discount. It will surely be fraudsters, because the cost of this service in the region can not be different. It is fixed at the state level. When you make a policy, you can take a smartphone or tablet with the Internet and check the CTP policy online. Information on the insurance company and on a specific document will be immediately visible through the Internet.