How to put a car on the account

The next step after buying a car and completing all the necessary documents is to register the car. The registration process takes place in any selected driver, department of the traffic police, where you will need to provide a technical passport for the car. A document describing all the technical characteristics is issued when buying a vehicle at any dealership.


  • 1 Registration process
  • 2 Required documents
  • 3 Cost of registration
  • 4 Terms of car registration
  • 5 Putting car registration step by step
  • 6 Main problems
  • 7 Professional help
  • 8 Conclusion

Registration process

Registering a car in the traffic police is an integral procedure for obtaining a registration number. Before registration it is necessary to issue an insurance certificate for the vehicle. To carry out the procedure in two ways:

  • collect the required package of documents yourself. From a financial point of view, this option is most beneficial, however, it takes a lot of time and nerves.
  • You can ask for help from professionals. The option is much less nervous than the previous one, but more expensive.
where car registration is done

Self Registration

Required documents

When choosing the first registration option, you need to know exactly which set of documents is required to complete the procedure:

  • identity document (passport);
  • vehicle passport (PTS) received upon purchase;
  • certificate of registration of the vehicleif the car was already registered;
  • state license plates (you can leave old if they are in good condition);
  • proof of purchase of the vehicle (contract of sale);
  • document confirming payment of state duty (receipt);
  • mandatory insurance certificate for transport (insurance);
  • statement in traffic police on registration.

documents for car registration

In some cases, traffic police officers may ask the owner to provide an operation manual, as well as check whether the basic equipment of the car includes: a jack, a first aid kit and a standard fire extinguisher. In order not to waste precious time, it is better to take care of the availability of the above means and documents in advance.

Cost of registration

The cost of registering a car in the traffic police is determined by the tariff schedule. The final amount depends on the class of the vehicle, as well as the state of the license plates (whether they require replacement). The size of the state duty today is as follows:

  • внесение изменений в PTS – 350 рублей;
  • issuance of registration certificate - 500 rubles;
  • Payment for numbers - 2000 rubles.
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When registering a new car, the payment of license plates is a mandatory item of expenditure, but when re-registering a used car, it is possible to keep the old numbers and thereby save 2,000 rubles. In this case, the numbers may even belong to another region, now it does not matter anymore. The compliance of the numbers with the allowable state will be determined by the inspector during the inspection. They should not be jammed, worn, or otherwise damaged.

the cost of registration of the car in the traffic police

Terms of car registration

In a situation where the driver does not have time to quickly provide the necessary documents for registration of the car, you should not be upset. Since the current legislation is given for registration 10 days. The very same registration procedure takes no more than two or three hours. The only reasons to fear are frequent cases of hijacking unregistered transport. Therefore, to delay the procedure of registration is not worth it, since a delay is imposed on the driver for a delay.

Putting car registration step by step

Today there is an opportunity to join the traffic police queue through the official website of public services, so there should be no problems with the deadlines.

Registration of the car in the department occurs in the following order:

  1. You come to the traffic police department and put the car on the platform for inspection.
  2. Делаете contract of sale и страховку, если еще не оформляли.
  3. Go to the traffic police premises and contact the window in which they issue an application for registration of the vehicle. (Here you either fill it in according to the sample, or the operator does it. You need to indicate in the application whether you want to leave the old numbers or not)
  4. Go to the car, open the hood and wait for the inspector. He needs to pass a personal passport, vehicle passport (TCP) and an application for registration.
  5. After inspection, the inspector will inform you whether it is possible to leave the current license plates on the car and ask you to free up space on the site.
  6. Remove the car from the inspection site and again go to the traffic police building.
  7. In the self-service terminal or the cash desk of the bank (some of this should be when separating the traffic police) you pay the state duty in the right amount.
  8. Take a queue at the window for receiving documents.
  9. Upon receipt, another inspector will check the car for prohibitions and the correctness of filling out the documents.
  10. Expect about an hour to finish your car.
  11. About an hour later you will be called by the speakerphone, or you will come to the window of issuing documents.
when the car is registered in the traffic police

Getting numbers

On hand you will receive a TCP with the changes, a new certificate of registration (plastic), new state license plates if you ordered them. Be sure to check the correctness of filling out all the documents! 

Note: After successful registration of the car and getting the numbers, you need to contact your insurance company with a request to add a new number to the insurance policy.

Main problems

The registration procedure is not complicated, but there may be a number of problems.

Transport may be banned from registration in the case where the former owner has a number of debts.

Even with a change in ownership, traffic police officers cannot, under any circumstances, carry out the procedure.

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Denial of registration may also come in the event of the deterioration of existing state numbers or the car body. That is why when buying a supported car, the new owner requires the verification of state signs with those indicated on the body.

It is worth noting that registering a new car is not much different from registering a used car. All the necessary documents will provide the dealer.

how to register a car in the traffic police

Package of documents for registration

The help of specialists

When the owner does not have time to engage in paperwork and registration, you can seek the help of professionals. Such specialists will undergo the procedure quickly and at the same time effectively. The only drawback is that this kind of assistance will require additional funds (approximately from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles).

In order to use the services of intermediary companies, you must contact the office for help and provide a full package of documents.

There is nothing more to worry about, since all other actions are carried out by employees of the company. The owner is only required to provide the car at the right time on the site for inspection by the inspector.


The procedure of registering a car is not the most difficult, if the driver is absolutely sure that there are no serious malfunctions in the car and all the documentation is on hand. But even with this, you need to spend a certain amount of time, for which you need to prepare everything in advance. The driver may also seek advice or other assistance from specialized companies.