Restyled subaru forester has risen in price by two hundred

Рестайлинговый Subaru Forester подорожал на двести тысяч

The updated Subaru forester (from the English. Forester - forester) is already available for purchase at Russian car dealership centers. Restyling had a beneficial effect on the technical characteristics of the car, for which he added to the pricelist of the crossover as much as two hundred thousand rubles. It is now possible to buy a “forester”, having more than a million six hundred thousand Russian money for this purpose. Outside, no external changes in the eye does not rush, because all restyled "buns" are inside. This is certainly another wheel, hung with additional control systems. Climate control received elements with a new design, and edged air ducts with silver. Basic equipment includes seven airbags, a rear-view camera, a multimedia system, a decent-sized six-inch touchscreen display and six speakers. Without a two-zone climate control here, too, has not done.

Among other things all-wheel drive version of Subaru Forester equipped with X-Mod - control function when traveling in off-road conditions. It turns on automatically when the crossover hits unstable and uneven ground, optimizes and stabilizes the all-wheel drive system and the engine effort in difficult areas.

Subaru Forester sold with motors of different sizes. it two-liter aspirated one hundred and fifty horsepower and a 2.5-liter, developing the power of one hundred and seventy-one horses. Previously, the "forester" was released with a manual gearbox, but the updated version is equipped only with variators.

It will not be superfluous to take a look at the price range of competitors "forester." In the segment of all-wheel drive crossovers with a gun and a two-liter engine such competitors will be Toyota RAV4 with a price of almost one million three hundred, Honda CR-V - one million 429 thousand, and Tiguan - one million four hundred.

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