Choosing the best car brand: audi or mercedes-benz?



Not a dozen years, Russians use the services of the foreign car industry, which naturally occurs due to the creation of such large concerns like Mercedes and Audi, very high-quality and productive vehicles that can for a long time manifest themselves as reliable and reliable iron horse, always ready come to the aid of his master. However, in order to decide which brand of car is better to prefer to the modern consumer, it is necessary, at a minimum, to get acquainted with the technical characteristics of the cars presented.

Audi A7 Mercedes CLS

It is quite simple to compare the cars of such large organizations like Mercedes and Audi, because they are rightfully considered to be the largest German giants producing spectacular and at the same time efficient cars. The German car industry is a leader among typical organizations. Remarkable is the fact that the cost of vehicles owned by both Mercedes and Audi varies almost at the same level.

Читать далее о том, что лучше выбрать - Audi или Mercedes-Benz?-->Для более детального анализа рассмотрим технические характеристики машин, их внутреннюю комфортабельность и, что немаловажно, безопасность. При выборе транспортного средства не стоит полагаться исключительно на личные предпочтения, ввиду чего узнаем мнение экспертов и познакомимся с уровнем продаж немецких автомобилей в разных странах мира. Не стоит пренебрегать и званием «Лучшего автомобиля года», который ежегодно присуждается той или иной марке авто.

Internationally recognized car

Like any other field, the automotive industry is subject to rigorous checks, which are carried out by masculine experts, whose opinion is often crucial. More than one year, people from all countries come together to really choose a vehicle that is an order of magnitude better than the others released in the current year.

For example, according to the results of the past 2015, the Mercedes-Benz C-category, which was a nominee for the motor show held in New York, became the undisputed leader. It should be noted that among the cars with which he competed, you could see the BMW 2 series, the new Volkswagen Passat V8 (advanced), Nissan Qashqai and Mazda 2.

Mercedes C-class 2015

The second competition held within the framework of the USA also did not bypass Mercedes, the leading position among the best sports cars of the year was received by the Mercedes AMG-GT. The main contenders for this place were two Audi models: Audi TT and Audi S3.

However, and that's not all, Mercedes has proven itself in the European nomination called “A Car of the Year”. Despite the fact that the first place with 248 points was taken by the Citroën C4 Cactus, the Mercedes C-class, having gained 221 points, left behind its fellow Audi.

What is remarkable, in 2015, the cars produced by the Audi concern could not even make it to the top five world leaders. True, this did not affect the demand for Audi cars in Russia. Motorists-compatriots do not agree with the opinion of their foreign colleagues, putting the Audi TT car in first place in the nominations of the best new year and premium brand. In addition, the Audi TT is recognized as the best coupe last year. As for the Mercedes S-category, the Russians awarded him the title of the best executive cars.

An interesting fact is that the best car in 2015 was the UZ Daewoo Matiz. Patriotic Kalina Cross recognized the most promising universal, which has the best maneuverability. It is unknown for what reasons, but this car was a few points ahead of even the new-fashioned Audi A6 AllRoad.

If you look "in the piggy bank" of the competition "A Car of the Year", it becomes known that the Europeans awarded Mercedes-Benz and Audi only once the title of the best cars of the year. Listening to the opinion of experts or not - the individual choice of each. However, even this aspect suggests that Audi and Mercedes are in the same position.

Audi S8 и Mercedes-Benz S63


It is too long and difficult to compare the entire model range of the two richest German concerns, therefore we will conduct a comparative analysis of only the most iconic cars. Recently, organizations have shown the world presentable high-end crossovers, including:

  • Mercedes GLA capacity of 170 liters. pp., 220 CDI 4 Matic DCT, consumption of 6.1 liters of fuel in the combined cycle;
  • Audi Q3 with a return of 177 liters. pp., 2.0 TDi Quattro S Tronic and fuel consumption of 6.3 liters in the combined cycle.

The resulted cars are similar in a category by presence of a full drive, an automatic transmission, typical power of diesel power units and the same fuel consumption.

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Test drive promising models

A car such as a Mercedes GLA has repeatedly proved the lack of sufficient power, as evidenced by the presence of a huge list of competitors who can quickly get around it even on a straight line. The fuel tank can hold only 50 liters, this volume will be enough for 800 km. In fairness it is worth noting that one refueling of an Audi car is enough for 1010 km.

However, the above argument can be overlaid by the fact that Mercedes is better than Audi in relation to the number of electronics contained in it and a variety of different sensors. Mercedes GLA can become an indispensable vehicle for those who want to buy not a racing car, but a beautiful modern car, designed mainly for family long trips.

Mercedes GLA car

If you do not take into account the technical characteristics, and pay attention to the size of the car, you can immediately notice the spacious and comfortable interior Audi Q3, which cannot be said about his rival company Mercedes. However, in the exterior, being in second place in the previous nomination, the Mercedes car looks more confident, it should be noted its aggressiveness and sports style notes.

After a thorough check of all possible details, an incorruptible analysis of the capabilities of two cars displayed on the track and the cost of these vehicles, the experts put:

  • Audi 467 points (preference was given to good roominess, soft suspension, high-quality power unit and efficient transmission. The reduction in points was due to the presence of not the most presentable appearance);
  • Mercedes 450 points (special attention was deserved by the excellent handling and prestige of the exterior. The only thing that does not allow to put it higher is a weak engine and a not too spacious interior).

Despite its not the highest technical characteristics, Mercedes cars have an overpriced value that not every car enthusiast can pay.

Audi Q3 2015

However, choosing a crossover, you can rather pay attention to the BMW, since this type of machine is precisely its prerogative. Concerns Audi and Mercedes have earned great popularity on the sale of executive sedans.

Feedback from potential owners

Before buying a vehicle, it is advisable to find out the opinions of people who have been using a car for some time, which is of interest to a potential buyer.

Drivers owning a Mercedes concern car living in smaller cities than in Moscow and St. Petersburg have noted a significant shortage of narrow-profile specialists. Car owners often can not find service employees who could qualitatively research and repair electronics, suspension and even gearboxes. The fact that this problem is open in St. Petersburg is only a few company workshops. However, it is not necessary to believe that Mercedes cars are constantly falling into disrepair, rather, on the contrary, these cars have shown themselves as a reliable human companion.

Audi is more popular among Russians than Mercedes, which has caused the presence of a huge number of various services that are ready for a certain amount in the shortest time to fix almost any problem. Such development allows even “ancient” Audi models, such as the A 80 and A 100, produced 30–40 years ago, to still be in working condition. Audi cars are more adapted to the Russian climate and roads. Soft suspension at a set speed turns into a more rigid device.

Audi A100 C3

Definitely, we can only say that in case of a serious breakdown, it will be possible to repair Audi at times cheaper, but you should not neglect the fact that Mercedes breaks down many times less.


The cars in question are in the same category, but the Mercedes will cost the owner a little more. If a problem arises, the owner of any car will have to pay a significant amount, since maintenance is expensive for them. Mercedes cars are characterized by greater reliability, however, this aspect directly depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the vehicle owner. Mercedes is often described as a prestigious fashion car, which few can possess. Decide which car is best can only a potential buyer, which comes from personal preferences and disposable budget.