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Top american car brands for today

The world-famous automobile magazine "Total Score Car" unveiled the top ten cars in North America. When creating this list, the conclusions and comparisons of car reviews for the most popular American car brands from the nine largest US automobiles

New ford mondeo 2014: photos, specifications and price in

Manufacturer Ford has released a new city car with a bright color, elegant appearance and stylish interior. In one car were combined style and diversity, and called this model Ford Mondeo 2014.Car designThe new Ford Mondeo has completely updated its

Jeep renegade - a small crossover with great potential

The company Jeep presented in Geneva in the spring of 2014 a new model of a miniature crossover called the “Renegade” and competing with the Nissan Juke. The novelty has caused considerable interest and surprise, because it turned out to be

Jeep grand cherokee srt 2014 and jeep grand cherokee srt8:

This machine boasts the fact that today you can decide for yourself: whether to buy Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8or choose Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT new 2014 model year. And she can brag simply atrocious speed and power. Earlier we published a review of the

New 2013 ford mustang has undergone some changes.

Ford Mustang - an American car in which everyone who is driving, looks cool.The 2013 Ford Mustang has a completely updated front end with a new nose and looks more aggressive. It is the grille that gives the car a menacing look. If you look at the

Tuning ford sierra do necessary

Cars Ford Sierra released in 1982. And in 1993 they were discontinued. During its existence, this car has been repeatedly upgraded. Therefore, we can talk about the reliability of this model Ford. For the car to go on par with modern models, tuning

Cheap american cars look very impressive

On the roads of any country in the world we see a large number of trucks, cars made in the USA. The original design, excellent driving performance, powerful engines, stunning roar of the engine - all American cars.If you look at prices, they are

Jeep grand cherokee srt8 - charged crossover with fast

The topic of our review is the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. In general, the mere mention of the Jeep Grand Cherokee causes awe in many of our compatriots. Back in the early 90s, when the first Russian businessmen began importing this car into the

Legendary american retro cars in good condition

Американская классика популярна всегда и во всём. Будь это джаз Луи Армстронга, вестерны с Джоном Уэйном, или американские retro cars. Послевоенная Америка в течение десяти лет сумела практически полностью восстановить объёмы производства легковых

Full test drive of the new ford kuga 2 (ford kuga 2)

Crossovers for residents of the CIS countries have long been something more than just one of the classes of cars. Today it is a dream of many car enthusiasts who want to get all the benefits of an SUV in a stylish package and at a price close to the
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