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Used mazda cx-7: should i buy?

For the first time the Mazda CX-7 appeared in 2006 and immediately became a very desirable car, many bought such a crossover. But for some reason, after some time in the secondary market CX-7 did not use special demand. And now we will find out

Infiniti q30 will soon be one of the best-selling cars

В основу Infiniti Location лег не маленький и дешевый Мерседес А-класса, а более дорогой и крупный GLA. В России ГЛА стоит на 260 000 дороже, чем А-класс. Поэтому японские инженеры решили зря времени не терять и сделать автомобиль, который получится

Nissan patrol - suv legendary and large

Our review is dedicated to the car Nissan Patrol - one of the most popular full-size SUV in the world along with the Land Cruiser. The Japanese company Nissan began production of the model in the already distant 1951.At various times, a shortened

Lexus nx - premium compact crossover

The new model of the compact Japanese crossover Lexus NX already started to produce mass. Interest in this model was fueled long before the official presentation with the help of spy photos and preliminary information. The official presentation took

What is the best car for a girl

Unlike men, women have their own preferences about cars. If speed qualities are important for men, such as acceleration dynamics from 0 to hundreds, the pathos of the brand, a powerful engine with 500 horses and above, then for women a car is just a

Does toyota corolla deserve the title of queen?

For several generations, the Toyota Corolla fully matched the rank of queen, defending the title of the most reliable car in its class. Is it possible to rely on representatives of the tenth generation in the same way - the Auris hatchback and the

Subaru forester with an opposit 210-horsepower engine in the

Subaru Forester is an all-wheel-drive station wagon, it’s great on Russian roads, it’s very practical and judging by the feedback from motorists, it’s not a problem. Even the price of such a car with mileage is quite attractive - 600,000 rubles. For

Suzuki vitara s crossover - a new car with a turbocharged

The Suzuki Vitara S crossover is a good compact car with a quiet and economical engine that can drive normally, thus delighting its owner. Under the hood, a turbocharged 1.4-liter engine runs, quite reliable. Motor power is not particularly large,

Camry with mileage and features of cars 2006 - 2011 years of

There is an opinion that Toyota Camry is a very reliable car, but now we will take a closer look at how good are the used models from 2006-2011, V40 generation. Cars Toyota Camry, which were produced after 2007, were assembled in Russia - in the town

Subaru forester 2016 model year received some updates

Subaru Forester - This is a crossover that can safely ride through the woods and other off-road, even through mud and muddy ruts. There are such instances of Forestear 2016 model year, which restyling has not yet touched, but there really are very
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