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Second-hand second-hand nissan x-trail in the secondary

Nissan X-Trail (T31) - was produced from 2007 to 2014, this is the second generation of the car. In general, Japanese and moderately reliable car. The body does not rust immediately, regardless of the assembly. Cars manufactured before 2009 were

Pajero 5 in 2017 will remain the same as in 2016

The restyling of Pajero or the patience test of Mitsubishi lovers has already happened several times. Fans hoped that it would be the last and the fifth generation is about to come out, but so far this has not happened. It cannot be said that the

Choosing a toyota camry used

At the turn of the millennia, the concept of business class cars has changed significantly, or rather, expanded. A separate class D + has appeared, and the E-class has expanded, not only in the American classification, but also in the world one. At

Car test drive a new honda crv 2017

Small-sized crossovers are the most popular cars on the American car market. Popularity can be determined by the fact that they have a lot of advantages - this is both practicality, efficiency and capacity. People pay them great attention, because

The most reliable engines in the world can easily run a

Which engine is the best? This question can be called eternal. Automobile owners and experts constantly argue: some point to the German quality, for others there is nothing better than the works of the Japanese car industry, others say that the most

Japanese pickup toyota tundra is distinguished by its huge

And now we'll talk about the Toyota Tundra pickup. She has a great appearance, the engine is also good - V8, the name is excellent - Tundra, you can fall in love with this car, which weighs only 2.5 tons. As for the dimensions of this car, the length

Choosing a used mitsubishi lancer 9

Japanese cars are considered a model of quality, reliability and durability. No exception and Mitsubishi Lancer IX, which, with virtually no competitors in its niche, quickly gained popularity among domestic motorists and still holds the leading

Compare reno daster and nissan terrano

Crossovers are now at the peak of popularity, and therefore produced a large number of different models of cars of this class from a variety of brands. But there are among crossovers and those that are practically no different from each other,

New mazda 6 pleases with its beauty and elegance

New Mazda 6 третьего поколения официально была представлена на Парижском автосалоне в 2012 году. Как замечено, новая Мазда 6 получилась очень даже красивым авто. Ранее производители обещали, что новая Mazda 6, не будет особо отличаться концепта

Mitsubishi l200 vs toyota hilux

L200 has recently been updated, which means that everything is going well at Mitsubishi Motors and it is developing, new technologies are being applied. It seems they just did a restyling, and at the wheel of this car it seems that it has become new.
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