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New zotye sr9 - zooty sr9 2017–2018: prices, equipment,

Zotye, a privately owned automaker from Zhejiang Eastern China Province, is an example of truly successful business under tight government regulations. At first, the young organization, founded by Yin Jianzhen in 2005, was engaged in the supply of

New kia stonic - kia stonik 2017–2018: exterior and

In the autumn of 2017, sales of a new generation, ultra-compact crossover from the Kia began in South Korea. Trade name of the car - Stonic - is a mixture of two English words: speedy (rapid) and tonic (tonic). According to Kia marketers, these

Compare kia soul or škoda yeti

>The modern automobile industry sometimes presents interesting riddles to experts - for example, what should we call the KIA Soul body type? For a hatchback, it is too massive, and to call it an SUV does not allow too little ground clearance and

Reliability challenge: skoda octavia vs. toyota corolla

>Disputes about which cars are more reliable - European or Oriental - probably will never end. And since the discussion does not lose its relevance, in this article we will also contribute to the traditional “debriefing”. Today we compare two

The new 2018-2019 citroen c5 aircross - citroen c5 aircross

The official presentation of the new generation of crossovers C5 Aircross (photo below) was held twice in 2017 (in spring - at the Shanghai Auto Show; in autumn - in Frankfurt). The place of the first acquaintance of the general public with a

What to choose: nissan terrano and sangyong aktion

>This Nissan was created based on Renault Duster. Nevertheless, the creators have tried to somehow elevate the created masterpiece. How did this tasteless, as it seems at first glance, look like porridge, we try to find out. At the same time,

Mini-turbo: a comparison of the nissan qashqai and

>Let's be honest - crossovers are not bought by those who often want to travel to rough terrain, but by people who are looking for practicality and follow modern fashion. Nissan was able to catch this trend and relatively recently introduced a new

Comparison of lada priora and kalina

>A million and one complaints will be found in literally every local car enthusiast for the domestic auto industry. And nevertheless, it is VAZs that have been on the list of the best-selling cars in the post-Soviet space for already a year. In

Choosing an elite car: bmw or mercedes-benz

>German quality has become a proverb. And when it comes to cars of the elite class, this saying is fully justified. But how to choose the best from several beautiful cars? Sometimes this choice is quite difficult to make. Especially when it

Suzuki grand vitara: technical specifications, photos, model

Take a look at the harsh and invincible Suzuki Grand Vitara, the photo of which is presented below, and enjoy its grace and unbending willpower. The legend is alive! And today we will consider its main advantages. A couple of years ago, modern
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