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Off-road battles: nissan qashqai vs. hyundai ix35

>“The SUV is so cool because it will get stuck there, where others will not make it,” so motorists joke about them. In order for such a humor not to be “behind the wheel” of your jeep, you need to meticulously approach the choice of a crossover,

Big with the prefix "mini": who is better than ford ecosport

>Mini-SUV ... Agree, it sounds at least unusual. Nevertheless, this segment of the domestic automotive market is actively developing. It is represented by bright cars at relatively affordable prices for crossovers. Such cars are often called

Road or off-road: a comparison of the skoda yeti and

>The Volkswagen Tiguan car once created a real sensation - after all, it became the first crossover for which atmospheric engines were not offered. Turbocharged power units allowed the Tiguan to show excellent dynamic parameters without spending a

Uaz patriot: description, modifications, specifications

The mid-size Russian SUV of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant appeared in the 50s of the last century. Model UAZ Patriot (pictured) as one of the four modifications of the UAZ Trophy, which appeared at the beginning of this millennium. The first Patriot

Which car is better - nissan almera or renault logan

>Nissan Almera has common design solutions with Renault Logan. Both models occupy not only one niche of vehicles (B - compact), but also have similar functional characteristics and prices. Nevertheless, motorists perceive them as two completely

Duel in japanese: a comparison of the suzuki grand vitara

>Compact urban crossovers today, perhaps at the peak of its popularity. Jeep with a "light character" - of course, this car is a dream of any motorist. It's so desirable that two in one - and around the city in traffic jams adequately maneuver,

More is not always better: comparing toyota avensis and

>The bigger the car, the better it will go, and the better it must be equipped - many of our compatriots choose cars according to this principle. However, practice shows that everything is not so simple. For example, a relatively small Toyota

Comparison of lada grant and kia rio: adult life

>In our country, it is not accepted to buy a new car as the first vehicle - it is believed that a person must first pass an expensive test, and after receiving the necessary experience, change a wheel of a more serious car. The first is usually

Comparison toyota corolla and toyota avensis

>The new style of Toyota has come to taste in Asian countries, as well as in Europe and the USA - thanks to this, the updated Corolla has gained very great popularity. For the same sketches created and the model Avensis, which is large and

Comparison of citroen c4 and opel astra - the history of

>Changing or buying a car is always some kind of experience for any motorist. For any driver wants to get the best of all possible options for their own money. It is for comparative purposes of some cars with others and to help in choosing a car
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