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Nissan, controlling today mitsubishi, is going to release a

Unimportant financial matters Mitsubishi Motors, ставшие следствием недавнего "японского дизельгейта", привели компанию под крыло нового акционера - японской же компании Ниссан, которая милостиво приобрела тридцать четыре процента акций Митсубиши. А

Started selling jeep grand cherokee 2017

The American automaker Jeep began selling a restyled modification of the 2017 Grand Cherokee SUV, which is notable for its technological content. The basic version of the model is 48 thousand American dollars, and its maximum reaches 91 thousand

Ssang yong took time out in russian sales of their cars

Unlike most Chinese automakers, who by hook or by crook hold on to the Russian car market, the “Korean” SsangYong stopped selling its crossovers and pickups in our country. If you go to the official web resource of the Russian representative office

Four new dongfeng motor cars will soon arrive in russia

Dong peak a30 Something too active, the Chinese have set about our car market. It seems that either they are so reckless that they risk flooding dealerships, already clogged with unsold cars, new and new goods, or we don’t know something, and they,

Insurers called renault duster the most "unlucky" car

Insurers have published information about which cars sold on the Russian car market most often end up in traffic accidents, and therefore are not very profitable for insurance companies. Anti-rating of such cars is headed by a all-terrain "Frenchman"

Based on the concept of subaru viziv future will assemble a

Subaru developers have long hinted that a new crossover will soon appear in their model range. The first signs of this transparent hint were identified with a demonstration of the first concept Viziv, which was held several years ago. Then the

Top-end equipment vesta can already be ordered from dealers

Pre-orders for the sedan Lada Vesta in picking "Luxe“You can already leave the official dealers of the Russian auto giant. And the finished models will arrive at the warehouses in less than two weeks. The most“ luxurious ”assembly of the new Russian

On ebay sell a unique pickup jeep renegade 2015

On the Internet site eBay sell Jeep Renegade 2015 release, converted into a pickup. A car is available for purchase for $ 20,100. One very brave and, apparently, an experienced car owner decided to create a homemade pick-up, based on the Renegade.

Renault kwid stand in line for more than six months

Hindus have found a revelation in compact cars. Produced here budget Renault Kwid enjoys wild popularity among the local population. Apparently, the role is played not only by the low price, but also the quality of the "kid" KvidaSince the queue of

New generation jeep compass will be delivered to the russian

The Russian office of FCA (FiatChrysler Automobiles) announced the early start of sales of the production model of the compact crossover Jeep Compass, which recently changed generation. This crossover is representative of the second generation
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