Auto repair

Fur seat covers

A good motorist always monitors the cleanliness of his vehicle, not only outside but also inside. The most intensive use in the cabin are chairs. Often, they can be seen almost neizvodimye using dry cleaning spots or burns from cigarettes. In this

Repair cracks on the windshield

No driver will be able to guarantee one hundred percent protection of the windshield from damage. Having noticed a crack or a chip on the glass surface while moving, you need to immediately stop, put paper on the problem area and tape it over with

Washing nozzles with their own hands

The presence of an injector in modern cars implies a fuel injection system through nozzles. Unlike the carburetor, nozzles have a simpler design, but they are quite demanding on the quality of the fuel. But I must say that everything is not so

Filter zero resistance on the vaz 2109 (carburetor) and

Don't underestimate details like filters. Sometimes, when we start to sin on the carburetor, or the engine, we sort everything down to the part and check, it turns out that the unit is OK, and the cause of the malfunction is, for example, the fuel

Important sensors in the vaz 2109 (carburetor)

When searching for problems, repairs and maintenance, many people forget about a number of important sensors that are installed on the car. However, their faults can lead to serious damage VAZ 2109 carb.Coolant temperature sensor VAZ 2109

The instrument panel vaz 2114 (price) is 15,000 rubles

VAZ 2114 is equipped with a convenient and informative dashboard that perfectly copes with all the functions assigned to it. It attracts many motorists, as well as tuning enthusiasts VAZ 2114 due to its excellent performance and spectacular

Why there is no compression in the engine

The engine is the main node in the car and often it does not work at full strength. Problems associated with loss of power of the unit - a common case. Often the cause of unstable operation of the power unit lies in the reduction of compression. If

How to fix the jammed glass in the car in 3 steps

If the electric window on your car is stuck, you do not need to go to repair. You can fix it yourself. Here are three practical steps to do this. When one of your windows is stuck, the first thing to check is a fuse. If everything is okay with it,

How to unlock the steering wheel without a key

Owners of modern cars often face the situation when it is necessary to unlock the steering wheel without a key. The cause of this problem may be the loss or damage to the original key. Consider all possible ways to unlock independently steering wheel

Making a car muffler with your own hands

Постоянная тяга к улучшению и совершенству заставляет нас изменять даже самые простые вещи. В результате чего могут появиться действительно гениальные изобретения. Автомобиль, попавший в руки человеку с множеством идей, обязательно будет переделан.
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